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Glasses For People With A Low Nose Bridge

Suggestions, rants?
So, I have a really low nose bridge and my eyes are a bit uneven so the glasses I have right now look really bad on me.

I really like the glasses look though and I -do- need them for certain situations, such as driving.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of styles will work with a low nose bridge?

Also, what can I do to make my eyes look more even? image


  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,727Member


    if i have what you have, then...

    the little pads on normal glasses won't work, so its better to get something with that:


    I'm not sure if you can see it >_< i did a quick shot. I haven't had them adjusted yet but i don't know how well they would stay up. But they work better than those little pads imo. They always slide off my face and i find my self constantly haveing to go and readjusting them.
  • NamineNamine chu chu kya kya ? Posts: 4,534Member


    I have like a non existant nose. Haha! ^ And I use glasses like those, but coincedentally!!

    I personally just go to the store and find something that looks good which is rarely anything.
    I went through an entire store once with nothing looking good on me.

  • KeikoBlue2KeikoBlue2 Posts: 90Member
    I have a pair of frames that I REALLY liked, so I got it. Then found out it kept on sliding down since I have no bridge. But my dad told me to heat up the plastic on the things that go around ur ears (sorry, I can't remember what they're called) and after that, I bent them so that they fitted my ear nicely and it held up. I used a blowdryer to heat the plastic. Do I make sense? o.O
  • SuperannSuperann LondonPosts: 164Member
    I have a super tall nose bridge but my glasses still slip. I guess it's coz the little pad things are a little bit narrow so it doesn't exactly sit on my nose perfectly.

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  • AlyM37AlyM37 United StatesPosts: 1,485Member


    ughh i hate my glasses. i think in general glasses of any kind [cept SUNglasses ^^] do not look good. get contacts if u can?
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  • flyxxawayflyxxaway Posts: 185Member
    I wouldn't recommend those glasses above ^

    I had a pair last year and hated them 'cause they're so close to my face and if you sweat or have oily skin then they'll slip a lot. I actually prefer wearing glasses with the little grips since they don't slip around.
  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    edited February 2009
    Lol, reminds me of me. I tried on my dad's glasses before and they won't stay still because of my non-existent nose bridge. -_- It'll be pretty tough for people like us to find a decent glass.
  • nanshinanshi Posts: 1,810Member
    edited February 2009
    ^I agree.

    Plus, the silicone pads are more flexible than the hard plastic... so they don't dig into my nose (much) and pinch my nose... cause it hurts when that happens.

    I just deal with it and push them up a lot. It also helps to clean the silicone pads with rubbing alcohol every now and then to clean off oil buildup so they're not as slippery as usual. I noticed that when my nose isn't as oily, they don't slip down as much too.
  • asaakeasaake YellowPosts: 223Member
    edited February 2009
    I have a low nose too. I always have a with the lenses pressing against my eyelash, it gets really uncomfortable. I usually wear contacts now. But I found that glass with adjustable nose pad like this-- nosepad is more comfortable, because you get it adjusted so its further away from your eyes so you would have the problem of it pressing against your lashed. Also these nose pad have a better grips it won't slip as easily.
    I also have uneven eyes. I try avoid dark colored thick frames because it frames you eyes and makes it more noticeable. Lighter color or metal one does a better job camouflaging.
  • Carmen.Carmen. Posts: 4,424Member
    Yeah I have a non-existent nose bridge, so I wear glasses that have those little pads.

    They still slip down a bit, but I have an oily face, so that's probably why.
  • sleeps_in_librarysleeps_in_library Posts: 453Member
    i use the glasses with nose pads, but that's cause i wear contacts and haven't really kept up with eye wear fashion.

    I have a semi tall nose, i dunno how to explain it.. someone said i had a german nose, but lol, that's cause she had a flatter nose.
    but i still try to wear the nose pads ones cause i hate when the glasses touch my cheeks, cause even with a taller bridge, it's narrower.

    have you tried adjusting the nose pads?

    maybe the blocky ones will work. just try to find one with a small middle part.
  • caseydeeyacaseydeeya heartquake NEW JERSEYPosts: 351Member
    ugh lol, i have the same problem x____x
    i've been wearing glasses since like, 2nd grade, and i haven't found one that will stay on D:
    plus my nose is oily and my face is wide so the glasses stretch LOL.
    i don't think i can find glasses that will be perfect for my face >____<
    tell me if you find any glasses for people like us lol
  • heartdropsheartdrops yooruce willis. Posts: 7,052Friend of Soompi


    Err I hate the same problem too! I have like a nonexistant nose bridge and my glasses keep falling down.
    I keep telling my mom but she won't believe me. So I don't even wear glasses anymore. I finally urged my mom to get me contacts.
  • snitchsnitch CanadaPosts: 224Member
    QUOTE (xstarBURST @ Feb 25 2009, 12:24 AM) »
    if i have what you have, then...

    the little pads on normal glasses won't work, so its better to get something with that:


    I'm not sure if you can see it >_< i did a quick shot. I haven't had them adjusted yet but i don't know how well they would stay up. But they work better than those little pads imo. They always slide off my face and i find my self constantly haveing to go and readjusting them.

    I thought those glasses are for people with high bridge noses?
    And the glasses with the little pads are for the nonexistent ones??? image

    I think u got it mixed up image
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  • xMoixxMoix You&#39;d like to know ;DPosts: 235Member
    Lol...This is upsetting I have those and I didn't even realize I had a low nose bridge >->;

  • BobaMilkTeaBobaMilkTea Posts: 561Member

    My glasses makes me feel like I have no nose. T^T

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  • AutumnAutumn =] B.C,CanadaPosts: 2,738Member
    i'm like eyes are uneven too == you can tell because my glasses never go perfectly straight accross..its at a slight tilt.
    and yea i have no nosebridge/flat nose so they CONSTANTLY fall off my face..especially anoying when doing sports.
    that's why imm get contacts =D
    but i'd say the little silicon nose pads would work better than the plastic ones.
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  • TakeOnlyTheGoodMemoriesTakeOnlyTheGoodMemories ?----------? ? Posts: 229Member
    I have the kind w/out the little pads and they ALWAYS slip.

    Does anyone know if Korean/Asian glasses stay up better? Like, are they maybe made for people with no bridge or something?
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  • grey_ic3.grey_ic3. &#24605;&#12356;&#20986;&#12379;&#12400;..Posts: 570Member


    Go for metal frames instead of plastic. If you choose plastic, get nosepads. The glasses should be adjusted for your face when you pick them up.
  • deportedkoreandeportedkorean Kelie C. Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 4,528Friend of Soompi


    you can go to an eyeglass shop and get those silicone (don't get plastic, they slide easier) pads installed (they drill a hole and stick the metal rod in it wit the silicone pad attached) into pretty much any pair of glasses.
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