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musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


edited February 2014 in selling & trading


   From California
   College Student
   Whitelisted [ +38, ~0, -0 ]
||35||36 ||37||38||39|| 40 ||41||42
   Buyerlisted [+9,~0,-0]

I        shipping is not included unless stated
II       Once addresses are exchanged, no backing out, or I will blacklist you.
III     No returns or refunds
IV     Use the Order Form regardless if you're not going to confirm
V       All items are clean but I do have pet dogs---so please do not purchase if you are allergic
VI     I am not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen mail/payment/packages
VII   Priorities goes to whoever confirms first.
VIII Height: 5'2 Weight: 125lb current model pics
IX    I will not model clothes upon request.
I     U.S. Dollars only
II   Concealed Cash or Paypal(prices do not include paypal fee you can calculate the paypal fee here)
III  For paypal there's always the "gift" option but if for some reason I am deducted for the fee, you will
       be responsible to provide for the fee before I can send out the package. Only if the fee is above .75
IV  Only ship within the U.S. & Canada----I am not responsible for customs and duty & check estimations for detail
V   I ship out on Saturday or Monday (usually Monday)
VI  Every item is packaged with care.

I       Within the US excluding Hawaii
super light items (jewelry, bows, etc...):$1
light items (tshirts, tanks, etc..): $3
heavy items (hoodies, jeans, etc...): $5
very heavy items (purses & shoes): $8
II     For Hawaii (add $2), Alaska (add $2), and Canada (x2)
III International: triple the shipping price
IV   These estimations are per items so it can actually be less or more. I will give you the exact shiping, just ask :) 
Place the Code in the Comment section or it will not be applied to your purchase. Only one code per transaction and all are applicable before shipping. Promos are excluded if your offer is accepted. Ty.

Order form at the end


  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited February 2014
    * click on pictures, some of them have additional pictures! :)   
    ** item are available again
        image    imageimage        image  

     image   imageimage

    image  image   image  image     

    image   image


    image image

  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited January 2014
    [NOTE] Don't stop til you see T H E E N D ♫

    Star Jumper || $12 || NWOT

    forest green || $7 || NWOT

     Hi-lo skull top ||$8 shipped||NWOT

    Gold Head Band || $4 || Proof

    cut out legging || $10 || Proof

    F21 Paris || M || NWOT || $13

    Blue Dress || S/M || NWT || $17

    Baily Blue || S || Once || $15

    fergilicious knee high || 10M || NWOB || $50

    Jean Skirt || 7 || NWT || $10

    Blue Bracelet || NWT || $3


    Coin Pouch || NWOT || $4

    image image
    BK Tank || $8 || Freesize

    ScreenShot2012-03-01at51457PM.png ScreenShot2012-03-01at51517PM.png

    Worn:NEW||Ring Size: 7 || Choices : Owl Ring ($3) || Leopard Set ($4) || Rhinestone Heart ($5)

    Comment: Shipping is included.  The Heart shaped one is really cute.  It's about the size of a nickel. 

    Photobucket Photobucket
    F21 SHORTS||thePrice.$7
    Worn: once ||Size: Small ||Shipping:$2
    pinkbear2.jpg pinkbear1.jpg
    ** Pink Bear Top ||price:$6
    Worn: NWT||Size: Small||Shipping: $3

    Comment: Wear it with leggings and boots with a coat. Also available in grey.

    snoopy1.jpg snoopymodel.jpg
    ** SNOOPY TSHIRT||price:$6 shipped
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Large 

    Comment: Got this at Forever21. Tag tore off while I was trying it on.

    ** AE TSHIRT||thePrice:$4 
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Medium ||shipping: $3

    Comment: Comfy to wear. Great with just jean shorts. great tuck in shirt

    purplehk.jpg purplehk2.jpg
    ** PURPLE HK TSHIRT||thePrice:$5 
    Worn: Twice||Size: Small||shipping: $3

    Comment: Very cute print. Retails for $20.

    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small ||Shipping: $3

    Comment:Hello kitty and eco friendly message, great combination to have on a tshirt. It's a bit snug on me. Originally bought it for $20

    P1000472.jpg P1000474.jpg P1000876.jpg
    Worn: Once||Size: Small|| shipping :$2

    Comment: Very cute nautical top. If you're a girl with a smaller frame like a size xs you could wear this off the shoulder.

    P1000414.jpg  P1000415.jpg
    ** YFB OlIVE GREEN TANK||thePrice:$6 
    Worn: NWT||Size: Small||shipping: $3

    Comment: This is a great piece to layer with. Because it's made of a very thin material it's lightweight, extremely soft and comfy. You can tuck it into some jean shorts or throw it over some black leggings. There are many different outfits you can get out of this item. Another piece that you have to be creative with~

    P1000468.jpg P1000464.jpg
    ** SIMPLE LOLITA DRESS||price:$35
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small || Shipping: $5

    Comment: Pictures doesn't really do it justice. Has a Victorian design to it. Super adorable. Has a small poof at the bottom but nothing too extreme. The there's a strap for the shoulder then the second one hangs off for an off the shoulder type of thing. The ribbon detailing were hand sewn. Originally bought it for halloween but decided to go as a mime instead. Original price was around $82. 

    P1000504.jpg P1000503.jpg
    ** SHULAMI TWO PIECE||thePrice:$12 
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small || shipping $3

    Comment: Nice thin piece for spring weather and great to layer with pea coats for the winter. Feels really soft and silky. Kinda heavy.

    P1000477.jpg P1000476.jpg
    ** AE FLORAL TOP||thePrice:$10
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Medium ||shipping : $2

    Comment: Tried it on and almost wore it outside but decided not too just because yellow really wasn't working me since I had red hair and yea didn't wanted to end up looking like Ronald Mcdonald. I bought the top when I had brunette hair haha. But it is a very cute floral top and floral is very popular now. Would be cute with a high-waisted skirt

    P1020085.jpg P1020084.jpg 
    ** Gold Tank||price:$10 
    Worn: NWT||Size: Small||Shipping: $3

    Comment: The detailing is great. Nothing missing or out of place. Has a twisted racer back. Hugs to your curves

  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited January 2014

    P1020079.jpg P1020078.jpg P1020077.jpg
    ** BLACK & WHITE HOODIE||price:$10 new price
    Worn: Once||Size: S ||Shipping: $5

    Comment: Bought this at an asian boutique. This look goes great with some leggings and boots.  

    ** GIRLFRIEND HODIE||thePrice:$12
    Worn: Twice||Size: Small-Medium ||Shipping: $4

    Comment: Has pockets on the side! Says "Hey Girlfriend" Very cute hoodie and made with good quality.

    P1020080.jpg P1020082.jpg P1020083.jpg
    ** ROXY HOOIDE||thePrice:$5
    Worn: 4-6||Size: Medium||Shipping: $5

    top1.jpg top1a.jpg
    Worn: Once||Size: Small||Shipping: $3

    Comment: Wore it once to a small birthday dinner. Bought it at Macy's. It's elegant and flirty, can be dressed up or down

    P1000382.jpg P1000390.jpg P1000383.jpg
    Worn: Once||Size: Small||Shipping: $2

    Comment: Given by a friend. Very cute summer top.

    IMG_0258.jpg P1010792.jpg
    GO GREEN TSHIRT||thePrice:$5 shipped
    Worn: 3-4 times||Size: Small 

    Comment: I really love the saying on this shirt.
    " Green is the new black. Save the trees."

    P1020071.jpg P1020070.jpg ScreenShot2012-01-23at62923PM-1.png
    Stripe Dress||thePrice:$16 shipped new price
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small

    Comment: Got this in a survey. True to picture. And would look very cute if worn with an oversize sweater.
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited December 2013

    ** PINK BUTTON UP||thePrice:$11 shipped
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Freesize

    Comment:Got this in Taiwan. Reluctant to give it away but I just never got around to wearing it

    P1000865.jpg P1000864.jpg
    GREEN BUTTON UP||thePrice:$12shipped new price
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small

    Comment:Another top I ogt in Taiwan. It outlines your curve so it doesn't give you that box shape. Has a cute vest attached to it.

    Just the Strip top||thePrice:$10 shipped
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Freesize

    Comment:Got this from Taiwan. Missing yellow vest PRICE CHANGE

    yiyipftop1.jpg yiyipf2.jpg
    ZIPIA WHITE TOP||price:$12shipped new price
    Worn: NWT||Size: Freesize

    Comment: Bought this on an impulse.  Nice comfy breezy blouse.  Can be worn in the office or casually with some jean shorts.

    Zipia Dress||price:$8 shipped
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small

    Comment:Got it as a gift. I picture this with a white longsleeve underneath with some black stockings and knee high boots. Pretty heavy.


    ** H&M VIOLET CARDI||thePrice:$9
    Worn: Once||Size: Small||Shipping: $3

    Comment: Practically new.

    purple1.jpg purple2.jpg
    ** PURPLE STRIPE TANK||thePrice:$5
    Worn: Once||Size: Small|| Shipping: $2

    Comment:The fabric is soooo soft. Very comfy tank. Feels like chasm-ere.

    P1010832.jpg P1010834.jpg 
    COTTON ON  STRIPE||thePrice:$6
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Medium.Small||Shipping: $2

    Comment: Off the shoulder loose fit 

    P1030059.jpg P1030060.jpg P1030061.jpg
    FLORAL TANK||thePrice:$10
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small|Shipping: $2

    Comment: Impulse buy for $18. Great to wear with a cardigan and shorts. Perfect for the summer!

    P1000994.jpg  P1000998.jpg
    cropped top worn
    HOLLISTER TOP: [1][2]||thePrice.$7 
    Worn: NWOT||Size: extra small||Shipping included 

    Comment: The cropped top's "pockets" are sequenced and are just super adorable. Perfect for the summer. Looks great with jean shorts.

    P1000647.jpg P1000648.jpg P1010821.jpg
    Bonjour Paris||price:$8
    Worn: Once||Size: Small-Medium|| $2

    Comment: Very comfortable. An top just to throw over any pair of jeans to give you an effortless look. It's also a great layering piece since the fabric is thin. Got it on sale for $20 marked down from $40

    P1000664.jpg P1000661.jpg P1000662.jpg 
    Worn: NWOT||Size: small||shipping included
    Comment: Shulami bought for $38 but it never gone outside of the house. Originally a top but i was under the impression it was a skirt but it stil can be. Its actually very adorable as a top although to wear it as a bottom you do have to fold it once at the waistband and it can not be worn with a tucked in top unfortunately. All in all its a two for one items :) 

    P1010585.jpg P1010586.jpgP1010587.jpg
    Roxy Dress||price:$8
    Worn: 1-2 times||Size: Medium||Shipping: Free

    Comment: Cute sea green dress that has served as a beach dress for myself. It's made of cotton so it's very comfy. Looks a lot better worn.

    P1010573.jpg P1010572.jpg P1010571.jpg
    Institute Liberal Tank||price:$8
    Worn: NWOT||Size: Small-Medium||Shipping: $2

    Comment: This top has a bit of edge that will go great with skinny jeans or shorts. Was purchased for $40. It is a great top it's just not my style.

    P1020058.jpg P1020059.jpg
    ** Minnie Mouse HB||price:$1
    Worn: Once||Shipping|| $2

  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited October 2012
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited March 2014


    P1000612.jpg P1000608.jpg
    PURPLE NECKLACE||thePrice:$7
    Worn: nwot||Shipping: free

    Comment: Bought this in a boutique in LA and all the items were handmade.
    This pop of color can make a great impact on your outfit.


    P1000623.jpg P1000625.jpg
    EARRINGS[1][2]||thePrice:$2, $1
    Worn: 0-2 times||shipping: two stamps
    Comment: These do not have a plastic thing in the back but they will stay in your ear. 
    Please state which one you would like and the prices are listed respectively to the pictures.


    RHINESTONE BOW RING||thePrice:$2
    Worn: nwot||Size: 7||shipping:$1 or two stamps
    Comment: Two in stock.

    Stripes, Rose, Bamboo Ring||thePrice:$1,3,2 respectively to the title
    Worn: nwot||Size: 7 || shipping: two stamps
    Comment: The Stripe rings add a touch of fun to any outfit and pop of blue to brighten up the day.
    The Rose ring is elegant and can go with a casual outfit to a more evening look as for the Bamboo ring
    it has a rustic look to it and is perfect for pairing it off with other rings.


    BLUE EARRINGS||thePrice:$2 
    Worn: new|| shipping: two stamps

    P1000719.jpg P1000721.jpg
    F21 WALLET|thePrice:$4 shipped
    Worn: NWOT

    ** Murati Fox Tail Keychain||price:$13 shipped

    Comment: About 11 inches long. Bought from yesstyle for $25 as a gift. Completely brand new. Has a white bottom tip. Great for purses.

    P1020127.jpg P1020132.jpg P1020128.jpg
    ** H&M JEANS||thePrice.$12
    Worn: NWOT||Size: 38 ||Shipping: $4

    Comment: Totally forgot about this, it was gifted and now it doesn't fit -__-

    P1020164.jpg P1020165.jpg P1020166.jpg
    ** UO PLAID||thePrice.$10
    Worn: Once||Size: Large||Shipping: $4

    Comment: Got this at Urban Outfitters. The darker blue is the truer color. Looks faded due to lighting. cute with leggings and boots.


    P1030038.jpg P1030036.jpg
    PLAID SCARF||thePrice:$4
    Worn: Once||Size: Freesize ||Shipping: $1

    Comment:Bought this from yes style for like $17... yea lol Great to wear because you can wear it in different ways since it's thin, long, and wide.


    P1020316.jpg P1020313.jpg P1020314.jpg

    FAKE EYELASHES||thePrice.$5, $3 shipped
    Worn:NEW||Choices: [1][2] 

    Comment: There are ten sets of eyelash in each box. Box number 2 I did remove the first eyelash and the first eyelash it got torn a bit but it is still new



    P1020330.jpg P1020329.jpg
    P1020342.jpg P1020341.jpg P1020335.jpg

    NAIL POLISH||thePrice.$3
    Worn:Tested Once Each||Choices:[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] || must buy more then 2 unless purchasing with another item||shipping included

    Comment: Only the purple one is crackle. Please state which one you would like by number (or description) Numbering according the order they're in from left to right. Detailed photo in link.  It's cheaper to buy more then one.

    Please use the order form this does not mean you are confirming
    Soompi ID:
    Payment Method:

    ∆∇∆∇∇∆∇∆∇∆∆ THE END ∆∇∆∇∇∆∇∆∇∆∆
  • HollaBack1588HollaBack1588 U.SPosts: 267Member
    american eagle, small, $11

    will it fit an xsmall?
    how much is shipping total in the US?
    please pm me back. thank you :]
  • hellodeerhellodeer Posts: 220Member
    zipia, freesize, $17

    can you give me the measurements?
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited October 2012
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited October 2012
  • youraDouche.youraDouche. Lina ? Never Never LandPosts: 2,130Member
    #5 & #28.
    trade ? lmk pls, thnx !
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    edited March 2014
    ∇∆elysium. item: BDG Top $8confirmed||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆PEARLeffects item: Orange and white Stripe shirt $7 confirmed||paid||shipped||received||b&w||Done
    ∇∆elysium. item: Flirty mini Dress $9 confirmed||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆angeljskye item:Baily Blue Dress $18 confirmed||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆meimoo* item:Charlotte Russe Floral Skirt & American Rag Vintage Top $17 confirmed 5.1||blacklist
    ∇∆PEARLeffects item: Cream Party Dress $18 confirmed 5.21||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆eluphant item: AE Dress&Lacey Cream Dress $15 confirmed 6.15||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆hunnietea item: My Tribe Cardi & Fox Tail $23 confirmed 8.30||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆Budling item: YFB Alice Tank $16 confirmed 9.1||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆.:n0rice4u:. item: Minnie Mouse Earrings $3 confirmed 9.18||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆aeri_iijiri item: Brown Cardi $12 confirmed 9.23||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆bubblyteax item: YFB Overall & Rikku Pouch $22 confirmed 9.24||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆lovebite|| item: Zara Top.F21 Vest.Pink Hoodie $35 confirmed 10.27||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆xlilxnancyx item: White Blouse $11 confirmed 10.28||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆elysium. item: Ae Polka dot Top $11 confirmed 11.17|||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆Smarticles item: F21dress&zippertop $23 confirmed 11.18||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆emotional.bunny item: simple blue dress $12 confirmed 11.21||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆elysium. item: Bow!&Clutch $16 confirmed 12.24||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆Cake.With.Frosting item: Bow! $2 confirmed 12.24||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆emotional.bunny item: Bow! $2 confirmed 12.29||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆Amuto1120 item: 2Bow! $3 confirmed 12.29||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆i__coOkiesx3 item: 2Bow! $3 confirmed 12.29||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆Lovely.Sky item: 2Bow! $7 confirmed 1.5||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆PEARLeffects item: Sequence Top $15 confirmed 1.9||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆lenakeem item: 3Bows! $9 confirmed 1.10||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆HelloKittyHeartBreak item: Bow! $4 confirmed 1.11||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆venusasaboy item: 6Bow! $20 confirmed 1.12||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆xfruityx item: 2Bow! $7 pending 1.16||note:never responded back with her address but went on with countless messages as if she is purchasing and also stated she will be sending payment. Result: effort wasted with buyer who is misleading.
    ∇∆takemetoseoul[trade] item: F21 Top $2 + Top Confirmed 1.29||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆vensuasaboy item: Floral Skirt $10 Confirmed 1.30||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆elysium. item: Marron Lipstick + UO Jeans + Bow $24 Confirmed 2.07||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆yul333 item:Bow $3 Confirmed 2.12||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆noodles14 item:KimchiDress&Oversize Cardi $67 Confirmed 2.20||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆monicaaa item:pink&whitestripe & blackslip $20 confirmed 2.21||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆EatMyTaro item:3bows! $11 confirmed 2.26||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆xUniqo item:YFB BLACK DRESS $21 confirmed 3.2||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆xDollars item:Awktopus, earring1, cotton shoe, & hco dress $42 confirmed 1.2||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆Budling item:CoSweater&NMask $14 confirmed 3.3||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆xxxSaniaxxx item:BDG Cardi $21 confirmed 3.19||paid||received||Done
    ∇∆bunndays item:UO Plaid Top $13 confirmed 5.01||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆bubblyteax item:Lace Blouse & Shulami Dress $40 confirmed 5.15||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆ xjellybelly item:emc2 $5 confirmed 6.05||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆ sugarcookiess item:yfb top $10 confirmed 6.19||paid||received||Done
    ∇∆ littosun item: feather necklace $5confirmed 7.4||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆ LOOCiEE&It;3 item: floral dress $9 confirmed 7.26||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆venusasaboy item: F21 Bomber $11 confirmed 7.26||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆tokkigrl21 item: hp backpack + 2in1 bp $42 confirmed 8.05||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆cerebral  item: FE Grey Zip+CR Skirt $21 confirmed 8.18||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆tinasweetheart  item: Faux Vest Skirt $7 confirmed 8.22||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆thedivyak. item: SnowBeanie&Lace Skirt&icing mitten&interlude jacket $40 Confirmed 9.12||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆ candyday. item: ae tshirt dress $9 Confirmed 9.29||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆ omgitssuperash. item: nordic legging $12 Confirmed 10.22||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆ bunny-chan. item: Vintage Necklace, Anchor Away, Yesstyle Thing $27 Confirmed 1.13||paid||sent||received||Done
    ∇∆Unicorngummi item: H&M Face&VintageLS $15 confirmed 4.22||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆alphamickster item: Hilodress&tribaltop $25 confirmed 4.29||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆muggai_1 item: ogdtop $16.78 confirmed 5.13||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆alphamickster item: floralbrownpurse $15 confirmed 5.18||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆pandamon item: h&mpurple & miniemousecardi $18 confirmed 6.08||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆xoxoelishaoxox item: lacedress $15 confirmed 6.20||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆ vietgrlchik item: hobbybackpack $25 confirmed 8.1||Never replied again.
    ∇∆ Susan item: classy bag $12 confirmed 8.12||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆ miss_vicky item: fobbybackpack $23 confirmed 1.30||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆ loveless598 item: f21 paris $13 confirmed 1.30||paid||shipped||received||Done
    ∇∆ emkail item: eyelash #2 $3 confirmed 2.3||

  • proFRESHional.proFRESHional. BAY AREAPosts: 1,349Member
    do you model? if yea, can you model #32; the forever21 turtleneck
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


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    blah blah blah ❤
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    blah blah blah.
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  • elysium.elysium. Posts: 932Friend of Soompi


    Order Form
    Name: Christy K
    Soompi ID: elysium.
    Item/s: BDG Top $6 Shipping $3
    Location: 92653, CA
    Total: $9?
    Questions/Comments: Hola again! ^__^ About the item, are there any damages like holes, stains, tears, fuzzballs, etc? I'm a size medium, so would it fit me tightly? Will you negotiate to $7 shipped? And are you sure you don't accept payments through paypal? T____T Thanks in advance!
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


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    blah blah blah ❤ 
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    blah blah blah.
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