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'expensive' Scented Products Vs 'inexpensive' Generic Products

serendipityxtserendipityxt loves free stuffNew Jersey, USAPosts: 1,385Member
like bath&bodyworks vs dove body wash
which one do you prefer? and why?

i bought a lot of bath and body works body washes and lotions and stuff when tehy went on sale awhile ago. and they smell great and all ... but are these just expensive because of their brand and not because of their quality? because dove, caress, etc products work just fine but cost so much less ...

i'd just like to hear your opinion.


  • kishycathieekishycathiee that's what they all said Posts: 2,303Member
    My nose hurts from smelling B&BW stuff, so I'm going with the latter

    Actually, it all depends on the brand D:
  • bebexlovebebexlove Posts: 3,059Friend of Soompi


    edited April 2009
    Definitely the generics.. not a really big fan of BB&W.. too expensive and not that great of products.. (their lotions are just wayy to greasy for me.. )

  • super piggysuper piggy Posts: 2,942Member
    the scents : bath & body works
    lotions/bodywash : NOT bath & body works cus it doesnt do nothing but make you smell good.

  • BlackCatBlackCat Posts: 141Member
    Would neutregna, dove, etc even considered generic? I thought generic names were like unknown names that dont have much advertisment, such as maybe harris teeter lotion or something ha ha....
    I dont even consider bath and body works really expensive, considering what else is out there. I think its just okay I dont really like the scents... I prefer nonscented lotion so I prefer dove, etc.... and then putting on perfume (like vera wang princess~)
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  • Mirae-chanMirae-chan Am I a rock, or a rose, or a fist? the city with pacific mall <3Posts: 4,248Member
    I hate the smell in B&BW, I'd rather just go to The Body Shop lol.

    And generally the "inexpensive ones" for me, I usually use Clean&Clear for my face cleanser and moisturiser but currently I'm using Clearasil to wash my face and Neutrogena to moisturize.. less harsh then C&C imo.
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  • gracelee_5508gracelee_5508 IndonesiaPosts: 662Member
    inexpensive ones.
    Body shop, M&S are too pricey for my daily use.. haha
  • lovesicleslovesicles Posts: 2,825Member
    i don't think dove is a generic product. it's still a brand name.
    generic would be like.. the target and walmart knock offs off of, maybe neutragena or something.

    but yeah. hummm.. b&bw is okay.
    i like the smell of dove. : D
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  • Karinojjang~*Karinojjang~* Super Junior's <3sPosts: 1,472Member


    I think B&BW sticks on me really long!
    so if I want to use it, I think I don't need to pay for the perfume..
    but it's pricey (for me)!! ... ..

    so I prefer ones cheaper and have good quality, just fine image

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  • amy8amy8 vancouver!Posts: 97Member
    i love bath and body works and they always have a sale. by generic i thought you meant the products that are made by drugstores themselves such as cvs or shoppers drug mart.
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  • yoroshiku90yoroshiku90 Posts: 1,048Member
    edited April 2009
    well first, dove is not a generic brand.
    and i prefer to buy from dove, nivea, etc. and get things that are targeted for moisturizing my body than making me smell like a cheap perfume

    ever since B&BW took away country apple.. >:/ it has never been the same..
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  • perhaps you meant drugstore rather than generic?
    But i've only used d/s shampoo for the past few years and its just as good as salon depending on the brand, like dove. Some of the BBW and VS stuff is just too fragrant and strong for a bodywash and everyday lotion. With the exception of BBW tahiti sweetie, i usually use aveeno daily moisturizer
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  • forgottenmemoriesforgottenmemories Under the same blue skyPosts: 3,589Member
    I like both. Dove/Neutrogena and all the names you've listed is not generic. They're considered as brands too...
  • akira53akira53 AieaPosts: 7,842Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (yoroshiku90 @ Apr 18 2009, 04:50 PM) »
    well first, dove is not a generic brand.
    and i prefer to buy from dove, nivea, etc. and get things that are targeted for moisturizing my body than making me smell like a cheap perfume

    agreed. There's no BBW here, but I've tried some of their products and I still prefer Dove.
  • hpnotiqhpnotiq Southern CaliforniaPosts: 3,755Member


    I work at BBW, you would think I use their stuff everyday, but I don't. I use Dove's bar soap for an everyday basis. But when it comes to bubble baths or body scrubs, I do use BBW or even The Body Shop products.
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  • theLOSERtheLOSER Posts: 8,393Friend of Soompi


    I use B&BW, smells good but I do think Dove stuff is just as good image
  • vintageballadvintageballad Posts: 2,687Member
    I actually use both. I use BBW's perfumes and their lotion (for my hands), and Lubriderm/Vaseline as a body lotion.
  • Posts: 113Member
    I use generic products the majority of the time and use B&BW as a luxury.
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