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The Official MUSE Thread



  • NO NAME?NO NAME? Posts: 5,932Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2010
    ^ Thanks!

    Official music video for Resistance
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator U.S.Posts: 565Member
    I'll be going to Atlanta to see them in concert on Saturday.
    Super super super super super excited!

    I'm a little sad that Muse didn't win Best Live band at this year's NME awards. Congrats to Arctic Monkeys!
  • Ahiru77Ahiru77 Posts: 89Member
    edited March 2010

    I saw the video on a show featuring 2009's top vids. Its was one of the best. image Sad they didnt win NME. They have the most awards from them. image <
    The coolest mashup evaaa!!!

    America needs to discover Muse NOW!!!!! (with a little help of Twilight...unfortunately)
  • iEatPowderiEatPowder Relic. californiaPosts: 2,022Friend of Soompi
    edited March 2010
    QUOTE (Ahiru77 @ Mar 1 2010, 07:56 AM) »
    America needs to discover Muse NOW!!!!! (with a little help of Twilight...unfortunately)

    Trust me. We've known about Muse for a long time now (without the aid of Twilight).
  • DDukDDuk NYCPosts: 2,973Member


    edited March 2010
    MUSE killed it! It was so awesome! I got floor seats so they weren't thaaaat far away but oh man!

    Here is one picture... Ugh I am soo tired now!

    PLEASE do not take this picture out of soompi.
  • Ahiru77Ahiru77 Posts: 89Member
    QUOTE (iEatPowder @ Mar 5 2010, 09:30 AM) »
    Trust me. We've known about Muse for a long time now (without the aid of Twilight).

    Ahhh...i heard that twilight put them on the US map. They definitely deserve some AMA's though. >v<

    Wow they're playing Madison Square. Big time!!....GO MUSE!!
  • Vagabond.Vagabond. girl anachronism. Posts: 2,615Member
    I hate myself for listening to their music recently. I've always known the band, but never actually listen to their music.
    I'm so glad that I do now, Time Is Running Out and Stockholm Syndrome are teh sex <3

    I wandered up for a closer look
    And kissed whoever was sitting there.

  • gdmondaygdmonday Posts: 115Member
    going to see them tonight =) with silversun pickups
    it makes me sad that the MUSE thread is only 3 pages here =(
    but yeah. muse has been around for a LONG time, and people have known about them for a LONG time.
    they were popular way before twilight or anything like that. its just that their listening group was a little older than it is now... after twilight ive seen 12 year old girls listening to muse and screaming "this is where edward comes in!"

  • procrastinatorprocrastinator U.S.Posts: 565Member
    edited March 2010
    They are probably the biggest band that Americans have never heard of(I mean this thread is 3 pages for god's sake!!!). I mean they're huge everywhere else, but the USA. It's a bit disappointing that their biggest mainstream tie-in is the Twilight series of all things.
    I just realized that I never replied after going to the concert.
    AGAIN it was pretty freaking amazing, I love the songs that they just randomly jam out to before going to another song. This was my friend's first concert and it looked like she was about to have an orgasm during Matt's falsetto for feeling good. Although I don't think the sound system was as good as it was when I saw them open for U2. Which I can totally understand. SSP....not really the best choice for an opening act. I honestly had to entertain myself and others during this portion of the concert. The set is amazing!! And of course Dom was a sexy beast. XD
    This is definitely not going to be the last Muse concert I go to!

    p.s. I finally fixed all the links in this post!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RiceRice Posts: 90Member
    is muse really good live? i really like their remix they did with kid cudi. they were giving out muse tickets on the radio last week but i didn't win image
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator U.S.Posts: 565Member
    ^ amazing, awesome, fantastic doesn't even begin to describe them live.
    They've won many best live band awards so rest assured that they will be awesome live.
    As a person who has seen them live twice I have to say they are the best live band I've seen so far.
  • CashCash Posts: 44Member
    I went to the muse concert in March at Toronto. I love his piano, and I was surprised at how well the audience sang when Matt let them take over the songs. Matt is one of the few artists that can sing well live and still bounce around. My bf has been following them for a very long time, and he thinks maybe Matt had vocal training since he sounds very different from Muse's debut up to now.

    Two pics I took:

  • urbanseamonkeyurbanseamonkey Posts: 7Member
    muse are definitely great :-)
    mr. bellamy's voice is incredible!!!
    and he can play piano and sing and play guitar at the same time...
    he has to be a octopus!
  • davidnuknowdavidnuknow ?? ?? lady? Posts: 1,337Friend of Soompi


    i went to their concert in toronto last month and i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED!

    it was definitely one of the best nights of my life hahhha.

    Loveeeeeeeee muse! THey're so talented!
    Please read the signature rules
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator U.S.Posts: 565Member
    edited April 2010
    Just found a super cool muse fanblog.
    Has a bunch of cool stuff like separated versions of songs.
    Oh how I would love to follow muse around across the world.
  • minnieminnie californiaPosts: 55Member
    Muse is amazing live. Saw them last week. One of the best concerts I've been to!
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator U.S.Posts: 565Member
    edited April 2010
    New Muse tour dates for the fall in the us and canada:
    22nd September: Viejas Arena, San Diego, CA
    23rd September: Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
    25th September: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
    1st October: Santa Ana Star Center, Rio Rancho
    2nd October: Pepsi Center, Denver
    5th October: Target Center, Minneapolis
    6th October: Bradley Center, Milwaukee
    8th October: Ford Center, Oklahoma City
    21st October: Pepsi Coliseum, Quebec City
    27th October: John Paul Jones Arena, Chalottesville
    2nd November: Sprint Center, Kansas City
    3rd November: Scotttrade Center, St. Louis
    5th November: Schottenstein Center, Columbus
    6th November: US Bank Arena, Cincinnati

    Will you be there?????

    There should be another batch of tour dates later on for some big cities......i'm hoping. If they do i'll go to the atlanta or charlotte dates, but if not i'll find a way to go to virginia one in october.
  • theatretheatre Posts: 117Member

    anyhow...ahaha i'm just so damn happy! i'm going to see them oct 27th!!!
  • IridescenceIridescence Eternity's a terrible thought. CaliforniaPosts: 1,651Member
    They are so amazing live. Such a great band. I was about 5 people away from being in the front of their concert and I was just blown away by their energy. The stage setting and the lasers were ridiculous (I mean that in a good way). They're definitely one of my favorite rock bands right now. The fans are insane, too. Just jumping around with everyone and singing along to the lyrics. I have to say... it was one of the best experiences in my life.
  • procrastinatorprocrastinator U.S.Posts: 565Member
    edited April 2010
    28th September: Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
    23rd October: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
    24th October: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
    26th October: RBC Center, Raleigh, NC

    so excited so excited so excited so excited!!!!!
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