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Smoke from cooking cause cause ?

sp4078sp4078 Posts: 615Member
edited November 2009 in food
WTH? True or False.
Ok, this might be a little ranting.

My roommate who doesn't cook or hates cooking tell me I shouldn't cook thing such as stir-fried stuff b/c the smoke will cause me lung/throat cancer later on.

I don't want to sound like an ignorant, tell her in the face that's stupid (I almost did b/c I was really annoyed. It's like tell me that "Don't cook, your cooking got me cancer"); in case there was really some evidences for that.

My grandmother has been cooking for all her life and she's still strong and clear without any illness or on any medication at age 78. It's pretty hard to convince me that I shouldn't cook what I love b/c it will cause me cancer. I never heard of smoke from cooking will cause you cancer anyway. If so, I feel like everything you do in this world will cause you cancer and die.

Here's my theory. How about you get old, your body wears out, therefore you're exposed to more illnesses ?


  • silver-typhoonsilver-typhoon ❤❤Molecular Genetics❤❤ CanadaPosts: 702Member
    Long story short (because it's late and I'm not going to explain all the reasons you can get cancer):

    Smoke from cooking often contains trace amounts of carcinogens (though really it depends on what kind of cooking you're doing as other methods give you the motherload of carcinogen inhalation products) which will cause mutations in your DNA. People have repair mechanisms to fix this, though some are less efficient than others. Eventually mutations can pile up (think snowballing effect) and you get CANCER!

    So yes, someone can be cooking all their lives and have nothing happen to them, while someone else can inhale smoke and end up dying by the time they're 25 (or sooner).

    My take on this is to do what you like, because worrying constantly for the rest of your life will just cause more stress.
  • Xiaoba1tuXiaoba1tu AustraliaPosts: 4,007Member


    edited November 2009
    I haven't heard anything about smoking as a cooking method and it's carcinogenic effects...I wouldn't worry about it too much. Nowadays, there's always "this and this causes cancer."

    How about you get old, your body wears out, therefore you're exposed to more illnesses ?

    Not exposed to more illnesses, I think it's because your immune system is weaker due to every cell in your body slowing down in function and not performing at it's peak. But I'm not a doctor... just based on my past human biology studies.
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