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What Are Some Good Part-time Jobs For An Accounting Student?

CharryCharry Posts: 1,123Member
edited September 2009 in school zone
Hey guys!
I just recently starting accounting and since I'm looking for a part-time job, I thought why not try to get one that will be beneficial to me in the future =)
What are some good ones? It doesn't have to be directly related to accounting but something along that line...
Any help will be appreciate!! a side note though, I don't have any prior experience whatsoever D:

*using my sis's account image


  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,729Member



    the program/fac your in at school has nothing to do with your job. Try bank teller? but i don't know if they require any kind of experiece. I think all you need is customer service and knowledge of basic math.
  • lidge_fanlidge_fan ? perfection in motion ? Posts: 717Member
    edited September 2009
    Does your college have a career center? You could look into that or talk to the career/academic counselor. That's the best place to start I think. Then talk to your professors. They would know lots of people, esp. former accounting students, and hopefully can point you in the right direction. Or you can become an assistant. Also, pay attnention to your friends in class. They might know of openings. You can also join an accounting club if there's one at school.

    I think you're already in the best environment to look for an accounting, which is school. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Good luck!!!
  • GythaGytha Posts: 120Member
    in fact , my job has nothing to do with my major...I think that is not important .
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