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Nose Skin Peeling

jkyc117jkyc117 Posts: 233Member


Okay, basically, the skin on my nose keeps peeling.
It comes and goes. It happens like once every 1-2 months. ><
Like for a week, the skin on my nose hardens and starts peeling off
and it gets really annoying because there are pieces that are not ready to be peeled off...
so my nose is like patchy... like there are dark patches (the dead skin) and the soft patches
its like the way a snake sheds skin (lol weird analogy but its true!)

Why does this happen?
And is there any way to stop it for peeling?
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  • adiavoyadiavoy Posts: 2,281Member


    edited August 2009
    Could it be the reaction to the products you're using..? Could be harsh cleansers that can dry the skin... sometimes shampoos harm the facial skin too. Plus, some scrubs can strip the face of it's natural oils. Try using the mildest of cleansers or products with no skin harming chemicals.
  • bonsaiteabonsaitea USAPosts: 790Member


    sounds kind of like sunburn. do you use sunscreen? or moisturizer with spf?
  • xangiexangie Hang KangPosts: 918Member
    edited August 2009
    i have it too, actually its pretty common.
    i use to use moisturizer on only that part of my face (cos the rest of my face is oily, but only my nose is dry)
    but it didn't work so well, and only went for an hour or so.
    so i started using this hydrating lotion that seemed to have good reviews

    estee lauder daywear plus seemed to work for me.
    when i first used it, my nose would keep peeling unless i used this everyday.
    now my nose isn't peeling anymore. so don't need to use it anymore.
    but i use it everyday anywys image since its a nice lotion.

    my eyebrows used to peel too. image;;...... don't put it on irritated skin though, it hurts a bit. x_x well it did for me.
  • lala4everlala4ever Washington, U.S.Posts: 531Member
    do you use lotion on a regular basis?
    how about a daytime moisturizer with 15+ SPF?
    that might be the problem, if you're not doing that image
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  • KeHAEaKeHAEa Kris! <\3 USAPosts: 1,210Friend of Soompi


    That sounds like a sunburn. o_O Haha.
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  • sweetfantasy09sweetfantasy09 Still searching for myself... &#24950;&#22826;&#12398;&#19990;&#30028;Posts: 1,573Member


    edited August 2009
    whenever i find my nose peeling is when:

    1) i don't moisturized enough

    2) this is commonly happened - whenever i have vigorously finished extracting blackheads from my nose.. the next day or so, it started to peel. wahahha!

    3) whenever i have bad cold and start to sneeze away with tissue and stuffs.. sooner or later it will peel as well.
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  • AnnyonAnnyon サンキュー!^-^ &#12450;&#12513;&#12522;&#12459;Posts: 2,002Member
    That used to happen to me like.. EVERYDAY! I hated it... lol Started blaming the skin around my nose for being too sensitive haha.

    Basically you just need to make sure it's moisturized enough so keep lotion handy and apply it on whenever you need to.
  • &lt;3DBSK&lt;3DBSK Posts: 917Member
    moisturize moisturize moisturize!
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  • cand33cloudscand33clouds Posts: 1,519Member
    I used to get this... you need to moisturize your nose. Then when it starts peeling, take a cloth and rub your nose in the shower to get rid of dead skin. Oh and when you wash your face, try to avoid your nose, cuz your face wash could just be drying out your face too much

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  • yasmieyasmie rise to your demise. TexasPosts: 541Member
    For a natural way to moisturize it, place a very thin slice of cucumber on your nose twice daily.

    When my nose was peeling from a sunburn, I use cucumber slices all day, switching whenever it dries up.
    I stayed indoors, going out with a cucumber on your nose would be weird haha
  • llamamamallamamama G-Dragon is PREMIUM. Posts: 2,498Member
    happened to me, i tried squeezing out blackheads and ended up w dead skin half-peeling
    just buy a scrub to exfoliate and remove the dead skin
  • linuhhparkklinuhhparkk MRS. ok taecyeon Posts: 2,349Member
    hm, that happens to me sometimes :/
    but yahhh. i just peel it and hope that it'll go away.
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  • _ATELIER_ATELIER ♥ ♥ ♥ ATELIERPosts: 3,963Member


    yeah i use retin-a as a night cream and my nose peels like maddd,
    just apply a lot of lotion and exfoliate once/twice a week .
  • heavensEyesheavensEyes Posts: 6Member


    I used to have this problem too and I found the Wellskin Glaxal Base moisurizing cream worked miracles.
    It was about eight dollars and it worked really fast.
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  • viasarahviasarah Posts: 294Member
    Omg this happens to me like almost everyday (definitely not a sun burn since I don't stand out in the sun). I tried exfoliating but made my nose red (same w/ peeling).Right now I'm moisturizing it frequently and it kind of helped.
  • miimisunshinemiimisunshine Posts: 1,895Member
    edited August 2009

    try putting aquafor or vasaline. i get that sometimes too . it really helps.
  • Sweet_Asian819Sweet_Asian819 Dreams---->Reality<3 United StatesPosts: 525Member
    You need to moisturize image It will go away when you hydrate your skin^^
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    image image
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  • chaoticrosechaoticrose infinity and beyondPosts: 1,181Member


    Aah! This happens to me a lot, too. When I'm desperate I use this face mask that you peel off, and it takes off the dead skin along with the mask. (I usually forget to hydrate, which is the problem. T_T)
  • itsanniesitsannies i&#39;m from the bay trick&#33; ;]Posts: 624Member
    It might be a slight sunburn. It happens to me all the time, and no, you do not have to stand out in the sun to get sunburned. You can be sitting in the car, next to a window at home. That is why it's so important to use products with some sort of spf.
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  • LavendereLavendere laff AustraliaPosts: 275Member
    It could be dry skin. After you shower use moisteriser or Vitamin E body cream. And don't forget to drink heaps of water! ^^
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