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EllanEllan Shawol♥Posts: 2,449Friend of Soompi


edited April 2012 in k-pop
► Danger ♥

Chinese Name: Song Qian
English Name: Victoria Song
Nickname: Pororia
DOB: February 2nd, 1987
Height: 168cm
Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hobbies/Specialties: Traditional Dance, Jazz Dance, Korean
Casted: 2007 Beijing, China SM Casting System


Full Name: Amber Josephine Liu
Chinese Name: Liu Yi Yun
DOB: September 18th, 1992
Nationality: Chinese born in America
Religion: Christian
Height: 167cm
Blood Type: B
Casted: 2008 SM Casting System


Real Name: Park SunYoung
Stage Name: Luna
DOB: August 12th, 1993
Height: 162cm
Trainee Years: 2006-2009
Religion: Christian
Favorite Season: Fall / Autumn


Full Name: Choi Jin Ri
Stage Name: Sulli
Ethnicity: Korean
DOB: March 29th, 1994
Height: 169cm


Real Name: Krystal Jung / Jung Soo Jung
Stage Name: Krystal
DOB: October 24th, 1994
Birthplace: San Francisco
Ethnicity: Korean
Height: 165cm
Hobbies/Specialties: Acting, Dance
Casted: 2006 SM Casting System


- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month (September) (LA chA TA)
- 7th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment: Newcomer Award
- 17th Annual Korean Entertainment Awards: Best Newcomer Award

- 2011.04.29 K-Chart [Music Bank]

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  • P a p e r_C l i pP a p e r_C l i p CanadaPosts: 786Member
    Woh image
    This looks interesting, is that victoria song?

    & is it 4 girls and one guy? o.o or is the one with the short hair a girl?
  • LishathestainLishathestain Posts: 8,243Member


    edited August 2009
    ^the one w/ short hair is a girl image

    and VICTORIA? OMG <333

    GUH THIS IS .. IM SO EXCITED .. lol another girl group.. but yay anyway lol.
  • Peppermint`SeedPeppermint`Seed The secret light Posts: 261Member
    edited August 2009
    I never thought...haha, so this is it?
    They remind me of the female 2PM, not SHINee, lol.
    OMG WAIT---is that a GUY?
  • 7lotus7lotus Dear... Posts: 3,179Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2009
    wow...surprise surprise...?
    no, not really.
    what are they this time around
    female shinee???
    I saw a GUY!!!!

    edit: how do we pronounce their group name? "f of x"? gosh i miss calculus!
  • TaiTsukiTaiTsuki 916Posts: 839Member

    I am still deciding on what SM is thinking.
    No ofference to the group itself but I dunno if it is smart to promote a new group with the whole DBSK lawsuit going on.

    As for the group... I can't decide on what to think either.
    Hahah guess just gotta wait til the whole thing to come out before I can say anything.

    All I have to say for now is hello overdose of girl groups~

    2PM. We aren't 7 people. We are one.


    "2PM Family. Jay, Chansung, Khun, Wooyoung, Taek, Junsu. Whenever we are running and one of us falls behind, we always carry them on our back."

    - Junho

  • StephyTStephyT CaliforniaPosts: 1,228Member


    edited August 2009
    Omgosh. I didn't think I'd be spazzing over this, but I am!!!
    Haha... okay, it's just a mini spazz, but still.... image

    EDIT;; Okay, I finally watched the video, and I'm not LOVING it... but they're just starting, so we'll see.
  • onlykhangonlykhang ????????? Posts: 258Member
    I knew it! They will be debuting a girl group!
    I'm excited, They are SHINee's female counterpart right? ^^
  • jingaling.jingaling. Posts: 7,637Member


    edited August 2009
    omgomg. krystal jung is finally debuting.

    the stage names are interesting. looks like they have one chinese member.

    im excited for this new group. but at the same time im like 'another group sm?!'
    Now. Always. Forever.
  • mossymossy Posts: 1,035Member
    woah!..what the
    new girl group..?
    the teaser is somewhat cool..

    the name of the group is like damn
    I want to fall asleep while eating. - Taeyeon
    $♡NE / S♡₩
    We give our S♡ NE's a lot of freedom. - Taeyeon
  • Chalk-BanditsChalk-Bandits Posts: 2,821Member
    Holy Richard Simmons...they're young. XD
    I'm really excited for this group though, maybe that's because I'm SM artists biased.
    I need to see more before I can make any judgment.
  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,632Member


    It's definitely Sul Li and Crystal.
    I have to admit, they have some nice looking body....
  • simplykristalsimplykristal Music Lover ? Posts: 986Member
    edited August 2009
    Saw this a few minutes ago on youtube.
    Another girl group.. not surprised. SM's way of staying in the game of girl groups.
    I suppose they're like SHINee's counterpart and
    Interesting teaser. The member I only know is Victoria. X]
    I love him
  • AkoAko sonyeoshidae.<3 Posts: 25Member
    They look very promising... @w@
    I'm digging their style very much and Krystal is here too!
    She's finally debuting! (: I love 'em already.
  • dksldidksldidksldidksldi Posts: 78Member
    edited August 2009
    f(x)??? f of x???? is this math???? o hellz no.. the last thing SM.ENT knows is getting their mathematical calculations right... ehem.. dbsk money feud ehem..

    if they just changed their name....all i think about when i hear sment now is the slave 13 years contract. its become a natural stereotype of sment.
  • jaenersjaeners LUCIFER ♬ Posts: 2,537Friend of Soompi


    Wow, another group? AHAH. Sorry, that's the first thing that came to mind. But the teaser looks pretty nice. I guess I'll have to wait and see their debut then. xP
  • nad_donadnad_donad ? feels so right ? Posts: 1,495Member
    edited August 2009
    Is that Victoria Song???!!!! And Krystal??
    I can't wait to know more about this group, gonna be really interesting.....XDDDDD
    The girl with the short hair making me curious....this is the first time SM has a group member with a tomboy image I think....

    I wonder what their name means...... Is it f(x) as in algebra? ^ ^
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  • miss scarlettmiss scarlett A toilet.Posts: 1,839Member


    edited August 2009
    Yes, Victoria Song's in here. I love this girl so much <3 The girl with the short hair is, I think, Amber and she's incredibly fierce image Krystal Jung is also here by the looks of it.
  • whistleiwhistlei dream with me a place aligned with you.Posts: 2,300Friend of Soompi


    ohhh. new group huh? somehow...they're getting younger.
    maybe I'm just getting older. T^T....

    I like their style though.
    take me to a safe place. || sha. our. *findingyou.
    lets place the hardships aside and embrace life. tumblr.

  • KeiyunKeiyun Posts: 711Member
    I lol at the math.
    It's a pretty fresh name though - completely different to everything else I've seen recently.

    Looking forward to their debut.
  • AllisonAllison `너의 세상으로★ Posts: 4,923Member


    If anyone knows more information about these girls, please post here and help me. So I can update the first post image
    "_니가 없는 거리를 걸어 본다...본다_"
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