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Can Nose Shape Naturally Change?



  • ai.s2ai.s2 Posts: 219Member
    your nose def non stop grows & shapes,,
    but by the time you reach teens, the shape prolli stays the same and doesnt change much,
    like the shape cant vary alot even if it does change slightly,,
    many babies/toddlers have flat nose but the shape comes at around 5-10??
    i mean my nose was soo flat when i was 3??? & now its like non-flat??
  • tiffanitrixtiffanitrix ? KWON Leadah ?? ? xCATHY's pocket...groping WooYoung. <3Posts: 1,923Member
    edited May 2009
    it's called google.
    has all the answers.
  • simplii_forevahsimplii_forevah SydneyPosts: 1,815Member


    I hope it can. I really need a taller nose.
  • MentosMentos Posts: 1,961Member
    Sure, if you break it.

    Actually, your nose is constantly growing... along with your ears. So it's possible? But not likely, I guess.
  • samshikusamshiku mrs.lee SingaporePosts: 1,921Member
    well i use to have a pig-like nose but my grandparents panicked so much that they would pinch my nose hard everyday when i was like a toddler.
    and now my nose is passably tall..looks quite like yours actually image i would LOVE it to be taller and more defined tho. but yea i suppose it CAN change...but i guess only when you are REALLy young
  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi



    maybe some rare people can have their noses change naturally

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  • agentdevil5656agentdevil5656 Da Yummii Chicago, ILPosts: 802Member
    My nose was HUGE when I was like 5 xDD
    But then it just grew into place as I grew up image

    I guess its mainly age? I don't think theres another way.
  • snowbunny*snowbunny* beyond the sea..=]Posts: 577Member
    edited May 2009
    i don't know if it can but my nose in elementary school use to be kinda flat. as a gradually
    got into 7th and 8th grade it isn't so flat as it use to. now that i'm 15 my nose isn't
    like how it was back when i was younger. i'm grateful for my nose, thank you dad =)
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  • F00LiiSH x3F00LiiSH x3 loner in the corner 510Posts: 1,345Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2009
    My nose grew a little taller =] not as flat .
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  • 0oyokisuo00oyokisuo0 ? ?MUSIC? ? La JollaPosts: 5,124Friend of Soompi
    edited May 2009
    the only kind of natural alternation of the nose is when you gain / loose a lot of weight.
    when you loose your baby fat, your nose should probably change a little too.

    glasses, nose clips, injuries, also change the nose...just not naturally.

    i already have really tall nose for an asian...i just need to get ride of the bones on the side...i should've worn glasses when i was young ==
  • jawajawa Posts: 365Member
    I am pretty sure your nose and your eyes are the body parts that will still continue to grow well past your adolescent years.
  • Kiwi BirdKiwi Bird Posts: 159Member
    the shape may change in the long run since your nose and ears continue to grow but it's not gonna change like a flat wide nose turning into a thin narrow nose like those people that deny getting plastic surgery and use puberty as an excuse.
  • yumi-chuyumi-chu Posts: 160Member
    The ways of changing nose shape I can think of are plastic surgery and weight change.

    I guess if you're still growing, it can change?
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  • kadfishkadfish New York CityPosts: 291Member
    My nose changed from flat to okay XD
    It looks a bit different than before o_o

  • luvMyDBSKboyzluvMyDBSKboyz USPosts: 163Member
    yes it can.
    when i was younger my nose looked wider like my mom and everyone said i had my moms nose, but as i got older it got more pointy and stright like my dads?? i dont know how to describe it but it happend to me and also for Halley Berry. People think she got a noise job but she didnt, it just happened, like mine! lol
  • Kiwi BirdKiwi Bird Posts: 159Member
    edited May 2009
    QUOTE (luvMyDBSKboyz @ May 4 2009, 05:48 AM) »
    yes it can.
    when i was younger my nose looked wider like my mom and everyone said i had my moms nose, but as i got older it got more pointy and stright like my dads?? i dont know how to describe it but it happend to me and also for Halley Berry. People think she got a noise job but she didnt, it just happened, like mine! lol

    While it is possible that your nose shape could have changed to look like either of your parents, I'm highly doubtful Halley Berry's nose changed in a couple of years in her adulthood naturally. Same as Tyra Banks. I think the natural changes would occur when your a child and going through puberty but not when you're an adult.
  • l3lol3lo away from youPosts: 1,292Member
    edited May 2009
    yes your nose shape can change.
    if you compare your baby picture or younger pictures to those of now you may see a difference. some peoples noses can change shape because of maturity/puberty.
    and some women who are going through pregnancy can cause the shape of their noses to expand or enlarge because of their hormones.

    but i've been reading lately on soompi about people using those nose clips or whatever for a certain period or when they were younger and don't really think that can change the shape of your nose too. your nose has to change itself not "willed" to change unless you go through surgery.
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  • lintinglinting californiaPosts: 286Member
    My nose was completely flat when I was little, now it's higher and pointier.

    However, your nose DOES stop changing at a certain age.
    I'd say about 15-17.

    All those crazy fans's statements saying that their unnis or oppas DIDN'T get rhinoplasty, they're nose just "magically" CHANGED are most likely untrue.

  • chharrllennechharrllenne CAPosts: 697Member
    Not really, but it does appear that way. It does not grow; but it drops, droops and elongates.

    Here's why. The nose is subjected to two "downward forces" over one's lifetime.

    First, gravity. Not unlike other body structures, particularly those that may be deemed "attached", e.g. earlobes, breasts and men's genitals, the nose is another victim of gravity. By the fifth or sixth decade of life, the skin and soft tissue underneath the skin will have naturally stretched and thinned. Under the unrelenting force of gravity, the nose hangs down, looks longer and is misinterpreted as having grown.

    The second influence is one particular smile muscle that, when contracting, visibly pulls the tip of the nose downward. That depressor septi muscle runs vertically from the upper lip to the front part of the nose. In a good percentage of men and women, such involuntary depression of the tip of the nose will occur with every smile. One cannot deliberately prevent that specific muscle from contracting. Thus, the years of smiling take their toll as the nose, subjected to innumerable smiles over decades, suffers from the same stretching and lengthening that gravity fosters.

    Because some seniors are perturbed by the eldernose's longer, larger appearance, it is appropriate to perform very conservative elevation of the droopy nose to its original and more youthful location in conjunction with facelift and eyelid surgery.

    Only those who have had rhinoplasty or cosmetic nasal surgery escape their nose's downward journey. As Nature heals the nose after such surgery, a thin layer of internal scar tissue is created. This tissue, stronger than the natural internal tissue resists the forces of smiling and gravity and prevents the nose from being seen as "growing".

    guess there's your answer

  • SwixxSwixx If everyone was special, everyone would be ordinary i dunnoPosts: 531Member
    ^ .... that was depressing...

    I heard that your ears and nose always grow in your life, but your eyes are always generally the same from birth?

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