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What Do You Wear To A Beauty Pageant?

charmedamethystcharmedamethyst ?????United StatesPosts: 76Member
If you're sitting in the audience: Is it formal dress?
I'm attending the Miss USA Preliminaries
and I don't really know what to wear.
Is it supposed to be a formal thing? Or dressy-casual?

I even looked up old videos of past pageants to see what the audience was wearing.
Some were formally dressed, like black ties and nice dresses,
but some I couldn't even tell, lol, but they weren't that formal.

My dad got us the tickets and he said it doesn't matter.
But then again, he's a guy so I can't really trust him.
I don't know what my mom is wearing cause she doesn't really care for these things.
But my friend is coming with us and she's wearing jeans.

Should I let her do that? I know it's only the Preliminary competition,
but I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to wear.
If any of you have ever been to this kind of thing, please help me! image


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