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[movie 2009] Jump / Take Off 국가대표

sakura_dubaisakura_dubai DubaiPosts: 1,125Member


edited July 2009 in k-dramas & movies
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Jump 2009 국가대표


Also Known as: 국가대표 (Take-Off/ Jump Broadly/ National Athlete)

Director: 김용화 (Kim Yong-hwa)

Cast: 하정우 (Ha Jung-woo), 성동일 (Sung Dong-ill), 김지석 (Kim Ji-seok),
김동욱 (Kim Dong-uk), 최재환 (Choe Jae-hwan), 이재응 (Lee Jae-eung)

It's a South Korean Movie of 2009. It tells a story of South Korean Athletes who have shown a great skill in ski competition. It's a sport movie mix with drama and telling stories that can be any South Korean Athletes Story.

The Best thing about this movie is the great shooting. The Director, Kim Yong-hwa, has shown us another great skill of his after filming 200 pound of beauty.
This movie is another successful movie that many special cameras and equipments have been used to show us the great feeling of how Athletes are really working hard people.

The Press Conference:






Official Trailer:

국가대표 Official Trailer

Trailer English Subbed

Song Seong Heon and Ji Sub have been seen in the theater to watch the movie:

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  • FLYt0Y0uFLYt0Y0u Posts: 72Member
    just got home after watching the movie at one of the premieres. its a really great movie that has a lot of humor. def. a must watch movie
    image image
    credit:changing obsessions

  • sakura_dubaisakura_dubai DubaiPosts: 1,125Member


    QUOTE (FLYt0Y0u @ Jul 24 2009, 07:01 PM) »
    just got home after watching the movie at one of the premieres. its a really great movie that has a lot of humor. def. a must watch movie

    Yes. I knew the director would do such a great job. It's sad that they don't air korean movies in my country. It would be the best thing to ever happen image anyway.. just seeing Ji Sub and Song Seung Heon attending this movie, i'm more motivated to watch it.

    It's just a great movie to watch in this hot summer image
    Always dǝǝʞ The Faith
    Watching ×|| Will it Snow For Christmas ..x&x..Loving You a Thousand Time ||×
  • rubierubie hanya tulusnya hati Posts: 51,017Friend of Soompi


    July 23, 2009

    Exhilarating 'Take-Off' in Korean Sports Drama

    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    In "Take-Off," a sports movie inspired by the actual South Korean national ski
    jumping team, Ha Jung-woo stars as an athlete who surprises the world despite having trained
    under such preposterous conditions as hanging from a tree to experience the vertical limits
    of the sport. / Courtesy of Showbox/Mediaplex

    Imagine, being perched above a vertigo-inducing height, swishing down a roller coaster-like slope and then freewheeling through the air ― with only a pair of skis to safeguard the landing.

    Ski jumping is a minority within the sports scene here, but onscreen the icy game provides for the hottest summer movie experience. Packed with adrenaline rush, tastefully crafted drama and a rocking soundtrack, "Take-Off" lifts viewers onto a pulsating flight in this story about ski jumpers that dared to dream ― and fly.

    Director Kim Yong-hwa didn't need to adopt the standard formula for sports films. Sure, the movie features conventional elements ― setting hurdles to overcome, overturning team dynamics and lots of sweating ― but truth is sometimes more interesting than fiction, and the filmmaker simply had to tell the amazing story, which he does with finesse.

    Inspired by true events, the movie takes viewers to 1997 Muju, North Jeolla Province, which is bidding to host the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. A national ski jumping team needs to be whipped together for the campaign, and Bang (Seong Dong-il), a former children's skiing instructor, is asked to coach.

    Coach Bang's mission is to round up some athletes that could act as a disposable cog in the wheel. His first target is Bob, played most convincingly by "it" actor Ha Jung-woo. For his role as a Korean adoptee who has experience in the U.S. Junior Alpine Ski Championships, Ha has polished up the fresh-off-the-boat broken English he spoke in "Never Forever" opposite Vera Farmiga to articulate slang-ridden lines.

    Bob returns to his birthplace in search of his biological mother, which he has prepared for all his life by learning Korean. While he initially refuses to represent "the country that abandoned" him, Bob becomes convinced that being a national athlete could invite media exposure and thus help find mom.

    The tearjerker melodrama wears a thick layer of mainstream superficiality, but is set off by fine comedic counterpoints.

    Meanwhile, Heung-cheol, a womanizing club waiter (Kim Dong-wook), requires no more than a glance at Bang's beautiful daughter Su-yeon (Lee Eun-seong) to be in on the game and Jae-bok, a young man living in the shadows of his "fascist" father-cum-boss (Choi Jae-hwan), sees the offer as a ticket to independence. Chil-gu, on the other hand, cannot afford to be drafted into the mandatory two-year military service because he needs to care for his deaf grandmother and borderline simpleton brother Bong-gu (Lee Jae-ung). He joins out of desperation, since wearing the Korean flag on his chest would enable him to defer, and a gold medal would permanently relieve him of the duty.

    The construction of the Muju ski resort is underway in the stifling summer heat, and the ski jumpers undergo some pitiful sticks and stones-style ``training.'' Save for Team U.S.A.-clad Bob, the rest toil in sweats instead of jump suits and helmets clearly not tailored for the sport. Lacking access to a proper ski jumping facility, they head over to an abandoned theme park with some nails and boards, waterproof sheets and buckets of water.

    It's like how a so-called swimming athlete, lacking access to a decent pool, learns strokes in a bathtub and in the depths of his imagination, but goes on to wow the world in his first dip in a real pool.

    The film culminates in some impressively rendered Olympic Games scenes; the beauty of "Take-Off" lies in the love of the game ― the magic of flying. But the emotional release is only meaningful, of course, because the viewer's heart is with that of the characters, and the music director of "200-Pound Beauty" completes the audiovisual experience with some great scores.

    The few homegrown sports dramas, "Forever the Moment" and "Bronze Medalist," feel like a prelude to the establishment of something as solid as "Take-Off.''

    In theaters July 29. Distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex

  • byul*byul* Posts: 169Member
    just watched this movie in the theaters a couple of days ago.
    it was probably one of the best movies i've seen in a while.
    the first 30 minutes were just so so.
    then i had to keep myself from bawling the rest of the time. haha i don't know why i started crying.
    but it wasn't because it was ad, i think it was more of sensing korean pride. They did an amazing job on combining the perfect song with the perfect scene, and it just really made the scenes dramatic and touching.
    haha. i was trying so hard not to cry, but i heard other people crying as well, so i just let it out too.
    after it was over, i saw that there were more boys crying than girls haha
    anyways. a mustsee of the year.

  • jelly_puddingjelly_pudding east coastPosts: 1,943Member


    edited October 2009
    everyone should go see this movie :]
    i just saw it in theatres.
    it was funny/sad/emotional .. i cried :[
    i know they're going to win some big awards at the awards show ..
  • s@nbis@nbi SHINee <3 LAPosts: 1,828Friend of Soompi


    edited November 2009
  • pepe.ROpepe.RO LOVELOVELOVE. :) <3 the turlet.Posts: 3,809Member


    i downloaded a few weeks ago for my dad to watch.
    the entire family loved it (:

    such a heartwarming & funny movie~
    i can see why most korean people watched it & loved it. <3
    nobody, nobody but K1KWANG-baby ♥ 2PM/B2ST forever 사랑.
  • MZ_HANNAHMZ_HANNAH Posts: 34Member
    does any body have a torrent download version instead of the mega upload?
  • love-yunlove-yun where i belong Posts: 2,999Member


    edited November 2009
    oh my gooodness. i laughed so much during this movie
    it just brightens up your day (=
  • does anyone know where i can download the english subs for this?

  • ruthyruthy Posts: 1Member


    thanks for posting, i've been wanting to watch this movie. image
  • chungychungy Posts: 453Member


    awesome movie!
    was soooooo heartwarming, funny
    i found the lighting and camera work awesome....

    the korean version of cool runnings!
  • leedoug1997leedoug1997 Posts: 1New Member
    this is great a person finally has a link
  • charis89charis89 SingaporePosts: 237Member


    I'm not Korean but watching this already made my eyes teary. I'm so proud of their spirit! The music is great. The cast were wonderful in portraying the characters! Must watch!!
    Current Obsession: Monday Couple | Dimple Couple

  • tamboktambok London, Great BritainPosts: 2Member


    Please, can somebody help me find english subtitles for this film? My Korean is not that good and I am sort of lost in translation.
  • natkweknatkwek Posts: 1New Member
    I am in the same situation...lost in translation..anybody knows where can i download the english subtitles for Take off??
  • yohyoh Posts: 1,534Member


    Here's Take Off with english subtitles. Hope this helps image
    <div align='center'><!--fonto:Century Gothic--><span style="font-family:Century Gothic"><!--/fonto--><!--sizeo:1--><span style="font-size:8pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><img src="" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />
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  • raivenraiven Posts: 241Member
    Just finished watching it, did those personal events happened to them really? I mean like Bob went back to Korea to find his biological mother, Heung-chul being a womanizer, Chil-gu being injured, Bong-gu subbing for his brother etc... Or they just added those events to spice up the movie?

    Anyways, can someone share the OST of this movie? Cause the songs are really nice! Pretty please?

  • inezjanginezjang Posts: 415Member


    edited February 2010
    ^ yes i wonder too..anyway i hope they're doing great now..!
    This is simply one movie and it makes you really happy in the end!
    I want to have a conversation with Ha Jung Woo too after hearing him twangin' and tell him he's such a fabulous guy!! image
    The whole Team Korea was just so amazing!! image

    Dazed..confused..and so in love..
  • GTMadeinMGLGTMadeinMGL Posts: 1New Member
    Does anyone can share here English subtitle? I really wanna watch but I have movie already so i need English subtitle. Please someone help me.
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