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How to stay awake after school... and stop being an owl

So i realized that my sleeping hours are completely messed up. I usually come home from school feeling extremely tired and unmotivated to do hw so i always have to nap (or i wont get any hw done until im awake at night) so i usually nap for 2-3 hours (too long?), wake up and eat dinner and do hw/procrastinate until midnight. Im like an owl at night, im completely awake and feels motivated to do hw but i dont sleep until 1-2 o'clock (really unhealthy i know) so i wake up in the morning EXTREMELY tired. Cycle repeats itself...
So basically

Morning- EXTREMELY sleepy.
During school- usually awake
After school- really sleepy and naps
At night- completely awake and cant sleep until 1-2 o'clock
Morning- EXTREMELY sleepy

yeah theres definitely something wrong with the picture here. how can i fix this? how can i stay awake after school image...


  • Regina RaeRegina Rae Posts: 4,249Banned
    When after school comes around, you just have to try to stay up. Don't take a nap. Do something that will keep you up. Then when it's a decent hour, like 10 or 11, finally go to sleep.
    Love live Regina Rae
  • christelle-gchristelle-g ~Pacific Island~Posts: 808Member
    You shouldn't take a nap that long. When I feel tired, I take a 30 min nap sometimes only 15 mins, doesn't sound enough but after that, I'm not tired anymore and I'm not awake at night.

    At what time do you usually wake up and go to bed?
    Stop taking (long) naps and start going to bed earlier so you can get used to it.
  • Angel_luvusaAngel_luvusa ptc, GeorgiaPosts: 537Member
    Yeah, stop taking long naps. An hour MAX as soon as you get home should be okay.. Don't wait until the evening to nap.

    Also, do you eat healthy and take vitamins? I started taking vitamins (womens daily, korean ginseng, biotin, calcium, and b complex) about a month ago and I've noticed myself a lot more energized.
  • sojuiicysojuiicy Posts: 531Member
    Don't eat to much at lunch or whenever, it'll make you super tired. If you need to stay awake you should just take a nice shower when you get home and do some homework. Or just sleep more. Personally my parents have got me into that habit of napping after school and I've been doing it since I was little; now I can't break out of it. I tried changing it but I'm still to tired. You should try sleeping a lot earlier then. If you're gonna nap, nap the most for 1hr.

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  • KoutarouKoutarou Posts: 432Member
    HAHAHA. Last year, I used to come home from school at 3PM, take a 7 hour nap, eat dinner at 10PM, and stay up till school at 7:30 AM, go to school, go home and take another 7 hour nap, repeat.

    Drink tea. The caffeine keeps me awake this year. ^^
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  • low3131low3131 moscowPosts: 245Member
    i think 2-3 hours of nap is too long..30-45 minutes of nap should be enough and try to sleep early around 11pm. so that you won't be dead tired after school and try to keep that routine for 2 weeks or more, so that your body get used to it.. for me, i drink coffee to keep my brain up and working.( i don't think its healthy, cuz i'll get another cup of coffee after one and i end up drinking 6 cups of coffee in 5 hours image )
  • bunnieee_earsbunnieee_ears Posts: 86Member
    eat a really good breakfast??? that's the only thing i can think of! but good luck trying to get it back on track!

    owls are so cool XD
  • HANAo1HANAo1 cutie utopiaPosts: 1,337Member
    T_T i have the same problemmmmm
    and even if i don't sleep right after school, i end up sleeping a couple hours later
    geez i fail image
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  • kotsumikotsumi Posts: 65Member
    You sound almost like my sister. She basically does the same thing. Make sure you're eating well and drinking enough water. Lots of vegetables and fruits, no junk food.

    I think the best thing to do would be to establish a schedule and make yourself follow it. At the most 15-45 minute nap should be enough to re energize you. Set an alarm clock next to you and make sure you get up. You can't make excuses for yourself or you'll just end up stuck in the same cycle.

    Don't go to sleep when you get home, if you do make it 15 min nap and get straight to your homework. Try to get into bed around 10, before 11. Your body does a lot of its healing between midnight and 2 AM, so you're missing out on that rejuvenation. In the morning when you wake up eat a good breakfast. One with complex carbohydrates and a protein so you don't crash later on in the day.

    The biggest thing though is to establish a schedule and follow it. Eventually your body will fall into the rhythm you set up. Right now it's just a matter of resetting.
  • mashimaro_is_luffmashimaro_is_luff You're my cupcake~ in heaven on earthPosts: 3,216Member


    wow.. the same as me..
    i took a way longer nap.. like 3, 4 hours. I cant imagine taking a 30minute nap, it's almost impossible for me because when i took a nap, I am completely unconscious and even if i hear the alarm, i would just interpret it as part of my dream and continue to sleep

    Now I try not to take nap anymore and wait until 11 or 12 to go to sleep and wake up at 7 or 8. But the thing is, i get real tired and not motivated to do my hw at all. I wasted 2 weeks doing that so now i just go back to taking a nap so at least I feel energized enough to do my hw
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  • plumplumplumplum Anh lu Posts: 1,462Member
    I have found that I get sleepy at school (college) if I am bored and lonely. I get sleepy if my brain lacks stimulation, like if I don't get a chance to talk with friends during my breaks. I try to meet up with friends during all of my breaks.

    To stay awake during lectures, I go geek-mode and try to jot down everything the professor says. That way, I don't space out, and I make myself nervous if I miss something and that keeps me awake lol.

    I also try to stay on campus after class and study or do homework instead of going straight home, where I would just end up napping.

  • dorkafied!dorkafied! meow. CANADA EY. Posts: 4,999Member


    Oh I'm just like you! What I do is I force myself to stay up
    throughout the whole day and when it's around 10 or 11 PM
    I lay down and eventually fall to sleep image

  • xxbobachanxxbobachan ♬ dreamland-`Posts: 2,119Member


    LOL, welcome to the cycle I had last semester.
    I'm really hoping that won't happen again this year, but I sort of took a nap today... -___-;
    Just seriously focus after school and try and stay awake. If you can, go to sleep early that day after finishing hw and whatnot. Since you didn't take a nap right after school, you'll probably be really tired and just fall asleep early anyways.
    I really need to sleep early too |:
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  • choberrychoberry Posts: 169Member
    oh man...
    That must suck..
    I sleep a lot... seriously.
    I go to sleep like at 9 or 10 and still wake up tired as heck.
    After school, I still have to take a nap also. lol
    but sleeping that late is so dangerous.. my god...
    I'd go crazy if I had that sleep schedule
  • LiIyLiIy Posts: 605Member
    I'm not sure about how healthy/unhealthy this is, but it's certainly inconvenient for your schedule. What if you have extracurriculars? What about hanging out with friends over the weekend? If you have to work on a group project outside of school, you'll have to adjust your schedule.

    Does your school have any upcoming breaks? Wait for the next one to re-regulate your system. Force yourself to stay awake until 10-ish every night.

    If you live in the States, MLK Day is coming up, so try to use that. If this is really bothering you, you could also just try it the next open weekend, but the time you have will be shorter.
  • xthitime!xxthitime!x San DieggoPosts: 156Member
    Don't take long naps because your body isn't metabolising as fast, so your food isn't being digested as quickly, and can lead to a gradual weight gain.

    try to adjust your schedule and try to sleep for 6-8 hours everyday!
  • suzie_q_012suzie_q_012 ??? :] Posts: 673Member
    haha woahhhh!!!
    i have the SAME sleeping habit!
    except... i get sleepy during school too.
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    You gotta stay up after school obviously. Go outside if it's sunny, that's what people reccommend for dealing with jetlag. Get your sleeping schedule back on track because as of now yours isn't the healthiest. image
  • carameloncaramelon Posts: 94Member
    i feel like the nightowl sleep schedule is natural for us, at a certain time in our life. otherwise, why would it be so difficult for the majority of us to follow a 'proper' schedule? image anyways, i have the same problem as you.. and after years of staying up even though i was sleepy, to fix my schedule... i've given up. image
  • krstarjrkrstarjr Posts: 529Member
    edited January 2010
    we have the same problem! it didnt really happen that much last year, but since this semester has started, i can't break out of the cycle~ i've taken a 2-3 hr nap almost every day this week...i usually go to sleep around 5 or 6 and sleep to around between 7 and 8...then i get up, take a shower then finish whatever homework i haven't done and i usually dont sleep until 1 or 2 am...i dont know whether this or the horrible insomnia i had last year was worse
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