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Snsd Cries While Singing Dear Mom On Inkigayo

SHINEE_jonghyun<3SHINEE_jonghyun<3 B A N G SNJPosts: 176Member
Instead of performing Gee like they have the previous weeks on InKiGaYo, SNSD decided to perform their song, Dear Mom. On stage, each member showed a picture of themselves as a child with their mothers, sending a thankyou message to their moms. Although most the members teared up a little, SooYoung and TaeYeon cried so much during this performance that they had to stop singing for a while. The fans who were watching, not just SNSD fans but everyone, cried along as they began to think of their mothers. It wasn't a performance just based on listening to the music, but it was also feeling the music with your heart.


credits: cyworld news


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