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What's On Your Mind Right Now?



  • CharryCharry Posts: 1,123Member
    I'm thinking why didn't I start my project earlier?

    ahh >>, weuirja
  • screamxlovescreamxlove 702Posts: 1,234Member


    How I really wanna talk with him, but I don't wanna seem annoying and needy, even though he knows I'm a tad bit addicted to him asjdglkasj GRAWR D8<
    always and forever seven
  • NerdyyyNerdyyy Posts: 121Member
    I'm currently thinking about what my prom dress will look like, and hoping that it will look nice. Please look nice... hahah
  • nathanielnathaniel nathaniel ~ ? minnesota. usa.Posts: 367Member
    on my mind right now, is i'm deciding with britney spears fragrance to buy! can't decide from midnight fantasy and believe, LOOL.
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  • supa'Wankisupa'Wanki So. CalPosts: 5,589Member


  • j00niej00nie SHINee <3 Posts: 1,237Friend of Soompi
    uhmmm....on my mind right now is him image image
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  • lets_rockie_itlets_rockie_it big bang&#39;inPosts: 308Member
    totally thinking about him...but then figure its not worth my time to think about him....figured i lost feelings for him now....
    and on another note im thinking about watching thai lakorns! 8)
  • yuki fioreyuki fiore USAPosts: 2,507Member
    im thinking about how life is not fair.
    cuz there are so many pretty people...
    and then me lol
    "dance like no one is watching,
    S I N G like no one is listening,
    live like there is no tomorrow."

  • PainterlyyPainterlyy CanadaPosts: 2,370Member
    I'm thinking that summer vacation is soon image
    - image <3
  • monradamonrada FML where the grass is greener and where the sun is stPosts: 356Member
    What's on my mind right now?

    well he is,

    but he shouldn't be image

    i'm at uni and i have a group assignment due... i'm thinking how much i suck as a team partner - and i feel incredibly guilty for it.
    The leading cause of death, is birth.
  • mschangminmschangmin Posts: 55Member
    Im thinking about how I ditched soompi for such a long time!!!
  • lyyzillalyyzilla Posts: 600Member


    i'm thinking that i'm freezing,
    and i'm going to get pinkberryed at for missing fridaymorningpractice @ tomorrows game..
    &that i really want starbucks image
    i am the master of my fate , i am the captain of my soul
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  • iS2_youiS2_you Posts: 71Member
    I'm thinking about summer shopping, graduation, high school, Great America, and Big Bang ;D
  • dorkyxninjadorkyxninja Posts: 840Member
    edited May 2009
    That I'm so gawddamn tired. Just 50 more minutes so I can go to sleep.
    I hafta to sleep at 10PM or later or else it'll be a nap and I'm going to be up for the whole night.
    four one one
    AprillovesBlack Coffee
  • Miss.UnderstoodMiss.Understood eternally loving you. Young Love St.Posts: 2,686Member


    I'm thinking about how funny 2PM's 10/10 mv is.
    one life, one love.
  • dearpaperheart.dearpaperheart. icon creation by MiSs L.E ? in my imaginary box Posts: 1,786Friend of Soompi
    I'm thinking about how I should move on with life with nothing but a smile on my face and my mentality stronger. (:
  • stjapo46stjapo46 Posts: 4,477Member
    edited May 2009
    I wonder what he thought of me, I'm really curious image
  • viviiansviviians YOU EGG *STAB* AustraliaPosts: 4,230Member


    about taking the bus or walkin to the station
    & what i could get to eat...

  • flyingpenguinsflyingpenguins Posts: 882Member
    if i should go to sleep because i've slept for what, less than 50 hours this week?

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  • royalpirate.royalpirate. Posts: 1,268Member


    I'm thinking about bothering my dad when he's going to sleep.
    and him.

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