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Can People Look Cute With Braces?

hersh3yzhersh3yz Posts: 77Member
edited August 2009 in beauty & fashion
Or are they a turn off?
Hey guys, I am in my early 20s, and I am just NOW getting braces. It's quite sad, but I really need it since my teeth started shifting since college. (wisdom teeth possibly?) I'm getting braces next week, and my teeth right now are not really crooked in a sense that there are several teeth overlapping one another or yellow or any of that - JUST an overbite, etc, and a tooth that I had removed over the summer left a gap in the back of my mouth which braces will help close the gap.

So my question is, do you guys know people that actually look BETTER with braces? If so, what color do you reccommend? I'm leaning towards plain silver because I don't want to look too teenybopperish with the multiple color bands. (no offense, but i'm 20+!!)

Also, since I have an overbite, when I mimic a normal bite, I feel like my chin moves forward, which makes my face look less round (kinda like angela baby post-braces). So my other question is can braces alter your face shape?


  • StephyTStephyT CaliforniaPosts: 1,228Member


    edited August 2009
    Well, I looked cute with braces when I was in junior high school. But I'm 19 now and I know I would definitely not look cute. Maybe you just mean "attractive"? Cus if you're already attractive, then I don't think braces would make you look too bad. You can still work with it.

    And with the band colors, you get them changed every 4-6 weeks anyways, so if you don't like the color, you can change them at your next visit. I always got gray or baby blue because all the other colors would stand out. And NEVER get white cus those get stained very easily.

    I don't know if people actually look better wearing braces, but they don't look worse without braces. In the long run (after braces are removed), they will look better since they'll have straight teeth. And yes, braces can change your face shape. But I've never seen it where the person is unrecognizable.
  • JikkiJikki Posts: 287Member
    Braces tend to give me a younger sister/brother vibe, but I never really found braces as something "unattractive", simply because so many people go through them.
  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,728Member


    uh.... braces don't make a person ugly. I've seen good looking people with braces before.
  • pattyxxcakepattyxxcake texas:DPosts: 90Member
    I first got braces in May 08, and I can say that I think I look better !
    it helped reducing the baby fat i had around my cheeks.

    Braces can alter your face shape
    but not in an extreme way; you'll probably never notice unless you take
    before and after pics, ya know?
  • * veenee* veenee Posts: 917Member


    honestly if you are pretty without opening your mouth, you will still be pretty even with braces image
    think of it this way.. after the braces are gone, you will have a lovely smile

  • kh00kh00 VERMONTPosts: 488Member
    Well i think it depends on how confident you are with them on.
    Rock your braces, who cares image
    i'm sure you'll look fine, its not a big deal
  • sallyensallyen Posts: 1,122Member


    Braces can be cute, but I've never met anyone who was prettier when wearing them *__*

    I just got the ceramic braces.. and I just love them ^^ haha. no one really notice that I'm wearing braces which is fantastic. Plus they don't stain image

    I think braces can change your face shape.. but it's only minimal changes I guess
  • nataliiexxnataliiexx Posts: 185Member
    i think you can as long as you don't get an obnioxous colorr.

  • wiwi_anwiwi_an SHINee WorldPosts: 1,142Member
    if u feel insecure, then smile with your mouth closed..or opt for those invisalign braces (i heard they're not as expensive too? iono)

    but no one should judge you by the braces in your mouth..if they do they got problems
    and werd, after those braces, you will have a killer smile image
  • peppermintsugarpeppermintsugar Posts: 5,693Friend of Soompi
    It's not about how they look now, it's how amazing you'll look afterwards that always makes it worth it. Just think towards the positive in the future!
    I know plenty of girls who have looked really cute with braces. One of my good friends has braces and she's 23.
    4kjKV.gif memoirs.twitter.tumblr. 2Vdge.gif
  • Xahns13Xahns13 Posts: 111Member
    I've had braces for about two years or so, and it doesn't really change your facial structure...but it does change how much fat percentage you may have (I love about 3-5 kg from the first couple of weeks because I couldn't chew any food due to braces, and that helped for me to really lose a lot of fat, that combined with puberty).

    But generally, braces don't really determine how attractive you doesn't matter. So just rock them =]

    And I always get blue colors. Not sure why though xD
  • xxiaoMEIxxiaoMEI smiles all round CanadaPosts: 1,051Member
    I think my friend looks better with braces o_o
    She looks so much cuter with them xD
    stay lovely.
  • rhaizerhaize Posts: 442Member
    edited August 2009
    well.. sorry but it is a turn off in that it makes you look like you;re in high school. im into guys who are still in high school LOL ist fine if you are in hs, but im in college, so yah.
  • megan92megan92 NEPosts: 999Member
    pshh it's fine! my mom got braces when she was 50 lol.
    i think braces are super duper cute, and in the end you will have perfect teeth. image
  • Mango.Tango~Mango.Tango~ Posts: 127Member
    in my honest makes a person seem really teeny bopper :S

    someone with braces could always be cute...but not really like sexy? sorta thing
  • xtiffanyxxtiffanyx U.SPosts: 294Member
    I've never seen someone who became more attractive when they got braces, but I don't think they make people look any worse either. If you're attractive, you won't become unattractive because of them...I'm assuming that's you in your avatar; you have nothing to worry about image.
  • mizz_Jmizz_J Posts: 6,870Friend of Soompi


    People can still looks attractive with braces.
    I've had a few friends with braces and it was fine.
    Please kindly read the signature rules.
  • mikkikittymikkikitty Posts: 40Member
    I know exactly how you feel. I have my braces right now and I'm in my early 20s too... But I'm thinking in the long run I would be glad I did because I have them for over a year now and my overlapping teeth has been fixed. I've had many people tell me I look cute with the braces. I don't know whether people are being nice about it but I think I look fine & am not too concerned about it. There's actually clear brackets that you can get. But you can only get them for the top front teeth. They make it less obvious but I didn't feel there was much difference between that and the silver brackets. For colour wise, if you don't want it to be too noticeable you can go with silver so it matches the brackets. But I find colour quite fun image
  • KashiieKashiie Posts: 16Member
    To be honest, I think some people can. I didn't look good in braces. /:
    But I'm pretty sure you will if your confident!

    Should you fall down, get up once again
    With us all behind you, you will soar with Wings of the World
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    edited August 2009
    i think braces are cute..either cute or don't really care kinda thing..they don't make people ugly

    i'm in my early 20s too and i'll probably be getting braces too in 3-4 months because the dentist said my bottom row of teeth are so it's kind of forced upon me to see an orthodontist.

    gotta get my wisdom teeth removed first. joy
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