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Perm Or Dye First?

image Hi soompierrs image

i was thinking of getting a korean straight perm and then dying my hair a light brown color, just wondering which one should i do first?

the dye or the perm?
i heard if you dye ur hair first, the perm might..ruin the color
and if u perm ur hair first, the dye might ruin the perm..and make it not straight again..

any idea which one to do first and how long to wait in between? my hair is in pretty okay condition (even though i dyed it many times) and pretty thick..
is 2 weeks okay?

thanks for all ur help
!!!! image


  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,727Member


    2 weeks is not okay, i think it's at least 3-4 months?

    I unno i waited at least 3 months after i dyed my hair before i permed it. I think perms are a lot harsher on your hair as to dyes.
  • moodycaddymoodycaddy TorontoPosts: 334Member


    i dyed my hair and on the next day, i got a perm.
    ...or vice versa.
    either way, mine was a one day difference.

  • DearxDearx San DiegoPosts: 69Member
    I'm a hair dresser and I've dealt with clients who wants to color perm/straighten.

    We usually suggest that the client gets their hair chemically permed/straightened first and foremost. And then dying their hair, the perm solution usually can alter the chem dye that goes into the dye.

    If your hair is a dark color tobegin with and you wanna go a light brown, you'd want to pre-lighten your hair prior to the perm. Have someone prelighten you atleast 3 shades lighter. And be sure to invest in some K-packs. Keratin Protein Packs which is definitely very good for your hair and can help retain your hairs integrity, hair masks are a must. Wait 2 weeks then get the perm. And inbetween that, condition and masks your hair.

    2 weeks after that, you can go ahead and dye it, but my biggest suggestion if you want to keep your hair softer and healthier, go for a Demi. deposit only color. You'd need to retouch it alot but its safer and healthier for your hair until its at the point it can stand more chemical processing.
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