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Any Foreigner Went To Sm/ Jyp/ Jtune For Audition?

amandalilamandalil Posts: 247Member
I'm planning to go this June
Dear friends,
I was wondering have anyone her actually been to SM / Jyp/ Jtune live audition personally? I'm planning to go there in June for live audition. How is the process like? Is there privilege for foreigners if they go there for audition?'ll get an individual auditon or something? Thanks ya. I hope I can get some reply =)



  • AstralDragonAstralDragon NJPosts: 150Member
    I've attended the JYP auditions when they hold them in NYC and it's really casual, usually they just have you go in by yourself and sing for a minute and then you leave unless they ask you to stay behind or come back later.
    Except the JYP Tour auditions this year were different from last year in that they brought you in in groups of 10 and you sang for a minute in front of your group members.

    I don't know how it works in Korea, but I wouldn't think that many foreigners go to Korea to audition, so I wouldn't expect them to give you any kind of privilege... I think in general, it's a privilege for anyone to be able to audition, whether or not your Korean, White, Chinese, Japanese...whatever. it doesn't matter, you'll be treated the same.
  • loojerrloojerr Posts: 37Member
    oh! i'm actually really curious about this too..
    i'm going to Korea for July.. :/ but i'm planning on auditioning at SM... i wonder if they make you speak in Korean... or if i don't understand the form o.o
    i wonder how different it is.. i hope there are answers in this thread...
    but i doubt there would be some special privilege for foreigners..
    but good luck in june~
  • chilovesjjchilovesjj EnglandPosts: 876Member


    edited April 2009
    I went to JYP audition in Tokyo ages ago (and I'm caucasian). No special treatment, we went into the room in groups of like, 4 or 5, each stood up and sang (or posed, for models) in turn, in front of a panel of judges and a video camera, then got told to go home and that we'd be contacted if we made it. I didn't xD I was really nervous so I kinda failed on my selfintroduction xDD My Japanese is not good under pressure, LOL.

    You don't 'have' to speak the language when you go there but uh.. it probably helps. Lol. <3

    Why on earth should they give you special treatment just cuz you're foreign? o.0 image I've not been to a Korean live audition but I expect it's the same, no special treatment. image They might just look a bit surprised. I know my judges did when I was the only non-Japanese person there XDDD
    Formerly chilovesjj ^^
  • amandalilamandalil Posts: 247Member
    haha thanks for the *special* treatment means that would they spare more time with you cuz you came so far for audition....hehe...cuz I guess someone posted here a long time before bout her experience auditioning in Sm/ jyp...not so sure..and she could enter the room by herself..maybe that's jyp? =p Thanks guys!
  • Neko-YamaNeko-Yama neverland... I'm a female version of Peter PanPosts: 680Member
    edited April 2009
    ah, wrong thread.... {edit}

    lol, I thought I was posting in the DSP thread XD I had two windows open and replying in two threads XD

    ok, back to the topic. um, I'm assuming you're going to audition in korea, right? knowing the language would help very much, at least the basics. the judges might not speak english, or just limited english. but i think if you will show the dedication, talent and that you're brave enough/ courageous [going to an audition in a country which language you don't know], that might actually be a plus. but just have faith in yourself, don't get too nervous and make the judges awe.
  • KurorinnKurorinn TorontoPosts: 56Member
    I've been to JYP, and like the others said, no special treatment ^^
    I have a question of my own actually (I'm not sure where else to ask image )
    -do SM/JYP/YG/DSP also have weekly auditions in Korea?
    Do they run the same as the global auditions [ie. register online and then wait in line]
    I may be visiting korea in the summer, and would like to go in a walk in audition
  • amandalilamandalil Posts: 247Member
    yup me too..Sm has it every week....but Jyp..I think it's on 1st and 3rd week..~~^^
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