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Make Up Must Haves

michikosashimimichikosashimi o.o♥Posts: 2,701Member
what make up cant you live without?
im new to makeup :] and i was wondering what are some make up must haves~?
MAC, Dior, NYX, Skin 79


  • AimikoAimiko ★ wanderlust. Posts: 1,593Member


    Things that I can't live without are:

    - Mascara
    - Eyeliner / Liquid eyeliner (Black and brown)
    - Shimmery eyeliner
    - BB cream / Foundation (I prefer BB cream)
    - Brown/Glittery eyeshadow (Only sometimes if I'm in the mood do it.)
    - Blusher (Same goes for the blusher)

    I don't wear heavy make up as you can see. I prefer to use minimal make up over too much make up. =)
    But I'm getting a concealer soon because I look a bit like a zombie if I don't have enough sleep. XD
  • AncaAnca Posts: 175Member
    make-up must haves: black mascara, a natural looking lip stick/lip gloss, black/shimmering eyeliner, concealer (you can hide almost everything with it, from dark circles under the eye to pimples), foundation, powder(if needed)

  • eve02eve02 ♥♥ sydney ♥♥Posts: 139Member
    must haves: mascara, eyeliner, BB cream, powder, lipgloss and eyeshadow.. image
  • Baby-KisaBaby-Kisa Posts: 148Member
    White eyeshadow
    White eyeliner
  • l3ooshl3oosh ??oosh? TXPosts: 1,263Member
    What I use everyday:
    + foundation (Clinique, Dior, or Dr. Jart's BB cream)
    + concealer (benefit Erase Paste Medium)
    + blush (NARS Torrid)
    + finishing/setting powder (MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Light or Light-Medium)
    + eyeliner (Bourjois Metallic eyeliner or Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners)
    + mascara base (Shiseido Mascara Base)
    + mascara (imju fiberwig)
    + lipstick (MAC Hug Me)
    + lipgloss (MAC lipglass)

    Bolded are the ones I absolutely cannot do without.
  • EINNER♥EINNER♥ FT Island : )Posts: 39Member
    Eyelash Curler
    BB Cream
    EDM Mint Concealer

    nice and simple : )
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  • KeilynnKeilynn dozy.kitten GermanyPosts: 870Member
    edited May 2009

    I don't mind using only eyeliner! image
    I do that all the time when it's summer, because liquid make-up is too oily for me then. T-T
  • snow.bunnysnow.bunny Berlin, GermanyPosts: 178Member
    black liquid eyeliner (Jade Maybelline),
    shimmery eyeliner(Essence),
    & my new rosy-nude lipgloss(Essence Limited Edition) <3
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  • ninyaahninyaah the end USAPosts: 2,963Member


    - mascara
    - pencil eyeliner
    - mineral foundation
    - lip and cheek tint

    I don't use eyeshadow, but if I feel like wearing it, I use a shimmery color just to brighten up the eyes. Start using safe colors first -- a good one would be a palette consisting of neutral brown colors. I usually just go out of the house wearing mascara and mineral foundation (to cover some blemishes).
  • DailyMelodyDailyMelody your L O V E gives me strength. AmsterdamPosts: 527Member
    edited May 2009
    Foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye-lash curler and lipgloss
    I highly reccomend brands as MAC, Lâncome and Sephora, they are often kinda pricy but
    it's defenitly worth it.

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  • mintcrackermintcracker Posts: 7,301Member


    my bb creams.
    Guerlain Meteorites pressed powder
    revlon skinlight illuminator
    mascaras, anything decent like nyx long lash doll mascara
    eyeliner-wet n wild gel eyeliner, turquoise, styli style in purple?
  • -_--_- Posts: 811Friend of Soompi


    My top three:

    Eyelash curler
    Lip Balm
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  • ichigobunnieichigobunnie Houston TXPosts: 333Member
    Eyeliner (I use Prestige Waterproof eyeliner in Black)
    Eyelash Curler
    Mascara (I use NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume)
    Powder (to keep face matte and even out skin tone)
    Basic Eyeshadow color (I use ULTA single Eyeshadow in Bermuda Sand)

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  • ettenylettenyl KOKOKOREANO.COM Singapore ^.^Posts: 333Member
    If you want to even out your skin tone and make it appear 'flawless',
    you can try these:
    1. Benefit primer
    2. MAC Concealer
    3. BB cream (a little)
    4. MAC 2-way cake (pressed foundation)
    5. Clinique loose powder

    1. DIOR blackout mascara
    2. Eyebrow pencil
    3. Blusher: I use estee lauder
    4. Revlon eyeliner

    I guess if you're new to cosmetics, you can try ZA foundation for cheaper alternatives
    hope it helps! ^^
  • bella_mygga_insekbella_mygga_insek Posts: 109Member
    for me it´s:(on a daily basis)

    eyeliner(now it´s gel, but anything from pencil, liquid to gel...)
    (eye-shadow)-- I don´t use it everyday...
  • SUMM3RxBABiiSUMM3RxBABii NYPosts: 3,260Member
    eyeshadow, blush, foundation and nail polish!
    Free People, MAC, AE, HCO, A&F, Smashbox, DKNY, Guess, more!
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  • pixaipixai Vancouver, BCPosts: 588Member
    hmm Must haves.., powder foundation, eyeliner, and blush.
  • lilaaaylilaaay lilaaay Posts: 76Member
    my must haves are:
    clinique moisturizing gel
    EDM mineral foundation
    eyelash curler
    sonia kashuk concealer
    some neutral bronzey eyeshadow
    lip tint
  • kpxkimcheexyojakpxkimcheexyoja californiaPosts: 241Member
    maybelline ultra line liquid eyeliner. an absolute staple for my makeup. it's perfect for people with oily lids and it's super cheap!
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  • meimoo*meimoo* Posts: 2,843Member

    silver eyeshadow for the corner & brim
    black [ liquid & pencil ]
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