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See The 30 Day Cycle Of A Woman's Inside Vagina With Camera

shenroushenrou Posts: 323Member


edited October 2009 in fitness & sports
mature people please
Warning graphic pictures, don't click if easily offended, also make sure you are not eating anything either.

I wanted to post this since I think it is so interesting and that the human body is amazing. The website shows the 30 day cycle of a woman vagina from inside,
yes that means you see menstruation too. It shows the inside with a camera.
You also see the cervix area too.

From the site
"I am a 25 year old woman who has never given birth. My intention with this project was to better understand my cycle and the changes in my cervix throughout the month. As a doula and student midwife, I used this project to help me see how a cervix might look different throughout the cycle in the absence of vaginal infections and to understand speculum exams"

Yes this does belong in this section since it's about health of the vagina

I know some people won't like this but I don't care. Some will find it interesting

If any guy is turned on by these pictures, then he must be crazy haha.

If mods have a problem with this please tell me....

Here it is.
Beautiful Cervix

UPDATE**x2 it seems to be working again..


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