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Japan Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring

kimmi.kamikimmi.kami SunshinePosts: 2,048Member
edited November 2013 in beauty & fashion

hair dye that will minimize the damage of hair to the lowest possible
Prettia Bubble Hair Coloring!~
(Some of the hairdye choices you can use, there is more though)

its the one and only hair coloring product that uses foam to dye the hair! in a another word, dying your hair is just simple and quick like a hair wash!!!!!


-1stly, its the only hair dye contain AMINO ACID! (you can read more about how amino acid is beneficial to human body and hair @ here), which minimize the damage of the hair to the lowest possible, and also there’s Royal Jelly that could restore the hair to its perfect condition! now you could worry not about damaging your hair by changing colors every two to three months!

- 2ndly, why foam?

Unlike traditional hair dyeing, this product turns color agents into bubbles that makes the process as easy as washing your hair.

if you think you can wash your hair thoroughly with your shampoo, then the foam dye works the same way, it gets to everywhere over your hair, in a result, your hair is evenly dyed, instead of those lousy DIY hair dyes, which is in gluey and jell-liquid form, they are hard to spread out and get even over your hair, high chance of getting a patch of lighter tone and a patch darker, and everyone could tell the finished look is obviously not professionally dyed.

- 3rdly, this is judging on my personal experiences, me and my friends who constantly used this foam hair dye, never once we experienced that the hair color turned out to be different from the hair color shown in the catalog and cover, compared to many failure and disappointment cases by using those normal hair dyes that are selling in singapore’s Watsons and Guardian.

- 4thly, since its bubbles and foams, IT NEVER STAINS! have you ever had experiences that hair dyes that stains your clothes, or your hands or even forehead and neck? and it takes one or two days to wash them off?! its indeed a terrible nightmare! (imagine going to school or orchard with a dark patch of stain on your forehead?) but with the foamy hair dye, you are saved from those mini coopers. that will never ever happen.


-5thly, questioning about the quality? its only selling in japan, i will not elaborate more, cos japan = good quality as you all know, and its not selling under those nameless company,its Japanese well-known household and cosmetics-goods company Kao, and FYI, its the top selling DIY hair dye in japan, and also ambassador/advertised by a japan famous actress/model, (竹下玲奈) Rena Takemini coopera.

- lastly, its about the maths and cash, you see, as poor students like us, who barely even making money on our own yet, of cos, we should want to look good, in the way that could also save us the big bucks for something more worth awhile, right? what’s more, do you know how ugly when your dark roots started growing out, and you have no spare money in hand to go for hair dye in the salon? which cost you at least, $ 70 – $150!

let me do a brief calculation for you,

*Average time for dark roots to grow to a extend of “too obvious to notice”,

2 to 3 months.

average salon charge for hair dye service,

approximitly: $100.

so in a year, times of hair dying is necessary,

12 months divide by 3

= 4 times,

and 4 multiply by $100 = $400!!

you will have spent 400 motherjohn teshing dollars on hair dye a year! come on! that sum of money could get you a itouch 8Gb or a PSP slim and countless grabs in a ZARA sale!

but prettia foamy hair dye which as good as professional hair dye (actually even better!) only cost


I did not copy and paste everything, if you guys want to see the pictures or tutorial images by him, click click clik ;]

So has anyone else tried this?
I want to try it @.@
I've tried palty, I love palty but..hmm the damage >__>
I think this is better than PALTY.
Once i get my hands on some money, I'll be buying this online image



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