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What Did You Want To Be When You Were A Kid?



  • ChristayniumChristaynium Des MoinesPosts: 353Member


    I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals. Not so much anymore to take care of them.

  • Little JackLittle Jack ScotlandPosts: 8Member
    Hello lolle Luver, glad to meet you, am still a kid, but when I get older I want to join the Army.
  • Mani4everMani4ever Posts: 1,064Member
    edited July 2009
    Doctor, Nurse, engineer, midwife image

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  • i?xxxx?youi?xxxx?you Posts: 94Member
    i wanted to be a ninja AHAHA and power ranger
  • Outsider05Outsider05 Posts: 20Member
    I wanted to be a cop because I thought cops protect people and that they are honest. Yeah the older I got the less I wanted to be a cop.
    Easy to understand why.....
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  • tea-lighttea-light San Francisco, CAPosts: 625Member
    A nun. Lol...seriously. My mom is super religious and she kept forcing the idea that I should be a nun in my head.
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  • nclyncly Posts: 8,159Member


    edited July 2009
    a flight attendant and a dancer :]
    i love looking at the sky and i have always wanted to touch the clouds, so i wanted to be a flight attendant.
    it's still a wish until now though haha, though i know i'm gonna do something else in the future.

  • sunny_dancesunny_dance HawaiiPosts: 1,352Friend of Soompi


    ...a veternarian, but i'm scared of dogs, LoL! ob/gyn, but med school is way too expensive.
    so, a labor and delivery nurse is what i'm aiming for right now.

  • binjoobinjoo MassachusettsPosts: 775Member
    For the longest time, I wanted to be an artist. It's pretty vague, but that's what I've said I always wanted to be.
    Of course, I'm going into a different direction now...
  • v3rmillionv3rmillion bayareaPosts: 1,549Member


    hairstylist/barber or masseuse.
    I think I greatly worried my mum back then b/c those are associated with *certain types of people* in asian cities.

    and a pokemon trainer
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  • choppsueyy!choppsueyy! chop chop! Estados UnidosPosts: 348Member
    i've always wanted to be a teacher since i was little.
    for christmas my parents bought me a mini blackboard thing.
    i had so much fun with that xD
    funny thing is, i still want to be a teacher after all these years (:

  • ShiaChewyShiaChewy Under meh Desk. :3Posts: 218Member
    edited July 2009
    I wanted to be an artist because I loooooveedd to draw. Now I don't get much time to draw. :/
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  • in.sidein.side blackhole-ism. Posts: 669Member
    i wanted to be a singer, novelist, chef. HAHA. yeah, not happening.
  • xiao jiaxiao jia Da Vinci Fan Under the F KeyPosts: 1,196Member
    1. Mailman
    2. Cashier at grocery store
    3. Teacher
    4. Artist/writer/actress/singer/dancer/performer of any kind.

    (I believe no. 4 is quite common.)
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  • beccabeccabeccabecca AustraliaPosts: 69Member
    edited January 2013
    - Pokemon Trainer
    - Sailor Moon
    - Teacher
    - Singer
    - Police
  • Weeeeeeeee. ^^Posts: 1,095Member


    1. A power ranger.
    2. Doctor
    3. Actress/singer/dancer
    4. Teacher HAHA (: my sister & i , with our kiddy friends, act like we were the teachers & students.
    5. Lyricist , i tried ... with my fail english when i was really young , im still trying though (:

    i still wanna be 3. but i dont got enough motivation image *sigh*
  • MinJee_318MinJee_318 ? ???? ? 장민's Heart <3Posts: 746Member
    I want to be a ::

    [+]Soccer Player
    [+]A Teacher
    [+]A Nurse

    But after awhile I didn't want to be any of those.
    and just stuck on becoming a famous singer && actress one day.
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  • riceavocadoriceavocado USAPosts: 673Member
    I wanted to be an astronaut and then I became afraid of space.
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  • wendaYYYwendaYYY sleaze-boroughPosts: 164Member
    I obviously wanted to be a prostitute...
    Money talks and my happy poopoo walks.
  • ChanmieChanmie DreamlandPosts: 587Member


    Kindergarten-teacher or singer because all my friend agree that we all should be one of those. Then soon i wanted to be an artist because my teacher said my drawing were awesome and my father also encourage me to be. Even now, i still want to become some sort of artist.

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