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What Happens If You Fail The Driving Test 3 Times?

KotaroKotaro somewherePosts: 477Member


and you're still a minor?
I've already failed twice now but I'm not a horrible driver. I just get intensely nervous when it comes to test-taking. I'm taking it again for the third time in two weeks but I'm getting so pessimistic that I won't pass again. If I fail my third time, do I have to wait an entire year or when I turn 18? Cos I will be 18 this year. or can I go to a different dmv district? I tried to find the info online but they only mention you have three tries, they don't tell me my options after I fail.


  • YoohooYoohoo MarsPosts: 975Member
    edited April 2009
    Um. What are the reasons for them failing you? Maybe you should work on that. I don't know how they do it in the US but in Canada they give you a checklist of all the items you did well on and did poorly on.

    Maybe you should wait a while and practice a little more first?
  • jhuhjhuh Diamond Bar, CAPosts: 223Member
    What state do you live in? I live in CA and in CA, if you fail three times, you just take your permit test again and if you pass you can make your behind the wheel driving test at the DMV center. I personally havent failed three times, but one of my friends have and he told me after he failed, he took the permit test right away. Hope this helps.
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    edited April 2009
    ^what he said if your from CA image

    i passed on my 3rd try heh, just take your time and relax. don't try to rush it

    if you don't pass the 3rd time you can always ask someone at the DMV
  • you_wishyou_wish Posts: 263Member
    just RELAX...
    figure out what you may be doing wrong and work on it.
    if you are really that nervous, then get more practice.
    i never took a driving test at the dmv, only at school and i
    got a waiver so I just went and took my picture.
    I practiced alot and by the time my test came, I
    drove with no problem.
  • hksinglawhksinglaw RichmondPosts: 83Member
    dang im sorry dude, good luck to ya.............

    . "i remember i was in jail after failing 3 times "

    image jk. it doesnt matter u can fail as many times as u want.

    but its literally impossible to fail the test 3 times . i mean all u got to do is to ,"shoulder check , like crazy " and maintain stable driving". relax u'll do awesome.

  • jphasejphase NJ/NYPosts: 1,500Member
    if you fail three times you dont get your license. isn't it obvious? ahaha

    but yea.. maybe practice more?

  • visuelzvisuelz Brooklyn, NY, USAPosts: 1,100Friend of Soompi
    In New York, if you fail 3 times, you need to wait 1 year before you can take the exam again. Good luck, but if you're nervous during a test, you will probably be nervous even after getting your license. Remember, passing a driving test doesn't mean you can drive. It just means you have the license to learn to drive.
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    Practicing your driving skills on the different driving simulation video games at Dave & Busters might help take the edge off of your nervousness. Heck, if you play the simulation games the way I do at D&B, you could probably ace your driving test while drunk.

  • supaflipsupaflip Posts: 132Member
    well if u fail it after ur 3rd time, don't even bother driving a car. ur a big hazard in the road. generally speaking dmv fails u for a reason.. don't want to sound mean but its somewhat true.

    please, do us(the drivers) a favor practice ur downfalls b4 u take the test again.
  • Sleepy213Sleepy213 LOS ANGELES KTOWNPosts: 568Member
    yea in CA. If you fail your license test 3 times..You need to take the permit test all over again
    and you get to take your license test again x.x
  • angels.disguiseangels.disguise Posts: 1,846Member
    I don't know but in my area
    we do actually have to take the driving part of the test.
    All we need is for our parents to sign off on it & we get our license.

    But best of luck to you (:
    Third times the charm
  • gisbizgisbiz madagascarPosts: 976Member
    practice for a month before you go for the third time.
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