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[drama 2009] Brilliant Legacy 찬란한 유산

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[SBS] Han HyoJoo, Lee SeungGi, Kim MiSook, Moon ChaeWon, Bae SooBin
Date of Airing : Weekends at 10 pm (korean time) - 25 April'09 (After Family Glory)
Official Site :
PD : Jin Hyuk 진혁
Writer : So Hyun Kyung 소현경
Eps : 28
Cast :
Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Mi Sook, Moon Chae Won, Bae Soo Bin, Han Ye Won, Jung Seok Won,
Min Young Won
Story:Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) was a kind-hearted girl who has everything, a loving father, a rich and happy family. But her step-mom, Baek Sung Hee (Kim Mi Sook) took away all her properities upon the death of her father (in a case of mistaken identity) and forced her to fend for herself while raising her real daughter 'Seung Mi' (Moon Chae Won) with great care. Luckily for Eun Sung who has a talent in cooking, she was accepted to a food company which is owned by the SunWoo family .But things are to get compilcated for her when she starts working for them as both SunWoo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi), the successor to the food company and Park Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin), a Fusion restaurant owner with an upcoming arranged marriage to Woo Hwan's younger sister "Woo Jung" (Han Ye Won) get attracted to her. She later got an inheritance from the Sunwoo's family's grandmother by chance and started to re-build what she has lost and gain success.


Main Cast

image - Go Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo)
The step-daughter of Sung Hee, step-sister of Seung Mi and the love interest of Sun Woo Hwan.

She is a kind-hearted prospective chef who works hard at work. She was born into a rich family but when her father passes away, her stepmother takes all of Eun Sung's assets and her younger brother disappeared as well.
Even though Eun Sung is poor, she enters a food products company and later got an inheritance from the Sunwoo's family's grandmother by chance and started to re-build what she has lost and gain success. She is loved by both Sun Woo Hwan and Park Jun Se because of her personality.

image - Yoo Seung Mi (Moon Chae Won)
Real daughter of Sung Hee and step-sister of Eun Sung.

Although she may possesses a kind appearance, she also has a malicious side to her as well. She loathes her mother for choosing a new rich father even as she craves his paternal love. She was known as a model student with an elegant appearance since young, She was 'dragged everywhere' by her mom whose grip that she has no possibility of escaping.Seung Mi likes Sun Woo Hwan since childhood because he was strong and warm like her step-dad and they maintained a more than friendship but less than lovers relationship for years. But she began to feel threaten when Eun Sung joins the food company owned by the Sun's family as Eun Sung and Woo Hwan are getting closer through their constant fights. Although Seung Mi feels guilty about the things her mom had done to Eun Sung and defends her, it's now waivering as she worries about losing Woo Hwan when she finds out that he is charmed by Go Eun Sung's personality.

image - Sun Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi)
Love interest of Go Eun Sung and rival of Park Jun Se

He and Eun Sung first met at the airport when their bags were accidentally exchanged and got on the wrong foot with each other since their first meeting. Although he has been friends with Seung Mi for a really long time, he doesn't know that Eun Sung is her step-sister as Eun Sung has been in states studying. He always does what he think is right even if he has to use money or sometimes violence to solve problems. He is the grandson of the food company founder which Eun Sung applies for work after the death of her father. Trouble comes for him when he, the spoiled grandson of a well-to-do family who finds himself cut off from his family fortune and Eun Sung who is always on his nerves gets to inherit his share instead. But he still falls in love with Eun Sung through their constant fighting and is constantly 'defeated' by her.

image - Park Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin)
Fusion restaurant owner

He's a fusion restaurant owner who is confident and cold-hearted on the surface but is actually weak-hearted and uneasy inside. He first met Eun Sung when his friend who was Eun Sung's senior who want to date her, went to pick her up at the airport when she arrives back from New York. He got attracted by her strong and happy personality which was different from the girls who threw themselves at him most of the time. He falls in love with Eun Sung despite of his marriage arrangement with Woo Jung which is decided by their families. He takes care of Eun Sung when she was down and out. He and SunWoo Hwan have a mutual dislike each other which got nastier when he found out that Hwan has fallen for Eun Sung.


Eun Sung & Seung Mi's family

Baek Sung Hee (Kim Mi Sook)
Eun Sung's step-mom, Seung Mi's real mom.

She would rather die than to face poverty and ended up taking all her second husband's insurance money when they were about to become bankrupt. She 'threw' away her autistic step-son and warns him never to contract his elder sister 'Eun Sung' and took over all the assets Eun Sung's father left to her upon his death, leaving Eun Sung to fend for herself while supporting her real daughter. She is a controlling woman who hopes the best for herself and her daughter.

Go Pyung Jung (Jun In Taek)
Eun Sung's father, Seung Mi's step-dad.

He was a loving father towards all his children and wife especially towards Eun Woo who has savant syndrome. He never knew that Sung Hee had married him because of his money until he was going to face bankruptcy. He was mistaken to be dead when his wallet and accessories were stolen by a man who died later because an accident.

Go Eun Woo (Yun Jun Seok)
Eun Sung's brother, Seung Mi's step-brother.

He's talented in music although he is diagnosed with savant syndrome. Eun Sung was asked to come home from new york by their dad upon his entrance to a special music school. He went missing after the death of his father when Sung Hee 'threw' him away in the middle of nowhere and warned him not to make contact with his sister. He is friends with Sunwoo Hwan who is in awe of his piano skills.


Sun Woo Jung (Han Ye Won)
Woo Hwan's younger sister, Eun Sung's rival

She is the food stuff company management's seond daughter, a young thoughtless lady who spends the whole day shopping. While waiting to get with Jun Se because of their marriage agreement decided upon by their families, she finds herself putting up a fight for Jun Se when Eun Sung appears and comes between them.


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04.Love is punishment - K. Will
05.Spring rain - Ji Hye
06.Dear Noona
07.Take Hwan-yi
08.We are a family?
09.Funny life
10.The road leading to you
11.Smile working
12.Last lie
13.Like this like that
14.Memory of separation
15.Spring rain (Guitar VER.)
16.Destiny, the second story

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