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Hey, What's Your Homepage?

aehs212aehs212 Orange CountyPosts: 115Member
edited April 2009 in general discussion
so, what's the first thing you see when you launch your browser?

mine: :]


  • vip_gdvip_gd Forever VIP HKPosts: 11,243Member



    coz i check my mail regularly
  • RainityRainity love & respect. Posts: 3,397Member
    haha mines
  • guyeroguyero Micoism phPosts: 363Member
    yahoo.. ^^

    I do research a lot coz of school.. ^^
    and checking e-mails count too.. ^^
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  • crashandburncrashandburn I'm love bugged UKPosts: 3,062Friend of Soompi

    My homepage is Google image


  • JJ.biasedJJ.biased Loving Dbsk Posts: 2,286Member
    Haha its now soompi .__."
    plus I am too lazy to check my mails ><" maybe I should now.
    yeh... Not sure what to put on here anymore
  • strawberry&#9825;strawberry&#9825; nowhere;;Posts: 285Member


    my google homepage.i research many
    things about my homework

    “Do not give up your dreams and keep trying to reach”

  • bloodraynebloodrayne ?? ?? ??? Up there. *points*Posts: 373Member
    haha. mine's soompi XD
    it used to be google though =/
  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    My homepage is MySpace.
    makeup tutorials || tumblr || makeup blog || shop
    sincerely, rikki.
  • XarthanXarthan 4 8 15 16 23 42 Posts: 1,810Friend of Soompi


    mine is iGoogle. I have a bunch of RSS Feeds.
  • MangoStarMangoStar Token oreo in yo' hood :) In the dirty southPosts: 2,327Member
    My homepage is Yahoo. I wanted to change it, but my mom won't let me.
  • 432521432521 DBSK <3 HoustonPosts: 994Member
    edited April 2009 just because I never really use it first to begin with anyways but i guess i have it there because it asked me and i said yes

  • Da-ReDa-Re i r live in cardboard box. A Cardboard BoxPosts: 592Member


    edited April 2009 b/c i never bothered to change it. image
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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  • jisoljisol danger Posts: 2,458Friend of Soompi


    the mozilla google page xD
    too lazy to change it
    @_kittykai ^^;; v(≧∀≦)v qinxi.tumblr
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  • splendidluresplendidlure Posts: 2,892Member


    QUOTE (Xarthan @ Apr 9 2009, 08:22 AM) »
    mine is iGoogle. I have a bunch of RSS Feeds.

    same here.

    Lmao. some of you guys have random homepages. I thought most people would use either yahoo or google for their home page. image
    Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy.
  • Joy_OysterJoy_Oyster British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 102Member


    On my Firefox browser, the homepage is <-- That place has so many interesting and useful information!

    And on my Safari browser, the homepage is <-- very fun games that make you smart as well as feed hungry children.
    my tumblr (80% kpop, I also make gifs sometimes)
  • e00ze00z socalPosts: 267Member
    yahoo just because it's always been my homepage since as far as back as i can remember.
  • angelarrangelarr I &#9829; SydneyPosts: 1,114Member


    sad? everyone thinks so
    i wanna find someone with the same homepage as me =]
    Love is at the root of everything good that
    has ever happened and will ever happen
  • xLostLoLxxLostLoLx SingaporePosts: 504Member
    i didn't set any web page to my browser...
    i have it set as tvxq picture...
    so when i open my brower or tab, it will show the tvxq picture..
    like this:
    동방신기 ★ 슈퍼주니어 ★ 소녀시대 ★ 샤이니 ★ f(x) ★ 빅뱅 ★ 2PM ★ 2AM ★ MBLAQ ★ CN BLUE ★ BEAST ★ BEG ★ Secret ★ SISTAR ★ miss A
    what is your HEART beating for?
  • LycheeLaLycheeLa HerePosts: 985Member
    that's so cool

    for me i use mozilla google
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