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Can you sense it when something is going to happen to someone?

rizriz Posts: 90Member
well, i know this one guy.
i like him but not as much i like his friend.
but the weirdest thing is, whenever something bad is going to happen to him, i can feel it.
there is one time, when he got sick and was taken to the hospital and 2 days before it happen
i found myself kept remembering him and then i would cry because of him.
then, when he fainted..also 2 days before it i will cried and cried, kept thinking about him.
it had happen to me more than 3 times since the moment i knew him.
well, i don't know what this mean but sometimes i felt weird since i can sensed it.
anyone here have the same experience as me? care to share it?


  • Kwak JiniKwak Jini 곽진이님 Detroit, MichiganPosts: 193Member
    Ah, not really a sense but...
    I only get weird vibes like, "Oh, yup. He had it coming..." ^v^
  • notoriousbeanotoriousbea ? live high, live mighty... ~ Lewisville, TXPosts: 304Member
    I used to always call it a coincidence but when my boyfriend and I were first dating, every time he'd go out and I'd have a bad feeling... something always happened. It took nearly three times for me to tell him "be safe" or "i have a feeling..." for him to finally get the point. I've saved him numerous times. It's just a weird intuition feeling.
  • NPB-XKNPB-XK Thread Hijacker Area-Sexy-One - MontrPosts: 5,222Member


    edited November 2009
    Every time I fix my dad's computer, I can always sense a porn ad is gonna pop up... YEP saw that coming! 100%! My guts are always right over 100 out of 100 times on this.
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  • ShadowMax76ShadowMax76 themurderedpacifist Posts: 3,060Member

    closest thing was knowing someone's nightmare before they had it. or having a scene from an old dream come to life before you.

    sucks when you don't know enough about it so you can do anything about it. all you can do is watch it happen again.. =='
  • bonjour tristesse.bonjour tristesse. 가지 마세요. Posts: 7,019Member


    yeap. i'm psychic when it comes to these things, lol. or so i feel as if i am >_<
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  • cassiopeia1001cassiopeia1001 CanadaPosts: 2,614Member


    well, technically, if i get dreams about something happening the next day ...
    it comes true.
    i'm not kidding ... it's happened seven or eight times, and every time came true.
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  • Eun_neptune_HimEun_neptune_Him ★>>>><<<<★ Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 2,130Member


    For me, if i'm planning to go go somewhere with someone else, i can tell either if we ARE gonna go or not. Or when something was too good to be true.
  • TICKLE ME Jx2TICKLE ME Jx2 ? in a FLASH. California, USAPosts: 2,428Member

    I get something like that.
    I can sense when something bad has happened to someone close to me.
    Or when something "big" is going to happen. I get this gut feeling about it.
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  • wendaYYYwendaYYY sleaze-boroughPosts: 164Member
    I can sense when I am about to fart.
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  • xlfaeriexprincesalxxlfaeriexprincesalx Kamilia's B2UTY Posts: 388Member
    for me, it's not alwasy someting like that, but little things really. and when it's something big or going to be big, i just have a really dreadful feeling before it'll become bad.
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  • hselizhseliz planet earthPosts: 2,727Member
    i can't.
    but i can sense it when somebody picks on me. like when teachers would ask me something. lol;
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  • PhotogeekPhotogeek Love Song ♥ PDX, OR, USAPosts: 2,567Member


    I can tell if a persons' intentions are good or bad.
    ^^ I always tell my friends if I like the guy they are going out or not. When I don't like them it always turns out to be because the guy is a player and is caught. But when I like the guy he always comes out clean. I can also feel when something bad is going to happen only to me. hahaha

    QUOTE (wendaYYY @ Nov 29 2009, 10:31 PM) »
    I can sense when I am about to fart.

    Everyone can silly hahaha.
  • asimpleHighasimpleHigh Baj paradisePosts: 1,890Member


    yeah i can sense things too
    i also pick up on things quick ...i know everything lol
    and i can read people..i can tell how a person is just by looking at them
    its like their aura is waving at me lol
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