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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

DOVAHKIINDOVAHKIIN smash!Posts: 6,027Friend of Soompi


edited January 2010 in general discussion
Do NOT go around the swear filter; no exceptions. - YOU WILL BE WARNED
Like the random thread, the ranting thread has become huge over the years. As a result, I thought we'd have a new one for the sake of less cluttering in the monstrous number of posts.

So you guys and gals all know how it works, vent out any frustrations here as long as:

There is no swearing. If you're gonna swear, don't go around the swear filter. What a pinkberry huh? image ... No seriously, please don't. If we catch it, you will be warned for going around the swear filter just like anywhere else on Soompi. Refrain from mentioning any races/ethnicities whatsoever, violating that will also lead to a warning.

We're not responsible for any further social drama that may erupt from this, so if your friends find out you've been posting about them, not our problem!

You'll all be good right? image


Do NOT go around the swear filters.
wowwhcosplayziguangNoor IsmahwatiI


  • Star!StungStar!Stung Dark Side AvenuePosts: 1,470Member


    edited March 2009
    new one~ today was bad. i just wanted to kill all my classmates and my science teacher.
    and this girl kept flashing everyone with her butt crack! i wouldn't look if she didn't always move to the spot i'm looking at!
    she does it on purpose, i know. a girl asked her to pull her pants up and this butt crack girl acted like she couldn't understand english.
    someone gotta tell the girl those boys are not interested. if anyone doesn't, i think i'll have to.
    here i come world war 3. yeah, she gonna kill me~

    and i got a 66 on a stupid english test about a book. what the hell, the other classes get to use the book for the test and my class doesn't.
    my english teacher does not like me, i know it. she's always giving me weird looks.

    i was reading this fanfic on winglin and there was this 'author' who posted an 'important' A/N about her hatred for Kara. And she thinks she's all that because of it!
    Why can't people like her grow up already? She reminds me of a classmate.
    zuuynNoor IsmahwatiI
  • maydai3333maydai3333 FloridaPosts: 1,738Friend of Soompi


    This week has been by far the worst week this school year. Why is it that all the teachers decide to pool their tests/quizzes together into two days rather than being reasonable and spreading them apart. My best friend's mad at me for some reason...and its the longest I haven't talked to her and it sucks because I need to talk to her. But being the peachy week its been, I don't think thats gonna happen. I really hope I pass that AP Stats test, or else my grade is going down the toilet. I hope that I didn't bomb the AP Lang test...but I guess its my fault that I didn't read that stupid boring book. I can't believe I failed at writing my stupid DBQ and have to rewrite in order to save my pathetic APUSH grade. FML FML FML FML FML.
    BIG BANG <333
  • crackers&amp;amp;cheesecrackers&amp;cheese EarthPosts: 1,093Member
    edited March 2009
    As they say, so much to do, so little time. I have enough homework to do, but a huge list of tests/quizzes to study for. =______= To add, it's daylight saving time this weekend. There goes another precious hour of time. It's such a beautiful day outside and here I am doing my homework and ranting. =___+ Dahh.. I feel like I'm on the verge of collapsing from this bombardment of stress.
  • asiantwinasiantwin USAPosts: 689Member


    edited March 2009
    horrible. this week was death.
    i had a quiz and a paper due monday, a test on tuesday, lab and lab quiz on wednesday, organic chem exam on thursday, spanish presentation today, online quiz for microbiology spanning from wednesday night to tomorrow at 5pm.

    on top of all that, my laptop decided to freak out on me.
    virus contracted saturday, had to sit in the computer help center for an hour and a half backing up my data, then had to get it re-imaged. another virus contracted on monday night, had to sit in the computer help center for an hour and half backing up my data again and had to get it re-imaged again. then today, in the middle of my online quiz for microbiology, my computer freezes and shuts down. now my computer is in the computer help center, for the 3rd time in a week, and unless my professor is really nice and lets me retake the quiz, im getting a 0.

    FML. seriously. FML.
    mischievous kiss
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  • LavendereLavendere laff AustraliaPosts: 275Member
    I hate the fact that I could think of 10 things I could've done better straight after image
    Why couldn't I Do it IN my essay!!
    current obsession: City Hunter
  • Miss.UnderstoodMiss.Understood eternally loving you. Young Love St.Posts: 2,686Member


    I'm tired, and I have to work at a fair tomorrow, the things I do for friends. : ) Hopefully, it's not a waste of my time?
    one life, one love.
    benben86Noor IsmahwatiI
  • MiizzHyukiieMiizzHyukiie Edmontonnn&#33;Posts: 1,058Member
    just. no.
    so much frustrations this week!~ seriously.
    i wonder how messed up imma be when year end finals come up around the corner :/
    ... partay tmrw!
    too bad i probably cant goooo.
    GRRR. darn PARENTS.

    lets believe in ourselves.
  • AivyAivy Posts: 320Member


    Procrastination has taken the best of me again. I still didn't finish my project that was due one week ago... image But ya know, it's aaaokay. Oh, and tomorrow I have to wake-up @ 7:00am ON A SATURDAY... I haven't done that since elementary for Saturday Morning cartoons. And plus today I've actually realize I dislike my friends. hm.
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • zombie_milkzombie_milk OntarioPosts: 99Member


    so basically, i got robbed today.
    i was in first period and i had my phone and my ipod in my desk. someone texted me, so i looked at the text and when i read it i put my phone in my pencil case. i forgot my ipod in my desk and i left to go to second period. barely even 5 minutes into class , i realize my ipod is gone. i go back to my first period class and look for my ipod and its not there. nobody was sitting at my desk and these black girls with a reputation of stealing were sitting around my desk. CLEARLY , they stole it. i asked them if they saw it and they said no. so i went on with my day, and then i was in the washroom and i saw one of the girls and she was talking about stealing stuff. so i told everyone how it got stolen and stuff, and one of my friends texted me today saying she knows the girl who stole my ipod. she begged the girl to give it back but she said no, and my friend asked if she could buy it off her and she said she'll "think about it". and she wants $80 for it. wtf is this? i have to pay for something i already OWN? stupid fkn people these days. my school has a bad reputation for stealing stuff. i know at least 10 people who have had just their ipods stolen within this past two months. i know i fked up by leaving it, but it was left for litterally about 5 minutes. so my friend is going to go talk to her about it tomorrow and try her best to get it back. hopefully ill get it back, if i don't, i cannot believe i'm paying to get my own sh.t back. this is ridiculous. instead of using money to buy it back , i should just use money to go buy a rope and fkn kill myself.

    oh & my report card was terrible.

    haha, sorry, im just ranting. bleh.
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • meilovemeilove For the love of Mei <3 Virginia *Posts: 8,572Friend of Soompi


    why is it that everyone's lives are all fun & games except for mine?
    it feels like i'm the only one stressed out over everything
    i feel freakin sorry for myself.
    i wanna kill my freakin former piano teacher.
    i'm sick of tired of having a bunch of stuff to do every single weekend, never having time to do what i want, to have my own fun. how come everyone else i know..basically doesn't have hw over the weekend and they're just chillin with friends, goin outside, watching tv, doing w/e they wanna do. the weekend is a break to relax. but do i get to? of course not.
    i'm also tired of being in situations that i'm in. it's emotionally draining and i can't do anything to fix it. why am i always feeling obliged to fix things even when they're not my fault? why can't the ppl that made the mistake feel something in their hearts & fix it? it's like they don't feel anything and that their lives are fine and why do i still think & care about it!?!? SO FREAKIN ANNOYING.
    i hate my life right now. i want to enjoy it and have fun but it's impossible. i feel like my teen yrs are just wasting away. i have a splitting headache everyday and my stomach hurts a lot. crying gets me nowhere.
    i'm sick and tired of everything.
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • twinkle_l0vetwinkle_l0ve Sydney, AUSTRALIAPosts: 10,190Member


    one thing I hate about clubbing is that I use way too much credit replying to people texting me with "where are you?" "come to _____"
    if you want to see me, you find me! not the other way around! I'm not some dog that's available at you're beck and call ):<
    sweetpea672Noor IsmahwatiIpunditjunction
  • BrittanyKimBrittanyKim Posts: 554Member


    edited March 2009
    you are the most john teshing selfish, pinkberryiest, ungrateful sister.
    i cheer you up when you're sad or mad and you john teshing throw a temper tantrum?
    you're my younger sister and you made me cry.
    you don't even feel bad. what the john tesh. you go on talking to your friends as if nothing even happened.
    i've been too nice to you. now you're spoiled because you're the baby of the family. you complain that you don't want to eat this, you don't want to eat that. but there are kids staving. you're so blessed yet you want more, there's a certain point that you should stop. but guess what. i'm not going to john teshing take your mini cooper anymore.
    i used to tell you i love you everyday, even though you never said it back i didn't care.
    you're such a pinkberry to me. i help you with everything but i get nothing in return
    sweetpea672ErupupluvgurlNoor IsmahwatiI
  • cparkcpark ATLPosts: 795Member


    I went to class Thursday but I can't find the parking pass for where I usually park my car, not my fault, so I go to the Student Center parking lot..the car before me takes the last spot in the lot so I can't even enter..and theres another car waiting behind I'm like wtf gotta back out of this awkward street where I can't really see traffic. So I just f it and go back home. image ive been missing that class too much these days errrr...
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • AllisonAllison `너의 세상으로★ Posts: 4,923Member


    What the hell? Stop copying me. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I hope you read this -__-

    & YOU, you need to shut up. No, they don't like you & stop saying you're Korean when you're Filipino.
    "_니가 없는 거리를 걸어 본다...본다_"
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • viviiansviviians YOU EGG *STAB* AustraliaPosts: 4,229Member


    snooping is horrible & it shouldnt of happened..
    but now im hurt & confused as a result of it.
    this sucks balls because how do you confront someone abt it when you were the one that was doing wrong also?

  • zzombiezzombie HOMO JANAI. Posts: 846Member
    I hate people who use 'epic' and 'fml'. I'm fine with 'wtf' and the rest of it's counterparts but, honestly? WHY DEGRADE 'EPIC'????? And FML?? I'm pretty sure your life is not that bad. image
    If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
    LJ: ocreatus | tutorial for: curling short hair
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • honeydicehoneydice Posts: 270Member
    I saw through what kind a person you are now.
    Stop pretending and act like you care when you don't, at all.
    Maybe this is what i get for lying to you again and again.
  • catalimacatalima Posts: 851Member


    Why does some people thought they ALWAYS right? It's not ^possible! Plus when it's about something they don't really know!

    icon�miwa-harmony@lj, banner: *bluebutterfly*@wgspectacle
  • xxctxxxxctxx ~*~Do you exist?~*~ Over the rainbow and in your armsPosts: 1,325Member
    edited September 2009
    Bad day.
  • Amanda PlzAmanda Plz Boiled Frogs Posts: 2,238Member
    edited March 2009
    I went through enough of this two years ago. No more. Ugh. I love how timely this all is. I'd love to say it doesn't bother me, but it does. What's bull mini cooper amongst friends, eh?

    I wish I had never met you.

    I wish this damn cold/cough would go away too. My throat is so ticklish and I can't even breathe deeply for fear of having a coughing fit. Ick.
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