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See The 30 Day Cycle Of A Woman's Inside Vagina With Camera



  • kevin_hkevin_h Posts: 16Member
    um.. now i know what a cervix looks like... and the discharge stuff... and the side walls, too image
    it's much more interesting than my... uh.. "parts.." image
  • SHARKSHARK Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 579Member
    Hmm, now women can figure out their "safe" days by sticking a camera up themselves. Genius.
  • Juli~<3Juli~<3 SaturnPosts: 8,097Member


    kinda gross.. but interesting in a weird way lol
  • dianalikesbuttsdianalikesbutts southern calPosts: 1,526Member
    very interesting, but gross......
  • xLostLoLxxLostLoLx SingaporePosts: 504Member
    it was really interesting but i don't really understand some parts... LOL
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  • AmethistAmethist Lightning Hoofddorp,The NetherlandsPosts: 2,321Friend of Soompi
    It's gross, but interesting to see as a woman.. Maybe this does make women understand their cycle better?
  • meilovemeilove For the love of Mei <3 Virginia *Posts: 8,572Friend of Soompi


    i exited after the 3rd or 4th picture. omg i was so grossed out. i did not need to see that. i understand myself just fine lol. i thought i could make it thru but i guess nottt
  • ~dhluvr4ever~~dhluvr4ever~ Sun-kissed, California &lt;3Posts: 1,088Member
    Wow i was kinda squeamish at first, trying to hold back my puke - but hey i finally mustered up my maturity (x
    and WOW that was pretty darn interesting. I tried to keep it DL as possible because my baby sister was in the room & i didn't want to let her see it XD

    thanks for posting !
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  • vivientwwvivientww Posts: 1,298Member


    edited September 2009
    Just. Wow.

    Can't believe that could be the inside of my 'under'. Amazing. LOL.
    I'm so shocked IDK what to say anymore.

  • Rena23Rena23 Chuga Chuga Choo Choo Hot&#39;n Sweaty FloridaPosts: 276Member
    That's incredibly, gross and fascinating.
    I feel enlightened for knowing what it looks like in there though.
  • commedesgarconscommedesgarcons Posts: 150Member
    wow!!! very fascinating indeed!!
    although for some reason my eye hurts afterwards =/
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  • Atmosphere.Atmosphere. RELAX. SEATTLEPosts: 12,656Member
    QUOTE (~ BunnyliciouS ~ @ Aug 10 2009, 12:59 PM) »
    gosh damn... amazing !!!

    I didn't know cervix could move up/down and close/open o_O

    I wish I wasn't at work right now, I had to skim through the pics really fast lol

    gesh, my reproduction organ is so messy and complicated .__.

    thx for posting !

    lol you're so cute, you were at work that you had to skim through the pics really fast LOL!!!!!!

    anyways, it is very interesting that someone decided to do this. but isn't it bad to do that, affects her vaginal area for putting inside a camera? especially with the light and stuff.. i mean bacteria could have gotten inside >__<;; the discharge was disgusting though :X reminds me of raw pig intestine meat... 0.0
  • mewpowermewpower Posts: 30Member
    Thanks for the interesting read/link.
  • itsanniesitsannies i&#39;m from the bay trick&#33; ;]Posts: 624Member
    Is it just me, or does the chunky white stuff look like a yeast infection? Cause it was chunky, and white!
    sadly, some people will never change no matter what you do.
  • lollie.cravelollie.crave Posts: 37Member
    That was amazing! Haha I want to be a gynecologist. That's awesome stuff. Really intersting. Thanks!
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  • mickey_yoochunmickey_yoochun Posts: 36Member
    Did not know it looked like that..
    That's great to know.
    i think...
    I kinda now understand the menstrual bloating and what not.
    I now have no more questions..
  • PandiiebearPandiiebear ? ? ? ? ( : otnoroTPosts: 542Member
    this was actually pretty interesting! thanks for sharing!

  • saranghae&lt;3saranghae&lt;3 ???? Posts: 3,479Friend of Soompi


    the pictures are very informative, much better than what you would find in a textbook so I want to thank her for taking those pictures.
    Some of the discharges look quite disgusting, but hey, that's our body.
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  • hiienhiien Soompi Alumni OCPosts: 3,245Friend of Soompi


    a very interesting website. that opens up a whole new image. thanks for posting!
  • soursorbetsoursorbet Posts: 14Member
    It's very interesting and thanks for sharing it to us. I think it's great to get to know our bodies a little bit better.
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