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Likas Papaya Soap

ix3himxDix3himxD YG KOREA mydreamPosts: 94Member
Okay - there's probably 12893843 threads on this topic
But I mean seriously some information is useful and some are not, but
is any one living in Brooklyn, NY (near 8th avenue) that knows where they can get this kind of soap?
If you can't answer this question can anyone answer the few following questions? PLEASE? That's if you know the answer:

#1. How long does it take for Likas Papaya soap to take affect on your skin normally?
#2. Does Likas Papaya soap have any side affects?
#3. What does Papaya Likas soap do altogether?
#4. Can you get the type of soap in a cantonese store (you know the ones that sells medicine and drinks?) ?
#5. Can you get it at Hong Kong Supermarket?



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