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Songs You Absolutely Hate

cathyloveecathylovee canadaPosts: 91Member
edited December 2009 in entertainment
that you just cant stand....
Ill start...
-entire new moon soundtrack
-tik tok by Kei$ha
-all miley cyrus songs,
-human by the killers.
Remember, to me you'll be forever sacred ;.


  • jodycolourjodycolour 사랑 Posts: 2,768Member


    edited December 2009
    Get Hot - HwangBo
    Jiao Jei Jei - Hey Girl
    BoA, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson songs
    The ending of Tell Me Your Wish (the annoying laughing part.)
    f(x) - Chu~

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  • Xiaoba1tuXiaoba1tu AustraliaPosts: 4,007Member


    Any song by Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and ditto for Miley Cyrus.
    All Chinese new year songs too.
  • mentalfictionmentalfiction ? GAZE FOREVAA ? Posts: 1,802Member
    Any song by Miley or the Jonas Bros.
    I can't STAND that song. I actually let out a scream once when it kept playing on the radio (it's always EVERYWHERE). My parents thought I was insane TT___TT

    Any super-cutesy j-pop song. They send chills down my spine.
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  • oohdioohdi Posts: 1,065Member
    edited December 2009
    boom boom pow - black eyed peas
    i gotta feeling - black eyed peas
    hotel room service - pit bull
    i know you want me - pit bull
    best i ever had, forever - drake
    tik tok - ke$ha

    every time these songs come up on the radio i gotta change it quick. they irritate me so much. image
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  • I_play_with_dollsI_play_with_dolls c: under your bedPosts: 2,762Member


    Hah, I'm not going to lie, Tik toc is my jam c:

    Anyways lets proceed:

    Obscure - Dir en grey
    Boom Boom pow - Black eyed peas
    All Jordan sparks songs
    All Leona Lewis songs
    All Beyonce songs
    All Brokencyde songs (Can't imagine anyone that would enjoy it besides kids whom think they're totally hxc)
    All Big Bang songs (Seriously, couldn't find a single one I liked)
  • Regina RaeRegina Rae Posts: 4,249Banned
    edited December 2009
    Videophone - Beyonce
    Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
    Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

    I cringe when I hear these songs. They're just, that bad.. image
    Love live Regina Rae
  • heyyitznicoleheyyitznicole let's go party~ CaliforniaPosts: 101Member
    -Whatcha Say
    -Beautiful Nightmare (or something) by Beyonce
    -Party in the USA

    And any other song my radio station abuses and likes to torture me with
    We B L A C K J A C K . . . beat that!
  • cathyloveecathylovee canadaPosts: 91Member
    oh yea and also
    -room service
    - all disney star songs
    -sweet dream- beyonce
    -boom boom pow- BEP.( BASICALLY ALL THEIR SONGS.)
    -lame chinese pop songs ( all of them)
    Remember, to me you'll be forever sacred ;.
  • DOVAHKIINDOVAHKIIN smash! Posts: 6,027Friend of Soompi


    No lies, I'm okay with most Black Eyed Peas songs... but make me listen to Boom Boom Pow or My Hump and I'll break someone's leg. Same goes for Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus.

    Beyonce's okay, but Single Ladies annoys me. I HATE Diva also.

    I dislike Lil' Wayne's solo work, but for some reason I enjoy him as a featured guest on a lot of songs o.o

    Can't stand Right Now (Na Na Na) and I'm So Paid by Akon. They sound the same!
  • MercettiMercetti Dallas, TX, USAPosts: 278Member
    ooohhhh I see I am not the only one who dislikes 'Single Ladies'.

    I've never even heard the whole song.

    Anyways... I alsoooo looooattheee..

    Katy Perry's songs. I used to like her, but then.. It's all the sammeeeeeeeee. : ( No, Thankyou.

    It is trite to speak of a broken heart. Hearts are not broken; they continue to beat, the blood still courses, even in the bitter after-days of betrayal. But something IS broken when pain beyond words is suffered; some connexion that formerly existed with light and hope and bright mornings is severed, and can never be restored.
  • 0oyokisuo00oyokisuo0 ? ?MUSIC? ? La JollaPosts: 5,124Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2010
    soulja boy - crank that.
    wonder girls - tell me
    shinee - juliette + ring ding dong
    f(x) - chu + lachata
    all snsd songs except genie
    all miley cyrus song except see you again
    beyonce - single ladies + and all the other songs that sound like this one
  • thalazeewunthalazeewun Posts: 28Member
    I absolutely hate any song by Lil Wayne. I'm sorry. I really tried to listen to it and find something positive in it, but I can't. LOL.

    I also don't like any Selena Gomez songs. There's just something about her and her voice that annoy me so much!

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone by saying I hate those two. image
  • KushiKushi Posts: 301Member
    I really dislike Lil Wayne's works for some reason.

    All my friends are crazy about him and always recommend him, but whenever I've tried listening to him, I just can't seem to connect to his music. His lyrics are good, but his music just doesn't seem to make me care :S
  • MangoStarMangoStar Token oreo in yo' hood :) In the dirty southPosts: 2,327Member
    Any freestyle by Nicki Minaj - is she begging for a STD

    Beyonce makes me scream bloody murder. Her latest music is just irritating after a million plays.
  • AmethistAmethist Lightning Hoofddorp,The NetherlandsPosts: 2,321Friend of Soompi
    All those horrible apres ski songs!! You guys should be glad you don't live in my country :x..
  • electricolorelectricolor Posts: 410Member


    edited December 2009
    Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus (actually, most songs by her)
    Love Me - Justin Bieber
    Sweet Dreams & Single Ladies - Beyonce.
    And a lot of the High School Musical songs e_e"

    There's more, but I can't think of them right now, ehe.
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  • -ponyo-ponyo Posts: 112Member

    Ponyo Stated : BigBang is Ponyo's Jam >.> Ponyo hate's Miley Cyrus and Lil wayne his voice make's my tummy cringe x.x!
  • ohhlalakellyohhlalakelly Cungtro? San JosePosts: 2,654Member
    And the song that deserves the most stupid award goes to.........

    J Holiday - I Invented Sex

    Hrm, and what else. All Miley Cryrus, Big Bang and Wonder Girls songs
  • 꼬라지하군꼬라지하군 Posts: 225Member
    snsd's gee.
    kara (i hate all their music)
    suju's sorry sorry
    there are so many.

    as for american music, i dont hate many songs. except for disney.
    ooh lala
  • Dubbness28Dubbness28 Posts: 40Member
    Well i really hate songs of 2ne1 & pussycat dolls...

    Pussycats are so flirt i hate them so much!!!There are so feeling... image

    I really really hate them over my dead body,2ne1 songs are good but i hate it when people are always says that they are the best!Ewww how cheap,How dare! image I dont like them to be the best....
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