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Left Eyelid Suddenly Wrinkly and Weird?

muhlynnduhmuhlynnduh Posts: 258Member
edited January 2010 in beauty & fashion
how do i get it back to normal?!
Okay, so i have natural double eyelids.
and about three days ago, i woke up and my left
eyelid was creased weirdly. It has like triple or even
quadruple folds. I've waken up before with it like this,
but it usually goes away in like an hour. But its been
like this past couple of days and i dont know how
to get rid of it. I tried putting some cucumbers on it
but it seems to not have any affect.
does anyone know what i can do to get rid of it?

as you can see, my eyes look kind of deformed now T____T



  • saiainoshisaiainoshi Newport BeachPosts: 366Member


    Drink more water, get plenty of sleep, and moisturizer! image
  • muhlynnduhmuhlynnduh Posts: 258Member
    QUOTE (saiainoshi @ Jan 15 2010, 05:12 PM) »
    Drink more water, get plenty of sleep, and moisturizer! image

    Okay, i can drink more water and moisturize
    but getting plenty of sleep is going
    to be a problem =_________=''
  • LiIyLiIy Posts: 605Member
    It's probably temporary. If you want, you can use glue to keep your eyes even until it goes back to normal.
  • moonessmooness Posts: 95Member
    it's temporary, no need to panic image I also have had this happen, usually for an hour or two, once a whole week. One way is to take a hot shower and try to crease it back during it when your skin is all damp
  • xxKIMxxxxKIMxx Toto, we're stuck in Kansas..Posts: 242Member


    ughhh, this happens to me all the time! i get annoyed but i never really try anything to get it back to usually does so by itself in a couple of days. :\
  • muhlynnduhmuhlynnduh Posts: 258Member
    whenever i got this it was only for a couple of hours.
    since its been a couple of days, i guess thats
    why im freaking out so badly haha >___<
  • CeetiqueCeetique first one who falls in love, loses. Posts: 125Member
    Yeah, I reckon. don't worry too much.
    It will probably get back to normal in a couple of days.
    in the mean time.. maybe use a bobby bin or a double eyelid stick to gently push the eyelid fold and hopfully it will stay.
    my blog ❤
    There is no reality; only perception.
  • aejungaejung Posts: 50Member
    ooh i have the exact same problem. except mine hasn't disappeared and it appeared last winter. but then yet again, i haven't slept before 12 AM since about 3 years ago...

    don't freak out though. every person is different, and many people who have had this problem say it's gone away in a couple of days. yours might go back to the way they used to be.

    but mine actually made my double eyelid bigger. i had inner double eyelids, but now, one eyelid has the inner double eyelid while the other is the stereotypical eyelid. it still has the wrinkles in the fold though...
  • MorbiMorbi T to the O-R-O-N-T-OPosts: 979Member


    use teabags image

    i hate those things...i called them 1 1/2 eyelids LOLL. i'd get them everytime i didn't sleep properly image
    i'd get so annoyed, and when i finally told my mom i had 1 1/2 eyelids she was said something in chinese along the lines of "oh it's probably just water bruised" and she told me to use teabags. it definitely helps.
  • wonderjoewonderjoe Posts: 13Member
    My eyes are exactly like that too!
    But I got it 'cause I had come kinda corn, in the corner,
    so I don't think I can do anything about my lid.
    Yours will probably go away easy image
  • PurimyuuPurimyuu Posts: 118Member
    Mmm, this happens to me every couple mornings too, but like you said. Normally, it just goes away in an hour or so

    Try like pulling your eyelashes outwards then down, hold it for a while then let it go. (don't pull to hard! don't wanna rip out eyelashes) This usually just readjusts it for me.
    If that doesn't work, get some eye drops, and do the same thing, except before you let go, drop some eye drops onto your eyelid with the other hand (acts as a kind of lubricant) and then it usually slips off into a normal double ^^

    Hope it works for you! good luck!
  • x.3christinex.3christine Posts: 1,871Member


    this happens to me at least once every couple of months
    it's temporary so don't worry, you can just sleep it off or you can try to put a towel soaked with either hot or cold water and place it over your eye, it worked for me
  • Soshii_loveSoshii_love New YorkPosts: 542Member
    I have those too at times, 1 reason that caused that is probably the sleeping habit? like you sleep at this time this day, the next day you sleep less/more and so on.

    you can try using eyelid tape <- (don't know what they're called, I'm guessing it's called that) and tape back the original crease of the eyelid, leave it on for awhile and it'll eventually get back to place. or just go get some sleep~ =)
  • muhlynnduhmuhlynnduh Posts: 258Member
    so, from what im reading the main problem
    is my sleeping? which, i guess makes sense
    because im barely getting any sleep nowadays
    because of school and stuff. and for the teabag
    idea, do i just place a soaked one on my eyelid
    for like maybe 10 minutes or so?
  • stevie_95stevie_95 Posts: 788Member


    it;'s normal. there's nothing to worry about
    sadly, when i cry from like a drama or something, my eyes end up like that the next day :L
    weird i know ==;
  • MeiHeartsMeiHearts JM~ Posts: 3,300Member


    tht happens to me ALLLLLL the time and it's ANNOYING!
    just get more sleep! =P
    My blog, Mei Hearts <3 
  • X u eX u e (??????) ? England, UKPosts: 739Member
    Ahh I had that ever since I was like 7 ?!
    My left eyelid was wrinkly and deformed while my right one was alright.
    I think mines was due to the fact that as a child I rubbed my eyes a lot due to hayfever.

    Only managed to fix the problem sometime last year.
    I used eyelid glue for a few months, then moved onto something that was similar to bio oil, and now I use eye cream to tighten the skin up a bit.
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  • muhlynnduhmuhlynnduh Posts: 258Member
    its all back to normal now
    i just suddenly realized my left
    eye wasnt all heavy feeling and when
    i looked it was back to normal(:
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