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Turning Dyed Black Hair Back To A Normal Dark Brown

Maybelline LiMaybelline Li 3005Posts: 3,742Friend of Soompi


Before my hair was a golden brown (i used natural brown in palty? i believe.) and i wanted to get my natural hair color back which is a dark brown you'd normally see on asians, so i went to walmart and bought a box of Clairol hair dye in Darkest brown since i thought it would even out with my golden reddish brown. Complete disaster, my hair was JET BLACK. I tried dying my hair with a light ash brown (revlon) but it took very little effect on my hair. Right now i don't know what to do, i really don't want to consider bleaching it and just need to know how to use regular dyes to fix it. Has anyone been in the same problem as me?
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  • NamineNamine chu chu kya kya ? Posts: 4,534Member


    You can't cover a darker dye with a light one.

    You either have to wait for the Jet Black to fade out (which it should cuz its a drugstore dye..)
    Or bleach it.
  • vipjjangvipjjang 사랑은개뿔!! ㅠ^ㅠ seattle,USPosts: 1,881Member


    o man! i have the same problem :[ i hate my haircolor right now..too black ><
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  • amouramour CanadaPosts: 187Member
    Deep condition and wash, wash, wash!
    Keep washing it over and over and the black will eventually fade into a dark brown. It's time consuming, but it won't be as damaging as re-dying. Good luck!
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  • connitoconnito Posts: 89Member
    hair color doesnt lighten hair color unless it contains bleach, just buy a box of hair opps which strips the color out which will probably turn you back to the golden brown and then you just have to pick the right color to dye then
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  • crescendollcrescendoll It's 4AM and I'm awake again. BostonPosts: 1,070Member
    Give it a month or two. The black will fade on its own.
    Just wash your hair a lot. image
  • SophbotSophbot Modello Los Angeles, CAPosts: 405Member
    you either have to bleach it or strip the black color out
    the stripping process usually costs more money but it is better for your hair
    it'll cost more depending on how long it takes and how much hair you have.

    Black is the hardest color to strip, thats why I never dye my hair black

    good luck
    I pooted :)
  • ngarkyngarky Posts: 653Member
    i have the same problem...altho my natural hair color is pretty dark's like even darker now x_x
  • EmyliEmyli Find me on Google EarthPosts: 824Member
    THE EXACT same thing is happening to me! I decided to dye my hair back to its "original" color and now it is jet black. No hint of reddish black color I used to have. I am never dying my hair again!!!!!
  • vipjjangvipjjang 사랑은개뿔!! ㅠ^ㅠ seattle,USPosts: 1,881Member


    edited February 2009
    haha i went to salon today and got my hair fixed. It didnt went that bright as i want since i dyed my hair with Black previously but its medium now..haha
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  • alleykatalleykat CaliforniaPosts: 461Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2009
    This happened to me, but my black was an ugly blue black... I soaked my hair is Baking soda with water (or you can make a paste with baking soda and water and let it sit in your hair) which striped some of the color off and I also used Head and shoulders shampoo since they say it strips off the color more... This did strip some of the color off but it was still darker than I would have liked

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  • Chii-ChanChii-Chan Niceyy. Velly Niiiceyy. CanadaPosts: 514Member
    edited February 2009
    I used to have jet black hair. I tried dying over it, but the color never showed up.
    I ended up bleaching my hair and dying it.. my hair is still healthy though, I take real good care of my hair image

    Anyway, You can buy a product called color oops to strip the unwanted color out. The result of your hair will be back to its natural color. (click for information)
    The product works best if used within 48 hours after dying your hair. But even if you use it 1 week after or w/e it could still work!
    Good Luck!!

    Oh, and the info on where you can buy it, is all the way on the bottom of the link I provided.
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  • CreampuffersCreampuffers New York CityPosts: 14Member
    i had the same problem. you need to buy a hair dye removal chemical that you can find in your local drugstore such as CVS, and even salon stores . I had the same problem. i used to have light brown hair and then i dyed it to complete jet black thinking I'd look better goin back to something more natural. It was a complete disaster. I tried dying it to light brown..nothing worked. I looked online for what colors work.

    so after you use the hair dye removal agent, u have to IMMEDIATLy dye your hair.
    Im assuming most girls that have this problem here on soompi are asians. Asians have a natural golden , reddish orangy undertones in our hair. This is why if we use reddish brown, our hair comes out purplish at first and brown would b redder...we need to use anything that has "cool" colors like blueish/ ashy.. these colors would neutralize the effects of our hair. I used ash light brown after, and i went back to perfect brown! ^___^

  • angelzstarangelzstar ? ??? ? nycPosts: 2,162Member


    omg! This is what happened to me! I liked my previous hair color indoor (brown) but hated how it turns orange under the sunlight. Yesterday, I decided to dye it using Garnier Nutrisse Truffle ( medium natural brown), thinking it would go darker. Omg horror! I look so...goth now T_T...and it makes my face chubbier...The thing that annoys me is that it still looks orange under natural light! And that was the whole purpose of me dying it dark brown.....I want to dye it again but I'm afraid that it'll damage my hair...Although the color didn't come out the way that I wanted, Garnier made my hair shiny and silky

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  • RYUUSEiRYUUSEi Posts: 3,158Member


    Just wait it out. Hairdye fades with time, you know. I'm actually the opposite of you because I want my hair to be jet black with hints of blue, but it only lasts for a couple of months and then it starts fading into dark brown again. image So I'd suggest waiting it out; wash your hair four times a week and stand in the sunshine (so the sun can "bleach" it in the little discreet way it usually does with any haircolor) if you're in a sunny country. I remember when I was blonde and went to Malaysia. Once I got home, my hair had turned almost PURE WHITE because of the sun, lol.

    Anyways, don't worry, it will fade away in time. I think that since you had a golden shade underneath everything, it will turn a nice dark, dark brown in a few months. image If you really need a change immediately then maybe you could buy a dark brown hairdye and dye it over? There are tons of those hairdyes with color-charts on the background where you can see that it changes shades (so a lighter shade of black would turn into dark brown etc) in a really discreet way. I've never used one before but my mother usually does because she thinks black hair make her skin ghostly-white, haha, although I don't know if it will work the same for everyone, especially since you just recently dyed your hair jet black and the dye (or your hair) seems pretty stubborn.

    Good luck!

    -- 411
  • pixaipixai Vancouver, BCPosts: 588Member
    DUDE!! i used the nice and easy like natural brown and it turned tottally black iw as lik wtf... sadly it didnt wash out for me, and itired palty and only some of it got lifted, but then i eventually bleached it.. if u dontw ant to, i guess u can try one of the really light brown dyes from palty.. like milk tea brown or something, and it might turn it into a medium brown..
  • tashaisasiantashaisasian n00bpwn3r ColoradoPosts: 273Member
    Yeah I went through this problem about 3 times.
    Except I actually dyed my hair a color called "licorice black" so it was probably a LOT darker than yours turned out.
    I ended up trying to re-dye over it with Palty a couple of times and the results weren't that bad, but a lot less successful than what I wanted.
    So I suggest waiting for it to fade. Throw away the color preserver conditioner that came with the package and use shampoo not meant for colored hair lol xD
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