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What Do You Do With Messed Up Bangs?!

xDitslanxDitslan Crazy TownPosts: 427Member
UGH!?!?! I can't stand them!! Before I got my bangs cut they were really long (all the way down to my chin). In just 2 SECONDS MY MOM SCREWED THEM UP!! I tried to fix them but I didn't want to do anything too dramatic incase I accidentally screwed it up anymore. Though they look not as bad they still look HORRIBLE! What's even worse is that my mom cuts hair for a freakin' living!!

To those of you who've had a bad haircut, what do you do?!

Also, anyone who is thinking about bad mouthing my mom because she messed up my bangs even though she cuts hair on a daily basis shouldn't even enter this post!! Yeah I am mad at her for messing up my hair, but I won't allow other people who don't even know my mom talk crap her!


  • edrianisawesomeedrianisawesome SOOMPISTALKER ! (: San DiegoPosts: 465Member


    OH WOW . That has happened to me, you can either cut them shorter to pelase you, or you can wait for them to grow out, unless you really can't wait because it's that bad?
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  • loveartisteloveartiste USA <3 in So. CALPosts: 722Member
    i just pinned my bangs back, ya know w. bobby pins.
    & also hats are great. i looove hats.
    bad haircuts don't last long, so don't worry.
  • millymilly Posts: 1,694Member


    Pin the bangs back and attempt a pouf or wear a headband :]
    and just pray that your bangs will grow back quickly :]
  • babyySOULbabyySOUL Ben Barnes <3 Posts: 568Member
    well the last time my bangs were messed up i just trimmed them so they were all straight and swept it to the side
  • dcaodcao Calgary, CanadaPosts: 98Member
    edited March 2009
    Hahaha I know how you feel. I messed up cutting my bangs once. They were too short so i looked like an idiot. So i pinned them back with bobby pins or i use a headband. And with time flying by it grew out pretty fast.
  • joansjoans Posts: 25Member
    QUOTE (milly @ Mar 30 2009, 05:10 PM) »
    Pin the bangs back and attempt a pouf or wear a headband :]
    and just pray that your bangs will grow back quickly :]

    exactly what i was thinking.
    bobby pins, headbands, etc.
    also wash your hair a lot with shampoo, it makes hair grow faster (or so ppl think it does) haha
  • Cheri.B*Cheri.B* Posts: 1,604Friend of Soompi
    When that happens I:

    -use the longer layers near the front and blend it with my bangs so it can look like long side bangs/split in middle
    -pin the bangs back or to the side
    -wear a hat
    -re cut it
  • megan92megan92 NEPosts: 999Member
    lmao i cut my own bangs yesterday and effed it up a bit. so now i just clip them aside, not much else i can do while i wait for them to grow.
  • angelzstarangelzstar ? ??? ? nycPosts: 2,162Member


    You can use hair clips to clip it to the side....Or pin it back..

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  • ushioushio what a perfect sorrow <3 californiaPosts: 64Member
    edited March 2009
    what you can do it

    *pin them up

    like this

    click here

    *if you have enough hair you can add on another layer from the back (this is what i did!!)

    *cover with scarves/hats

    ya thats all ive got lolz
  • Carmen.Carmen. Posts: 4,424Member
    Yeah you can clip them back, put it up in a pomp, hide under a headband, etc.

    There's not much you can do but wait for them to grow out now.
  • helloitsme93helloitsme93 new yorkPosts: 187Member
    depends on how long they are now. if they're long enough then cut more if not then clip it until
    it can grow out then fix it.
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  • hyunnibunhyunnibun Posts: 323Member
    QUOTE (joans @ Mar 30 2009, 08:40 PM) »
    exactly what i was thinking.
    bobby pins, headbands, etc.
    also wash your hair a lot with shampoo, it makes hair grow faster (or so ppl think it does) haha

    another technique i learned was if you massage your scalp while showering, it helps your hair grow faster ^^
    and the weather is getting warmer too, so it should grow out in a matter of time :))
  • s0y0un*s0y0un* ^^? across the universe;;Posts: 3,013Friend of Soompi
    omg this is what happened to me.. well kinda
    i got my bangs cut like a month ago and regretted it so bad
    so i took biotin pills to make my hair grow longer. their just extra vitamins you can buy at walmart
    and try to pin your hair back if you can and wear headbands if it looks good on you :]
    Infinite ♥
  • muffingrlmuffingrl Posts: 524Member
    cut them the way you want, or clip them to the side with pins until it grows out.
  • melty-kissmelty-kiss IllinoisPosts: 331Member
    Just remember, you don't look as bad as you think you do.

    Yeah I would just clip it in some decorative way or switch how it falls like put it to the other side (if you have side bangs) or comb it straight down. I know after a few days, I tend to not care anymore. After a week, it's all back to normal. But again, I don't know how badly your hair got messed up.
  • alligatortearsalligatortears <3 Posts: 2,206Member
    i know exactly how you feel..
    i'd clip them to the side,
    or try to make a mini poof with it.
  • xDitslanxDitslan Crazy TownPosts: 427Member
    edited March 2009
    Thank you for all the advice, but in my case the way my mom cut looked somewhat like this except think of it like the shape of a tetris block. (NOT ME!)
  • kawaikisskawaikiss Posts: 727Member
    i know how you feel.
    i went to a professional salon and they completely messed up my side bangs.
    it was so short that i couldnt even pin it back T____T
    it was the worst couple months EVER. i wanted to just pull my bangs out -____-

    all i have to say is, wait for it to grow out, or you can get a straight fringe.
    like straight across instead of having the awk angle.

    good luck!!!
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  • INSANEINSANE Posts: 3,076Member


    bobby pins are probably your best friend right now!
    you and me found something pretty neat.
    hi, butterflies
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