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Spirit Week: Twin Day

AnBiForeverAnBiForever Florida<3Posts: 100Member


edited September 2009 in beauty & fashion
Any creative/funny ideas???
So Spirit week is comming up and my friends and I have no idea what to for twin day.

Here are ideas that we already did freshman and sophmore years:
Freshman: We did Asian 1, Asian 2, Asian 3, and Asian 4 on a plain black t-shirt with jeans and converses.
~image Yes my BFF'S are mostly Asian or part asian.

Sophmore: We did person1=bread +person2=peanut butter +person3=jelly +person4=bread. Agian with converse, but with a white t-shirt.
~Cute littles pictures of it.

So yea, any fun ideas?

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  • likeloverslikelovers Posts: 1,192Member
    If you don't mind doing food again, why not try s'mores (x?
  • strawberryxstrawberryx Posts: 14Member
    When I was in high school, people did Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss. You could try that, just add two more Things image
    They painted their faces and did their hair and wore the same clothes as the characters from the book. It was really cute. But it would be cute even if you just did red t-shirts or something.

    You could do card suits (spades, diamonds, etc.),
    If you don't already wear uniforms, you all could dress in schoolgirl outfits.

    Or you could do the evil twins, good twins. One set dresses in all black, teases their hair all crazy, wears a lot of dark eyeliner, etc. The others could have perfect hair and dress in all pink/all white. Or even just t-shirts with the words "evil" and "good" on them would be okay image
  • PandarahPandarah MaplePosts: 546Member


    Be the Wonder Girls image
    or, you guys can hit the mall and just buy cute matching outfits.
    Or you guys could pretend to be teachers LOL.
    Just make sure not to make it offensive if you did that.
  • nikkiex33nikkiex33 Posts: 1,086Member


    cross dress and be your favorite four member boy band.
    so very fun. (:
    or a food chain
  • naly26naly26 C-port GAPosts: 162Member


    this is really weird but i've always wanted to do Twin day as Where's Waldo...i always thought that would be pretty cool since in Where Waldo books everyone looks really similar so it's sorta twin-ish. idk i just loved waldo as a kid lmao...if only my school did twin day...
  • toki91toki91 Posts: 138Member
    twin day!!
    last year, all the asian juniors. we got t-shirt that said "yes i know, we all look the same" lol
    and now for this year
    its for the asians seniors only and it says
    "im with them" and arrows pointing out and the bottom right, it says "SEN'10R" and a cute sushi design with a crown on it because we're seniors (and i designed the sushi thing) kekeke
    there are going to be like 40+ of us wearing it xD
  • RhawrRhawr Posts: 408Member
    edited September 2009
    How about pepper and salt shakers? xD.
    Or you can do different emotions icons for each person on tshirts.

    EDIT: I just thought of another one~
    If you have enough friends who participate, you could do a rainbow (ROYGBIV).
    Person 1 wears red.
    Person 2 wears orange.
    Person 3 wears yellow.
  • -HERO--HERO- Posts: 318Member
    Last year, A friend and I dressed up as neon crayolas ;D
    Me being neon green, and my friend being neon pink
  • sweet_martsweet_mart Willy Wonka! Posts: 777Member
    You know how parents who have twin children sometimes dress their children up like matched but opposite? For example, 1st child wears pink t-shirt and blue overalls and the second child wears blue t-shirt and pink overalls. I think that would be very cute ^_^
    ♥One stop shop for all things sweet~♥
  • darchdarch Los AngelesPosts: 114Member
    you guys could dress up as nerds image (cute ones of course. lol)
    have fun! image
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