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Jaejoong was proposed to by a Gay in Japan?

jejunicejejunice Posts: 92Member
laugh out loud
image image image


Jae Joong was proposed by a gay in Japan recently.
This is more likely a rumor but funny none the less and it's YunJae haha

This is an account of an eye witness …
Have you seen this?
Jae Joong was proposed by a gay in Japan recently.
It’s the second time!
There was once when he just got into the entertainment industry…
It ended abruptly due to the shock caused, I suppose.
It seems that this time they need a longer time to deal with it
Therefore, I want to share this with you guys before the case gets isolated..
Without a doubt, Jae Joong’s pretty looks is very popular in Japan as well nehh~
Anyway, our Yunho reacted greatly to this incident.
That’s why I secretly brought up this secret to you.

It was a little past 12,
That gay was wearing a suit and his looks weren’t really bad.
He was holding a bouquet of wild roses and was wandering in front of my house.
My friend thought that he was there for his girlfriend.
YunJae was going home at that time.
Jae Joong was a little ahead of Yunho when that gay looked at Jae with all his attention.
(actually my friend wanted to give Yunho a present, but he hid it up when he saw that gay)
Apparently our Jae Joong didn’t care about his existence.
Just as he was going into the house, he was grabbed at the arm by the gay.
Jae Joong asked “What?”
Yunho,who catched up later, also asked “Who are you?”
The gay totally ignored Yunho, and handed the flowers to Jae,
before saying “The wild roses that are as red as your lips...these are for you.”
Jae Joong, who was expressionless at that point of time, suddenly came to his senses
and blinked his eyes with surprise. His body also froze.
The gay immediately knelt down before him and said “These flowers…are you willing to accept them?”
Jae covered his mouth and gave out his unique and famous laugh.
Yunho suddenly snatched the flowers and said “Mister, this is not right…”(but why must he snatch his flowers?)
The gay replied “don’t tell me you’re his lover…”
Yunho at that moment could only give an uneasy smile, while our Jae collapsed onto da ground and cried with his hands covering his face.
I thought he cried, but later I realized that he was laughing like hell.
Mr. Gay was looking at Yunho and saying “Jae Joong is mine…”
Yunho replied “okokok, I know, can you leave now?”
The gay, once again, replied “I will not leave unless Jae Joong accepts my flowers.”
So Jae Joong took the flowers from Yunho’s hands and gave a sniff before asking “Will that do?”
Mr. Gay nodded profusely and asked “please be with me.”[guess you know what that means right?!]
Jae at that point of time said something while laughing, but I couldn’t hear it clearly.
Then Yunho grabbed Jae’s wrist, snatched the flowers from his hands and they went home.
Other than me, there were other Japanese fans when this happened.
As Mr. Gay was going off, the fans were all chasing after him, wanting to find out more about him.

credits: OST + CR + whinona@yg +ettedanreb16@multiply+aznxbabe@LJ+JJ4eVa(TVXQ INDONESIA FORUM)






  • greenanagreenana Posts: 1,255Member


    Wow!!! LOL, that was funny. Then anyways, who doesn't like Jaejoong, he's so cute!!!
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  • IdaIda YG's CampPosts: 3,256Member
    Eh - this sounds more like YunJae fanfix than reality...or even a rumor. Funny, nonetheless.


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  • lathidieuanhlathidieuanh Posts: 273Member
    YunJae really does exist...
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  • ayuu.919ayuu.919 Posts: 242Member
    LOL !
    Mannn, I wish this was true.
    If it is, then yunjae<33333
  • colloquycolloquy Yes, I am a woman. FloridaPosts: 3,886Member
    edited October 2009
    Um, really? This is written like bad fanfiction... I don't understand why Yunho would be mad. It's obviously a joke.
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  • hyeminniehyeminnie Posts: 4,165Member
    edited October 2009
    LOL I skimmed over the title and I thought it said, "JaeJoong pronounces he is gay."

    BTW, you need three pictures.
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  • vanessa1988vanessa1988 Mrs. Kim Hyun Joong XP TXPosts: 1,336Member
    ^ HAHA that's what I thought too
  • XJShinodaXJShinoda &#12510;&#12524;&#12471;&#12540;&#12450;Posts: 670Member


    If it's true, i'd like to see the picture of Mr Gay.

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  • NanaMunNanaMun JunJin&#39;s pantsPosts: 585Member
    What is up with the wording? "by a gay"? Last time I checked gay people know...people.
    Anywho, I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. JaeJoong himself fancied men. Now that would be thread worthy news.
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  • JaeHoLoveJaeHoLove MalaysiaPosts: 1,124Member
    LOL!! OMG!!! This is hilarious!
    I can totally imagine Jae Joong laughing crazily and don't you think Yunho totally overreacted? What's with the snatching and grabbing? That guy likes Jae Joong, he wouldn't hurt him... lol!!
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  • lightofhonestlightofhonest Posts: 439Member
    it's old news. .____.
    LOL D: did you guys just find out.
  • LaBelleLaBelle Miss A "No oh No oh I can't Breath" <333 Posts: 18,744Member
    LOL this is not new thing XD
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  • Honey_KizZHoney_KizZ Posts: 1,473Member
    um...this is old news from last year...
    besides, it's a rumor started by a fan,
    sounds more like a fanfic to me.
  • gaynessgayness DONG BANG SHIN KI HoniPosts: 3,166Member


    Hahaha idk if it's true or not but it's cute!!! xD lololol

    Who wouldn't like jaejoong? he's so freaking popular in Japan. preeeettyy
    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi
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  • b06b06 . . [? ]. . [.a. w. a. y.]Posts: 2,039Member
    pwahahahahahahah seriously???

    oh Jae.....*sigh*
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  • xChristineeexChristineee VirginiaPosts: 3,711Member


    it exists!
    jae is amazingly gorgeous. I don't blame the guy

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  • dramalovers26dramalovers26 <3 Posts: 2,221Member


    This belongs in the fanfic category image , the flow everything seems very Yaoi YunJaeish.
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  • kandybiteskandybites down the street yo!Posts: 1,118Friend of Soompi



    that's cute but creepy at the same time.
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  • summerdamselsummerdamsel 에이프릴 서을Posts: 4,937Member


    is this for real?
    yoochun was also proposed by a guy (or confessed) before
    "포도 먹고싶은 사람?!!!!!" 
  • oceanaveoceanave Atlanta, GeorgiaPosts: 78Member
    LOL, this is totally ridiculous. It's obviously made up by yunjae fans image

    Plus the title should be Jaejoong was proposed to by a gay person.
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