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How Do You Turn A Regular T-shirt Into A V-neck?

hi_alisonhi_alison your best friendCAPosts: 751Member


edited March 2009 in beauty & fashion
My friends and i are planning to cut our regular shirts into v-necks by Friday, and though it seems quite simple, I'm still a bit confused. Does anyone know an easy method to transform a a regular shirt into one with a v-neck? Thank you! (btw, sorry if it's in the wrong forum)




*edit: preferably no raw edges, so i guess i'll have to sew a bit ._.


  • amouramour CanadaPosts: 187Member
    Hm, you might have to do some sewing? I was thinking of cutting in then doing some sort of sewing work on the edges.... not sure, not a sewer.
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  • parachuteparachute Posts: 114Member
    cut out the "v" shape, turn it inside out, fold in the edges of the v (to hide the rough edge), pin down OR iron the edge flat, then sew!

    ...that's the only way i can think of atm :\
  • liimegreeenliimegreeen new jersey (08558)Posts: 2,419Member


    depends if you want the neck to have a raw edge or not. if you do, make sure you mark it first in pencil or chalk, and then just cut all the way around the hem of the neckline. if you don't want a raw edge, you're going to have to do some serious sewing.
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  • itsanniesitsannies i'm from the bay trick! ;]Posts: 624Member
    why not just buy v neck shirts? O_o
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  • PandyAndyPandyAndy New York CityPosts: 233Member
    QUOTE (itsannies @ Mar 24 2009, 02:41 AM) »
    why not just buy v neck shirts? O_o

    Seriously. A pack of 3 costs $10 at any Target store in the Men's section where they sell bulk tees and sweatpants.
  • tizzy1tizzy1 New YorkPosts: 244Member
    QUOTE (itsannies @ Mar 24 2009, 02:41 AM) »
    why not just buy v neck shirts? O_o

    i would think its because they have a old shirt or bought a shirt that isn't a v-neck, and thus wants to alter it to be v-neck. lol. at least that's what i'd like to do with some of my
  • mHacKyhYpemHacKyhYpe Posts: 128Member
    edited March 2009
    The trick is to get the "v" exactly as you want it. Take a washable pen, or some tailor's chalk, or even a pencil, and mark exactly how you want the "v" to be. Definitely try it on before you cut away any fabric.

    Allow 1" extra all around.

    Turn under the fabric 1/2".

    Then, turn it under again, another 1/2". The folded-up part will be next to your chest, not out in front of the shirt for everyone to see.

    Pin it in place. Or, you could even use paperclips in a pinch.

    Then you can sew it in place, by machine or hand. If you're a sewing n00b, even using dental floss instead of thread would be a pretty good idea. The floss could be more of a deconstructed look.

    Thanks to ladyjanewriter for these tips.....
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