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What Happens When You Fail A Class While On Student Loan?

Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,958Member


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Any failed a class while on student loan?
So my friend been going a really REALLLYY rough time right now..
with her parents getting laid off and alot of personal problems are home

of couse for student loan u need to be a full time student..
so she happen to fail one of her clases in the full course load

She is paranoid of whats gonna happen..

Will they stop giving her student loans in the future?
Will they make her pay back for the class she failed BEFORE getting another loan?
If they refuse to give her anymore student loan money is there any other organization that give out grants?



  • tiramiisutiramiisu bcanadaPosts: 57Member
    maybe you should specify where your friend lives
    im pretty sure every country, or even every states/provinces/etc has their own little rules on student loan

    i only know that in Canada
    you can still apply for student loan as long as youre above a certain number of GPA.
    and yes she will still have to pay back for the class she failed because she still took that course, she just didnt do so well in it

    idk about organizations ..but maybe the federal government welfare benefits? :\

    maybe you should check out the pinned thread?
    Professional Financial Aid Advisors To Answer Your Questions
  • Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,958Member


    Has anyone failed a course before and nothing happened?

  • aKaoNiaKaoNi Posts: 18Member
    Not sure where your friend goes and their specific situation but I can tell you I got a federal direct loan for last semester and ended up failing one class and was worried about the same thing. I thought I was going to have to payback for that one class before I could qualify for any financial aid or loan for this semester but surprisingly I was still in good academic/financial standing and qualified with no problems. I believe they go by your original target graduation date which I think mine is Spring 2011, since my one class failing didn't push my target graduation date back I'm thinking that's why I was still okay. I'd imagine if me failing that one class pushed my graduation date back it would have affected my current and future loans, just as if you were to drop from full time to part time for school.

    So I'm thinking your friend should be alright so long as it wasn't a once a year offered class and they can make it up by taking on more credits in the Spring or retaking it in the summer and keeping their graduation date on schedule.

  • deadgiveawaydeadgiveaway Southern CaliforniaPosts: 535Member
    I'm not sure about loans, but even for grants, as long as it's past a certain week (can't remember which, but it's between mid-quarter and the end of the quarter), they wouldn't require you to reimburse the money for the grant, even if you withdraw from the class or fail it and it makes your schedule no longer full-time. However, if your GPA gets too low, you may no longer qualify for certain financial aid.

    Your friend should go ask at the financial aid office! image Or you could too, it's just general knowledge they should be able to help you with. By the way, money borrowed is money borrowed... I don't think failing the class means that the money won't have to be paid back :/
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