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See The 30 Day Cycle Of A Woman's Inside Vagina With Camera

shenroushenrou Posts: 323Member


edited October 2009 in fitness & sports
mature people please
Warning graphic pictures, don't click if easily offended, also make sure you are not eating anything either.

I wanted to post this since I think it is so interesting and that the human body is amazing. The website shows the 30 day cycle of a woman vagina from inside,
yes that means you see menstruation too. It shows the inside with a camera.
You also see the cervix area too.

From the site
"I am a 25 year old woman who has never given birth. My intention with this project was to better understand my cycle and the changes in my cervix throughout the month. As a doula and student midwife, I used this project to help me see how a cervix might look different throughout the cycle in the absence of vaginal infections and to understand speculum exams"

Yes this does belong in this section since it's about health of the vagina

I know some people won't like this but I don't care. Some will find it interesting

If any guy is turned on by these pictures, then he must be crazy haha.

If mods have a problem with this please tell me....

Here it is.
Beautiful Cervix

UPDATE**x2 it seems to be working again..


  • let them eat cakelet them eat cake Posts: 12Member
    interesting!!! but that yellow discharge does not look normal to me @_@
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,458Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2009
    gosh damn... amazing !!!

    I didn't know cervix could move up/down and close/open o_O

    I wish I wasn't at work right now, I had to skim through the pics really fast lol

    gesh, my reproduction organ is so messy and complicated .__.

    thx for posting !

  • Champagne*kissesChampagne*kisses CaliforniaPosts: 1,294Member
    hmm so that is what it looks like thru the cycle, pretty interesting. Kind of nice to have an actual visual rather then just info from a textbook lol.

  • a217girla217girl em0we3 Posts: 782Member
    oh my god i was curious but i kept scrolling down anyway haha i was like wincing and just speeding past thru it OMG OMG i get so queasy at this.
    but yea .. mild discharge is normal.
  • MeenuhMeenuh City of AngelsPosts: 5,724Member


    Oh wow... that was pretty interesting. Interesting... but gross. Lol.
    Some say i'm a genius, others say i'm crazy
    but they all say i'm a little on the weird side
  • 7erendipitii7erendipitii free hugs <3 TorontoPosts: 135Member
    oh wow that felt like the discovery channel as I was scrolling down. Crazy take on menstruation though!
  • binjoobinjoo MassachusettsPosts: 775Member
    Oh wow. This is really interesting.
    Ahh. Some of the discharge pictures are scary.
  • babiloveyoobabiloveyoo New JerseyPosts: 6,222Member
    Whoa. lols that's very interesting.
  • CorrectionYourWrongImRightCorrectionYourWrongImRight Mr.Darcy, I Await you!!<3 Posts: 2,135Banned
    as mature as i am, and i Wanted to be a doctor. probably in that field.
    that was absoultly nasty, i literally feel violated right now lol

    but seriously , ignoring nastyness aside. that was really cool at the same time. thats a good way to know how your bodies work.
    I'm not the one lacking intelligence dear.
  • aleeneraleener Posts: 35Member
    edited August 2009
    My, my. o_o
    Interesting.... reminded me of whales for some odd reason.
    I couldn't help but feel quite awkward while scrolling through, but it was quite interesting. ;o
  • littleblackwingslittleblackwings Posts: 253Member
    Cool! Thanks for posting this! >>; Too bad I was only able to skim quickly through it because my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew are right behind me and on this 26 inch monitor you see everything. >,<;

    currently playing on repeat;

    Leona Lewis' "Happy"

    411. facebook.
  • PandarahPandarah MaplePosts: 546Member


    edited August 2009
    Other then the pictures of day Seventeen and Eighteen, I thought that was pretty interesting.
    I just wanted to click cause' I'm on my know... right now, so I ws really curious.
    I was able to scroll freeeely image
  • jenniferpark.jenniferpark. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Toronto :)Posts: 426Member
    wow. this is very interesting.. thanks for posting!
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    Interesting! The first few pictures weren't bad, but once that nasty discharge built up I gagged a little. X___X;;; I get queasy easily, ha ha.
  • maharu.maharu. We can be so perfect. Posts: 4,360Member


    Interesting. This is something that I couldn't see at my women and health class.
    lol it's interesting how the cervix changes due to intercourse and sexual feelings.
  • novemberbabynovemberbaby Love makes me strong. Posts: 1,687Friend of Soompi
    It's cool that someone actually did this! Answers a lot of questions.
  • ketchup?ketchup? I'm going to give you candy. Posts: 1,771Friend of Soompi


    Wow I must say, this is pretty interesting. I never knew about the cervix changing until now.
  • xoSushixoSushi Posts: 290Member
    Wow omg. o_O

    At first, I thought you were a spammer. image
  • pianogirl591pianogirl591 CanadaPosts: 156Member
    wow O_O what an eye opener! now I know what it looks like from the inside...though stomach feels weak after that...
  • suzushiisuzushii Posts: 838Member


    edited August 2009

    That was quite interesting.

    The cervix looks like *nothing* I imagined it to be.

    Did everyone know that the opening in the cervix narrows down to the diameter of a sharpened pencil tip (in women who haven't given birth?)?
    And period pains are caused in part by blood clots squeeezing through that narrow opening.
    And even though a man produces billions of little sperm cells, only thousands are strong enough to climb all the way to the cervix, and only about 10-20 ever manage to squeeze through?
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