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Big Eyes, Flat Nose?

chocomintSTARchocomintSTAR Posts: 62Member


edited September 2009 in beauty & fashion
Okay, alot of people think that big double lidded eyes are pretty.
And i do too...
but if someone had big eyes and a flat nose, i think that smaller, monolid eyes look better with a flat nose. not very small, but monolid...
like my friend has really big pretty eyes...but she has a flat nose. and it makes it look a little...unbalanced,,?
and sometimes i get double eyelid...and my nose looks FLATTER with it...
-.-;;; so yeah. anyone get me?
oh yeah. good point brought up by Keikoblue2.
the size of the nose & shape of eyes are important too...;
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  • teardr0psteardr0ps Posts: 1New Member
    How is that unbalanced? Wouldn't you want to have a prominent feature that stands out whether it's a tall nose or big eyes than just normal ordinary features?
  • KeikoBlue2KeikoBlue2 Posts: 90Member
    QUOTE (teardr0ps @ Sep 3 2009, 10:06 PM) »
    How is that unbalanced? Wouldn't you want to have a prominent feature that stands out whether it's a tall nose or big eyes than just normal ordinary features?

    Well actually, monolids + small eyes seem to be a prominent feature nowadays considering the amount of Asians wearing Circle lens and glue/tape to get double eyelids. But it depends, if your prominent feature is ugly then "normal ordinary features" that are balanced would look better.

    As to the OP, a huge and flat nose would look unpleasant with any type of eyes. But a small flat nose can look pretty with double lidded eyes or monolids. It really depends on what shape your eyes are, and the size of your nose, I think.
  • onetouch.onetouch. ???? ???&#48253 U.S. of A.Posts: 1,239Member
    edited September 2009
    pretty nose>pretty eyes
    image .......................image
  • yujunyujun Posts: 596Member


    edited September 2009
    i have a completely flat nose and big eyes.

    everyone says that my features don't look out of place and that my nose looks just fine on my face. and nobody calls me ugly just cuz of my nose.

    i guess it depends on the individual. a lot of times things can turn out different on different people, it's hard to generalise.
  • ceryscerys because i can. AustraliaPosts: 986Member
    edited September 2009
    I have big eyes and a small nose. A small nose. Actually, the nose part is meh... but the nose bridge is almost none existent...

    Overall doesn't look that bad, but that won't change the fact that my nose is very flat and a taller nose+bridge would make my face look overall, probably more attractive lol.

    Someone once called my nose a 'rabbit nose'. I thought that notion was cute )=
  • popolalapopolala over the rainbowPosts: 1,584Member


    edited September 2009
    Erm, well i think it's okay to have flat nose, sometimes it's actually cute. My sister has really big eyes, thin double lid, and a small flat nose. She's actually looks really cute and pretty and young. Every single person who ever met her in her life called her cute. Also when she was a baby, she get paid by random strangers in the street, just for being a cute baby. She still has a baby face.

    Flat nose Is not like the prettiest nose, but definetly the cutest one of them all, and most people look at overall face, rarely features. unless they picky and shallow.
  • bbyLbbyL NYC!Posts: 346Member
    I have big double eyelid eyes and a flat nose. I don't think it looks bad. I think I would look even uglier with smaller eyes.
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  • hannieoonhannieoon CaliforniaPosts: 1,032Member
    I have small eyes and a flat nose. What are you guys complaining about? Hahahaha.

  • soominiesoominie CanadaPosts: 2,848Member


    imo pretty eyes>pretty nose, as long as the nose isn't like too big/flat
  • NamderfulNamderful Behind you. . .Posts: 901Member
    I dont really notice anyone's nose unless if it's big.
    Pretty Eyes > Nose
    When I see someone I tend to look@their eyes because I feel more attracted to them heh?

  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    I always heard that my eyes were big, large, etc but my nose just remains huge and flat. I don't think a high, tall nose would match my face very well though since my face structures are all roundish.
  • xspringrollsxxspringrollsx Posts: 545Member
    Pic examples would be great. Nose shape does play a vital role in the general appearance of an individual but for me, the first aspect I look at a person is their eyes.
  • wildbunnieswildbunnies Posts: 249Member
    i don't think a super flat and wide nose looks good on anyone. i think small, monolid eyes would be even MORE unbalanced than big eyes that could somehow neutralise the big nose..
  • HEYangieeGIRLHEYangieeGIRL Posts: 437Member
    I have good eyes but a bad nose... why would it even be that important.. especially about other's look.
  • eyeluvyew<3eyeluvyew<3 Posts: 173Member
    I have monolids and a high bridged nose.
    My eyes are pretty big and bigger than double eyelids, too.
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  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    I think this could be discussed in the eyes vs nose thread.
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