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Goo Hye Sun Official Music Thread

vietsoulvietsoul AmericaPosts: 1,906Member


edited September 2009 in k-pop
Listen To Goo Hye Sun’s Sketchbook - Breath Album


Name: 구혜선 /Goo Hye Sun
Birthdate: November 09, 1984
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress, Singer & Writer
Hobbies: Singing, Drawing, Playing Piano & Writing
Education: Shin Chon Elementary School, Bu Pyeong Dong Elementary School, Bu Heung Middle School, Bu Pyeong Girls' High School, Seoul Art College
Company: YG Entertainment
Misc Info: She sang the theme song for her drama Pure 19

1st album
08. Around The Alley (vocal ver.) featuring Gummy.
07. Separation March
06. Down an Alley
05. Love is a Dream
04. Sweet Smell
03. The Sound of Rain at Night
02. Unusual Separations
01. Rain

More details on Goo Hye Sun’s debut music album [old]

More details about Goo Hye Sun's debut music album has been released by YG Entertainment today. YG Entertainment said on the 4th, "Goo Hye Sun made her debut as an actress and has recently showed everyone her many talents through directing a short film, writing a novel, having her own art exhibition, etc. She will go one step further by releasing her own personal music album at the end of August." They added, "The songs that are included on the album will be used for her first full-length movie which will begin filming at the end of the year. Goo Hye Sun personally wrote and composed all the songs, showing us her music talent in this area. OSTs (official soundtracks) are usually released after the movie is aired in cinemas, but in this case, because the movie is a music-related story, Goo Hye Sun hopes to release the music to let viewers preview it first before watching the movie." YG Entertainment also revealed that famous Japanese entertainer, Isao Sasaki had participated in Goo Hye Sun's album by playing the instruments. He will also be in attendance during Goo Hye Sun's album release commemorative concert called Over The Rainbow on 5th September, to show his support for her.

Goo Hye Sun to Debut as a Singer [old]
Multitalented actress, writer, artist and director, Goo Hye Sun, is preparing to debut an album! It was only recently announced that she will be endorsing for Doutor Coffee Company . Actually, it was only recently when all of her projects started emerging. 2009 has got to be her year, having her kick off in all directions of the industry. Goo Hye Sun had been preparing for her album for a while, where the album was intended to come out a few months ago. But with so much going on, from her book Tango to having an art exhibition, it had to be pushed back. She will be receiving help from 1tym members Oh Jin Hwan and Song Baek Kyung and even Tablo for her upcoming album.



credit: allkpop + 919urnobody919@youtube + Hye Sun drama thread.

credit: *aroma + khimme@SPF



  • doremii*doremii* Posts: 3,116Member


    I thought Hyesun's album was going to be a piano album.
    I don't think she's going to sing..
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  • AS1AND0LLAS1AND0LL Posts: 1,272Member


    I honestly think that she should stick to acting, imo but I have not heard her sing before.
  • eatsleepfuneatsleepfun Posts: 94Member
    goo hye sun is a good singer:

    plus, she was about to debut in 2ne1 beforehand
  • jamie .jamie . do what you're afraid to do Posts: 1,539Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2009
    I thought YG guided Goo Hye Sun towards acting because she was too shy onstage...? And I'm not too sure if her vocals are good enough for her to debut as a solo... I looked at that video up there^ She's alright. Still a bit shy and boring to watch. Stage presence?
    Maybe a different kind of album?

    And I'm not too familiar with Kang Eun I have nothing to say. I look forward to her debut though.
  • nclyncly Posts: 8,159Member


    i'm looking forward to hear her album alot!
    she's so talented, acting, drawing and even singing.

    i'm excited to hear jinhwan and baekkyoung in her songs too. woot woot.
  • pinkylily.pinkylily. Posts: 4,712Member

    well i guess it all depends on what kind of song she will sing.
    well whenever it will be released ill support her ;D <3
    i remember that performance she did with seungri; her singing
    is pretty good~
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  • JavusJavus Posts: 702Member
    I remember Eun bi from Xman days where she supposedly liked Kim Jong Kook. Looks so different now, wish the best to both.
  • SmILe8)SmILe8) SmILe 8) Posts: 45Member
    Wow. That's pretty cool is HyeSun does release an album.
    Her voice is pretty good.

    As for EunBi...I don't know.
    I don't know her well so we'll just have to wait and see...
    "It was enchanting to meet you..."
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  • Psychotic OtakuPsychotic Otaku Listen to the Cries of the Planet Posts: 3,079Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2009
    I think Gu Hyesun has a pretty voice <3 Very sweet and good tone/timbre. I wish I had the jacqueline of all trades thing going on but sadly I don't LOL! xD I remember Kang Eunbi from a few episodes of X-Man and that Cyworld depression fiasco. I didn't really like her image in X-Man, but I like her image now though~ It's not that bad. But I do remember when she sang she had a very very sweet, but somewhat soft voice. I wish both women the best of luck. ^^
  • ephemeral.ephemeral. Lelouch, Luffy, Gintama <3 Posts: 4,517Member
    Goo Hye Sun really is talented, hopes she does great. :]
    Kang Eun Bi's voice was a bit too high? in Rainbow Romance, but I'll see.
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  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    Oh, I see. Good lucks to Goo Hye Sun and her album, I like her singing voice.

    I'm not so sure about Kang Eun Bi, she looks flawless in her pictures though.
    wow i can't wait!
    never thought she would start singing!
  • cee-es-jaycee-es-jay Posts: 1,509Member
    that's awesome getting help from jin hwan and baek kyung! YG love all the way.
  • yiTianyiTian Posts: 1,077Member


    I didn't know she would release an album! Good luck to her!

    Proud to be a B2UTY.
  • JANG.JANG. Posts: 1,332Member
    whoa, she's getting help from jinhwan, baek, AND tablo? <3
    dang, it should be awesome. goo hye sun is seriously multi-talented.
  • CM_X_69CM_X_69 It's deliciously hot. <3 Posts: 1,067Member
    edited September 2009
    Ah maybe Bom and Dara will be featured in HyeSun's album!! Omg that would be so amazing. T_T


    I've been listening to her album for like the whole day today. It's beautiful and indeed it is a wonderful album to listen to when you want to relax and unwind from a stressful day. <3 And the album cover is soo beautiful. This is a definite buy for me. =]

    If you steal, then die. >:O

  • ii_christieii_christie New YorkPosts: 2,603Member
    edited July 2009
    I'm excited for Hye Sun's album too. She's such a darling! I never knew Kang Eun Bi was aspiring to be a singer. She has such great teachers. I remember seeing her in minor roles for dramas. I wish them both luck (;
  • tweetybird08tweetybird08 Posts: 29Member
    I can't wait to hear her album. I love her singing in Pure 19 Drama. Goo Hye sun is so pretty and has so many talents. I love her so her so much. She is my favorite Korean actress.
  • x_JiEun_xx_JiEun_x Posts: 1,586Member
    i dunno how well kang eunbi will do.
    she has so many antis. but she still does fairly well... maybe bc even tho she has a lot of antis everyone knows her.
  • angelfightrJangelfightrJ Posts: 3,276Member


    She will be receiving help from 1tym members Oh Jin Hwan and Song Baek Kyung and even Tablo for her upcoming album.

    i was excited already for hyesun's album, but now this just made me even more's been a long time since we heard from these two 1tym boys image now it's all about teddy haha...and danny's pictures pop up once in a while image
    oh and tablo! i feel like her album will be really good and ...maybe it'll be a soft, mellow kind of feel? that's what i think ^^.
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