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Eggs you eat in sauna (stone roasted eggs)

gracekimgracekim Posts: 66Member


Hello I have been trying to figure out how to make these delicious eggs ! Usually when I go to the Sauna I eat them and I cannot figure out how they are made. My mom said that you put the eggs in a rice cooker? Anyone know the korean term for these eggs so I can search for them online?

Does anybody know where to find the recipe!?



  • PapayaSeedPapayaSeed Vancouver, BCPosts: 495Member
    i'm not too sure what they're called either but yeah, most of the time they're boiled in a rice cooker. I think it's put in soy sauce
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  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    Not sure either but I think you can acheive a similar affect with making 달걀찜 (dalgyal jjim)? All you need is tons of soy sauce, oh, and patience too sice you'll have to boil it.
  • KeiyunKeiyun Posts: 711Member
    That looks and sounds like Chinese tea eggs. o_O! Although Chinese tea eggs aren't completely brown.

    The tea gives it the colour, and the soy sauce gives it the flavour.
    Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but they're delicious anyway. xD
  • J*aimeJ*aime SeattlePosts: 718Member
    edited September 2009
    hahaha i searched 찜질방 계란 on naver

    These are the instructions from this website.
    1. Add 10 brown eggs inside a Pressured Rice Cooker.
    (if your eggs were in the refrigerator leave your eggs out in room temp for 1-2 hours.)
    2. In 1 cup of water dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt. Then pour over the eggs into the rice cooker.
    3. If you own a Cuckoo rice cooker use the steam cooking option.
    4. Cook for 80 mins.

    here's another way to make it with a stove rice cooker.

    i haven't tried it yet but tell me out it turns out.

    edit: i tried this today it was pretty good. i didn't do the whole 80mins. my eggs were cooked in 45mins. i think the longer u leave it in the darker the egg will be.
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