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Kpop Outfits/styles You Would Not Wear In Public



  • vivian0304vivian0304 Hanford, CaliforniaPosts: 810Member
    i thought new groups would have ...wear-able clothes, but not really, some looks weird and funny
  • efflorescent musingsefflorescent musings fantastic WORLDPosts: 1,786Member


    actually... BB's style is more street so many of their clothes are wearable, IMO.
    I think SOME of Shinee's clothes like... from the replay days are wearable in public.

    and that's not fair to show Shinhwa's old days because back then, baggy clothes were IN.
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  • etoileetoile Posts: 1,274Member
    I would NOT dress like how GD or Taecyeon dresses in real life.

    it's ridiculous.

    GD tries to be way too edgy, and Taecyeon....well, those are fans know how he dresses in real life. human traffic light anyone?
  • macthihaumacthihau USPosts: 82Member
    damn.... the hairstyles
    and here i thought you can only see those in old chinese drama...
  • Kiss MeKiss Me Posts: 5,263Member


    I don't have pictures, but DBSK's Balloon costumes were a no no!
  • jae90fuljae90ful Posts: 490Member


    gah TVXQ TRIANGLE oufits remind me of jrocki-sh
    nah~~ HOT and SHINHWA oufits long time ago really kill me image
    jaejoong_III_by_w_miras.jpgPROTECT THE BOSS DAEBAK>3
  • TOPforeverTOPforever TABI<3 Posts: 852Member
    What was SS501 or their stylist thinking? LOL
    Big Bang's seems okay its not that unwearable in public, but OMG SS501 LOL
  • ShinahShinah Posts: 235Member


    I think BB's is still acceptable street wear...
    But most of the clothing is acceptable if we tale one piece and match some "normal" street wear... depending on how we define "normal"... hehe ^^
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  • Di@naDi@na it's me on my avatar pic.. XD GermanyPosts: 1,617Member
    edited August 2009
    WELL when you are on stage they is actually NO LIMIT for weird clothes. I am a dancer and choreograph in a dance and showgroup since 7 years and its normal for us to wear clothes on stage which we would NEVER wear in public XD
    a proud kpop and soompi fan since 9 years <3
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  • nana544nana544 Posts: 10,367Member


    haha..true....most of the outfits are too funny...

  • lccynlccyn icon credits (pinkylily.) Posts: 3,789Friend of Soompi
    definitely not Candy's outfit. ROFL!

    but bigbang and 2pm ones are alright.

    imagine having dara's hair walking on the streets... lOL.
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  • vipjjangvipjjang 사랑은개뿔!! ㅠ^ㅠ seattle,USPosts: 1,881Member


    edited August 2009
    SS501 definitely not wearable on streets and awards boy! lol

    Shinwa's outfit reminds me of how mexican guys in my school dresses image total turnoff
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  • nclyncly Posts: 8,159Member


    i wouldn't wear what GD usually wears hehe.
    well alot of times his clothes look really good, but most of the time it's
    plus his stuff are expensive, no money to buy the same thing.
  • poprockexplosionpoprockexplosion Los Angeles CaliforniaPosts: 602Member


    Big Bang's isn't that bad
    except when it comes to GD

    guy knows fashion
    but walking on the street like that
    will definitely get you some weird looks

    the Shinhwa and DBSK ones crack me up

  • aizlabyoaizlabyo philippinesPosts: 188Member
    most of the OLD ISKOOL pictures are really woah ..


    BigBang||2NE1||Wonder Girls||SNSD||DBSK||2PM

  • flyaway.flyaway. *dulcius ex asperis Posts: 3,066Friend of Soompi
    I don't see anything wrong with Big Bang's outfits. They're pretty normal to me.

    once in a lifetime ♥
  • thanhthao35thanhthao35 Posts: 42Member
    2NE1's outfits

    I will never wear them

    and some GD's outfits too
  • BootyFulMehBootyFulMeh &#33;&#33;cloud 7&#33;&#33;Posts: 1,174Member


    edited August 2009
    i think big bang style isn't that non-wearable-in-public..i actually like the way they dress...^-^
  • xChristineeexChristineee VirginiaPosts: 3,711Member


    For sure.

    I like Kara, but.. Pretty Girl.. o_o

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  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


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