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Is Anyone Self Conscious About Their Pale Skin?



  • Sweet_Asian819Sweet_Asian819 Dreams---->Reality<3 United StatesPosts: 525Member
    Pale skin is pretty to me image
    It shows off a pure innocence ^^

    Tan skin is sexy x)
    I think of Lee Hyori image She is HOT! [no homo lol]

    For me, I have tan skin b/c of the southeast asian blood lol
    Before, I wanted pale skin, but I'm starting to accept my tan skin ^__^
    It's not like horribly tanned but natural looking.
    Still... I do want to get a bit lighter >.> Year-round PE ruined my nice skin color T_____T
    Now, I have different shades on different parts of my body =="

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  • NaughtyDogNaughtyDog &rea Posts: 3,087Member


    Pale is my natural skin tone, so I love it - even my mom mentions that I'm really pale, but I don't care. I hate tanning because my skin gets really dry, foundation doesn't really set on my skin properly, and none of my makeup matches my tan.
  • simplii_forevahsimplii_forevah SydneyPosts: 1,815Member


    Sometimes I feel like I need a tan for my back ahaha but yeahs.. so many girls would kill for white skin in many Asian countries LOL
  • llamamamallamamama G-Dragon is PREMIUM. Posts: 2,498Member
    at least your skin is pale
    my face is pale but the rest of my body is darker and it looks weird -.-
  • Posts: 33Member
    I honestly love my pale skin image
    Despite everyone telling me to get a tan I think
    pale skins suits me better than a tan does.

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  • JAMMERSJAMMERS Posts: 22Member
    the only thing that bugs me about my skin is that when i wear shorts, you can see the veins on my legs.
    any tips on how to fix that?
  • dorkafied!dorkafied! meow. CANADA EY. Posts: 4,999Member


    im not really self conscious about it since i know some
    people who are waaay lighter than me. The only thing
    im more worried about is when i get a tan? and when
    people start saying "YOU GOT A TAN? LOLOLOL?" .__.

  • 张之磊张之磊 Posts: 696Member
    im self conscious about parts of my body that is super pale like parts that ever see sun?
    thigh feet whole upper body
    im a guy and i usually coverup ^^;;;
    and my face arm leg is darker than the mentioned parts so when i go swimming or to the beach its kinda weird
  • lovely_desirelovely_desire vroom vroom. Posts: 222Member
    i want to be tan
    pale skin >_>; i don't want it that much
    too many imperfections -.-
    but i can't tan >_> cos if i do . i'll get a migraine
    the sun hates me grr

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  • flawless1flawless1 Posts: 7Member
    I have extremely pale skin . My skin is almost pure white. I used to be so self conscious about it and so shy to let any see my white skin. I would never waer shorts ot go to the beach  and just about hide it away from anyone.

    Since I am older I have come to accept my pure white skin and I love it I try and keep myself as white as possible . I think if your skin is naturally white it look great also if you skin is naturally tan that looks great as well.

    Having white skin only looks good if you can keep it blemished free.

    I am still so self conscious about my pale skin but I like being pale now,
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,096Member


    I have really really pale skin

    my face and arms are an okay colour (thanks to no sunscreen during spring track, on purpose), but my thighs and tummy are REALLY white because I don't like wearing really short shorts and almost never go to the beach

    there was even a point where there'd be a race going on for track and I'd be like lying in the grass trying to get tanned

    I look bad with tanned skin, but I don't like how white my skin is either
  • exoxoexoxo Posts: 5Member, New Member
    edited February 2012
    i have south east asian descent but am naturally pale. ppl don't believe my parents are from there. Anyway living in a western society I've been bombarded with tanning is healthy, tanning is desirable. During my high school life I really hated my skin tone. I bought fake tan and tried to get more sun. No matter what I would do I would burn and I would look unnaturally orange. haha ompa loompa. I never wore skirts or shorts because I was embarrassed of my pale legs.
    I rmbr my high school days where my friend who was gorgeously tanned would carry an umbrella during the hot summer days to cover up because she wanted to get whiter, while I would walk alongside her trying to get my skin darker. I would tell she was crazy because she had a beautiful tan and vice versa. It's always greener on the other side.

    Gave up in college. srsly no one gives a shiz and I felt more comfy in my skin. Just realised this is my skin tone and I can't do anything to change it, so might as well love it! Helped that I got into kpop and asian things. Cos at least I know, being pale isn't undesirable everywhere n its just a perception of diff cultures. Plus a plus for paleness is you can't see stretch marks as clearly. ...... just veins n bruises n dark eye circles n redness. Oh well. 

  • kels.hunskels.huns Posts: 371Member


    Well, I'm self conscious about how face is ALWAYS lighter than everywhere else. They say to buy foundation that matches your face tone color... well it makes me look like my face is a different color than my neck color.... pain! So question to anyone, would you get a darker color foundation if you were in my shoes? PM me the answer because I might not come back here... thanks!
  • mintcrackermintcracker Posts: 7,301Member


    At times I guess, that's why I dyed my hair this summer.
    I don't know what's up with my skin, my face just doesn't tan anymore. It used to tan enough when I was 6 (if I spend 24/7 outdoors) but now I purposely stay in the sun for ages every day (it's summer) and now only my arms and legs are kinda tan (6 months of effort lol). Face still really pale.

    I actually want a tan so it's slightly frustrating.
  • astral_romanceastral_romance Posts: 96Member
    i am so pale -.- and i don't like it... lightwhite skin makes pores more visible -.- i almost can't tan, no matter how long i  am in the sundry.gif
  • iyagiiyagi 임진영♣ Posts: 1,505Member


    Yes and no? More no, but sometimes I am because I have freckles. And against my freakishly pale skin they can be really noticeable ): I've been told I have nice skin, but my freckles make it look like I don't. They always got photoshopped out in school photos and it was so embarrassing because it's not acne, just freckles. Idk, kind of off topic but my freckles have always been one of my major insecurities.

    Otherwise I am okay with my pale skin. I'd look really strange if I was tan lol.
  • xoxo_sdbibxoxo_sdbib Posts: 258Member
    The rest of my body is darker than my face...probably because I've been using papaya soap. It's embarrassing because people think my foundation shade is too pale, but my face is actually that colour! I think pale skin suits me better, though; I just need to get the rest of my body to match my face.
    Mars is bright tonight.
  • AS1AND0LLAS1AND0LL Posts: 1,272Member


    I don't mind my skin being pale unless I have to wear shorts, I hate having pale legs and they don't tan easily.. even if I get a little tan (from the sun) I'm still considered pale to others.. but I don't mind it.. everyone else seems to want to have that white / pale snow skin so why not embrace what we got naturally :]
  • ElysiaElysia heaven :DPosts: 1,034Member
    i used to hate my pale skin, especially in the summertime. tan girls look so healthy and glowy (and slimmer, for some reason)

    but now i've learned to embrace it, even though hyperpigmentation and everything shows up alot more easily! i feel like pale girls can pull off wearing more colors than tan girls (although tan girls look fab in white), more makeup looks, etc =] plus all my relatives from asia tell me i am the prettiest since i'm pale lmao
    smile. you don't know who's day you're making. :)
  • sugarplum892sugarplum892 USAPosts: 11,040Moderator


    Not really, I am fine with my pale skin. In fact, all my aunts, female cousins and sister envy my pale skin :sweatingbullets:

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