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What Do You Wear To A Beauty Pageant?

charmedamethystcharmedamethyst ?????United StatesPosts: 76Member
If you're sitting in the audience: Is it formal dress?
I'm attending the Miss USA Preliminaries
and I don't really know what to wear.
Is it supposed to be a formal thing? Or dressy-casual?

I even looked up old videos of past pageants to see what the audience was wearing.
Some were formally dressed, like black ties and nice dresses,
but some I couldn't even tell, lol, but they weren't that formal.

My dad got us the tickets and he said it doesn't matter.
But then again, he's a guy so I can't really trust him.
I don't know what my mom is wearing cause she doesn't really care for these things.
But my friend is coming with us and she's wearing jeans.

Should I let her do that? I know it's only the Preliminary competition,
but I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to wear.
If any of you have ever been to this kind of thing, please help me! image


  • ax1989ax1989 paradisePosts: 575Member


    I don't think it matters. People are too focused on the beauty pageant nominees, not you. lol.
    Thank you for the Music..
  • charmedamethystcharmedamethyst ????? United StatesPosts: 76Member
    Yes, that is true...
    but shouldn't there be some type of etiquette one should follow?

    Thanks though.
  • lilaznqtc8lilaznqtc8 jerseyPosts: 271Member
    hey!! ive never attended a miss usa event, but i'm very familiar with this pageant system. usually, cocktail dresses & gowns are reserved for the finals. ive never seen what people wear for prelims, but i feel like they're much more casual. perhaps a nice shirt & pants or more casual dress would be appropriate? thats just my take on it!
  • X_kimbapX_kimbap i <3 ViTASOY Posts: 233Member
    i've been to multiple miss ASIAN AMERICAN/MISS CHINATOWN pagents in san fransisco
    and i was told to dress semi formal to all of them. People there actuallly do dress up though.
    so yah. nothing too fancy, something that you would wear to a banquet or a nice dinner party with friends i guess. hahaa. a nice top with dress pants or a simple dress would do. ^^
  • charmedamethystcharmedamethyst ????? United StatesPosts: 76Member
    Thanks you guys.
    It wasn't too formal, more like dressy,
    although some went all out and dressed very elegantly.
    I just wore black dress pants and a nice top.
    And the 51 contestants, omg, their gowns were beautiful!
  • Posts: 118Member
    Wear a tunic with some cute heels =)
  • herher Posts: 210Member
    I think you can wear a simple dress and high heels..But don't you think it's awkward if you're dressed formally while your company is wearing casual clothes?..Well, I've never been into that kind of event but maybe just wear anything that is comfortable and proper.. image
  • fanturntablefanturntable alloverPosts: 965Member


    edited September 2013
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