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Brangelina's Young Children

FabiolaFabiola Posts: 2,315Member


edited March 2009 in celebrities (non-korean)
real cuties




Tugooh toy store in Washington, DC on March 6, 2009

image image


  • jjin36jjin36 Posts: 213Member
    Wow didn't realize they were so big already. O_O They are cute tho.
  • MariloriMarilori The Banana Club New York CityPosts: 761Member
    I think they will both be quite tall later on especially Zahara. They look so adorable. <3

  • ikayikay Again & Again PhilippinesPosts: 3,100Member
    they're so cute >w<
    and they're growing up fast o.o;;

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  • MyHeaven08MyHeaven08 In Your DreamsPosts: 2,292Member


    Shiloh is soooo adorable!!! I love her sneakers!!! hahah.
    And the blue shades are so darling.

    Zahara is getting so big as well. She seems more girly than
    Shiloh. But it's okay. =D

    And Brad didn't seem to like the paparazzis there while he
    and the girls are shopping at the toy shop. I would agree.
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  • delightful123delightful123 Hopelessly hopeful :) texas / chicagoPosts: 2,274Member
    um Shiloh has to be one of the prettiest little children.. ever.
  • tracycutietracycutie SERIOUSLY?!...? Northern IrelandPosts: 1,643Member


    Shiloh is such a doll...and she's grown so big!
    She'll grow up pretty and tall.
    I love her outfits. image
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  • thuathua Posts: 915Member


    Shiloh's going to be a gorgeous woman when she gets older.
    I just find it extremely weird that all their biological children look like carbon copies of each other. Awkward.
  • InconnuInconnu Posts: 6,512Member


    Wow they are really adorableeee
  • jingaling.jingaling. Posts: 7,637Member


    wow, they've gotten so big.
    shiloh's outfits are so cute.
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  • loreali1loreali1 Posts: 574Member


    Aw, there really adorable
    & really rocken those shades LOL
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  • angelic_diabloangelic_diablo ~*Stuck in DRAMAVILLE*~ *~my own world~*Posts: 3,453Member


    Shiloh has to be one of the most adorable girl. She's so cute.
  • jess89jess89 the 410Posts: 840Member
    I was in DC this past Saturday and apparently Angelina Jolie was there filming a new movie... maybe thats when Brad took the kids to the toy store?
  • LaBelleLaBelle Miss A "No oh No oh I can't Breath" <333 Posts: 18,744Member
    Shiloh look like a cute doll aaawww i'm sure she's gonna break so many hot guys once she grows up rofl XD

    Z cuuuttteee dang she looks like angelina somehow woot she will be one sexy lady lol

    Brad you go daddy kekeke usually it's the mom who take their daughters to toy shop ^^; good to see brad spend time for his daughters^^

    shoo papz image
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  • hussshhusssh mdPosts: 880Friend of Soompi
  • cherrie.7cherrie.7 VancouverPosts: 2,194Member


    Shiloh's gorgeous, no doubt she'll be stunning when she grows up.
    I was hoping to see pics of maddox and pax plus the twins too.
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  • aylabyoaylabyo Posts: 438Member
    i really love the eyes of SHILOH so dazzling
  • angelixerangelixer Posts: 1,248Member
    edited March 2009
    Look at them, with them stunna shades on. They're outfits are cute.
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  • kiiakiia Posts: 1,518Friend of Soompi


    They're cuuute!. Looking at the last pic & Brad, makes me feel guilty...

  • FabiolaFabiola Posts: 2,315Member


    Suri & Shiloh's A-List Playdate
    March 11, 2009


    Film committments brought A-listers Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie to NYC — but the working moms' most important project in Manhattan is coordinating a playdate between their toddlers!

    "Katie loves entertaining and spoke to Angelina about having an at-home tea party with cupcakes for the girls," a friend of Katie's tells OK!. "It's something she has wanted to do for ages," adds another source close to the actress. "Because of security reasons, Katie can't have just any child over to her home. But with celebrity tots like Shiloh and Zahara, there's no problem."

    Plans for their "mini-meeting" began on Jan. 11 in L.A., when Katie and her husband, Tom Cruise, chatted with Angie and her partner, Brad Pitt, at a private Golden Globes afterparty thrown by CAA at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Of course Tom, 46, and Brad, 45, are hardly strangers. The two co-starred in the 1994 vampire flick, Interview With a Vampire, but lost touch over the years.

    "Since the film, their careers and social circles have become so different, they rarely see each other," explains the source. But the two men acted like old friends that night. "Both talked at length about their children," adds the source, "and they agreed to get their little girls together."

    There may be another reason for the playdate too. Katie desperately wants to introduce Suri to other children her age. While the toddler has adopted siblings Connor, 14, and Isabella, 16, to play with, the teens are much older. "Suri's a very shy young lady," a Cruise insider tells OK!. "Even when Tom or Katie have taken her to a park or beach and tried to introduce her to other kids for a little playtime, it hasn't worked. She's very clingy."

    "Katie told Angelina she just knew Suri and Shiloh are going to get along fantastically well," says the insider, "and Suri is already getting into the idea."

  • suki_*suki_* zBanned Posts: 6,752Friend of Soompi


    i can see zahara being an international model for some reason O____O;;

    hehe so cute both in the toy store!
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