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MBLAQ official thread

Mariposa28Mariposa28 Hyunnie forever ^^ SS501MoroccoPosts: 2,074Member


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music boys live in absolute quality
under construction

MBLAQ official Soompi 's thread
debut 15/10


MBLAQ is a 5-member boyband under JTunes Entertainment groomed personally by singer Rain himself. The group consists of ex TYKEYS member Jung ByungHee and also younger brother Bang CheolYoung of actress Go EunAh.
first appearance at Rain concert LEGEND OF RAINISIM


Jung Byung Hee (Jang Goon):
Age/Birthday - (22) & 1987.11.06
(Ex-TYKEYS member)


Yang Seung Ho:
Age/Birthday - (22) & 1987.10.16


Lee Chang Seon (Lee Joon):
Age/Birthday - (21) & 1988.02.07
(Have played the child version of Rain in his hollywood movie, "Ninja Assassin.")


Bang Chul Yong (MiReu):
Age/Birthday - (18) & 1991.03.10 (Little brother of actress Go Eun Ah)


Park Sang Hyun (Thunder):
has been added at the last minute instead of Kim Sang Bae
(Little brother of 2NE1's Sandara)


contact Mblaq


135-100 서울시 강남구 청담동 89-8 4층
4F, 89-8 Cheongdam-dong, Kangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea 135-100

Office : +82 2 3447 1620
Fax : +82 2 3447 1619

avatar by lisaa, thanks a lot ^^


  • aXiSEEu12aXiSEEu12 Posts: 1,304Member


    I cannot wait to hear more from them! image Will they be performing LIVE soon?
    gif credit to image aivzthegreat 
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  • BIGbangLOVEx3BIGbangLOVEx3 USPosts: 188Member

  • lamialamia sig : mirima2244 Posts: 2,310Banned
    Oh wait.. this is their thread?.. I thought the one in the korean celebs thread would be moved here.. I can't wait for the song!! I <3 CheungDung and G.O already..
  • goldenGAZEgoldenGAZE LondonPosts: 1,583Member
    So have they officially debuted now. I'm happy to see they have their own thread soo fast.
    I'm already a fan ^^.
  • exoticprincessexoticprincess Bristol EnglandPosts: 475Member
    I think I'm gonna like this group! image they're very interesting and the teasers were amazing!
    looking forward to see their music video, should be good! image
    2 N E 1 AND B L A C K J A C K S United
  • AznQ.TAznQ.T Posts: 221Member
    omg cool~
    i like their song 'good love' from what i heard from the fancams
    hope MBLAQ be very successful =]
    and cant wait for their first MV
  • kaypop.kaypop. Posts: 1,382Member


    there is already a thread for them in the photo section,
    and it was planned that it would be moved here to the music section once they debut!
  • babysandy04babysandy04 I'm so afraid..scared :P Anywhere near DaraPosts: 145Member
    oh, there is another thread here? but there' another on in korean celeb section?

    enweiz,i can wait for them to debut. I think they have what it takes to become a
    popular idol group, since Rain believes in them.


    i'll support this group.
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  • chiiminchiimin Posts: 735Member


    mblaq already has a thread and it will be moved to the korean music section once they debut. image;;

  • LaBelleLaBelle Miss A "No oh No oh I can't Breath" <333 Posts: 18,744Member
    cant the one from the kceleb being moved and maybe merged with this?
    i mean that one already has many posts lol XD

    anyway just saw the teaser and it's WOW

    it's been a quite long time since a boyband could attract my attention from 1st look of the teaser
    cant wait for the full mv
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