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Baek Sung Hyun



  • simpledayssimpledays Posts: 2,324Friend of Soompi


    he looks better as he grows. image

  • its_GINALEEits_GINALEE Posts: 207Member


    hes so hott. <3
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  • x3jessicax3jessica Posts: 91Member
    he's younger than me... but so cute!
  • panndapannda superduper -Posts: 807Member
    hes so cute/adorkable!
    *squeal* lol
    okay. i sound loser now.
  • kikikiki GAPosts: 8,236Member


    I wish he'd have more roles.

    sigh maybe when he's older.. I LOVE HIM
  • JENNYfERJENNYfER Posts: 46Member
    he grew up! omggg he's soo hot now<3
    well i always thought he was hot ever since "stairway to heaven" but he got HOTTER<3

  • miss_dollymiss_dolly Posts: 508Member


    hahaha...he IS cute. i had a small crush on him but it went away pretty quickly haha. i'm laughing more because of the drunk looking/sleeping guy who's behind Baek Sung Hyun, leaning on him in he 2nd pic.
  • sincerelydollysincerelydolly CaliforniaPosts: 1,221Friend of Soompi


    AH. I love this guy! He's too adorable. <3

    I saw this music video he was in... just don't remember what it was but he looked very cute. image
  • f_ishief_ishie Posts: 3,429Member
    i liked him in stairway to heaven and he was also in damo but i didn't watch itl

    i adored him in marathon
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  • WitchGoddessWitchGoddess ???! Posts: 4,829Member
    edited July 2007
    yea he really has gotten mature. Don't find him that cute.
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  • lostlost une Your MemoriesPosts: 1,338Friend of Soompi
    He's so handsome, haven't heard/seen him in a long time.
    Is he still acting or modeling or something?
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  • SunnykiMSunnykiM Posts: 98Member
    ehehe hes sooooo cute and hot.... ^_____________^
    ~꽃 남~image
  • frankim90frankim90 Posts: 14Member
    i wish he did more dramas!!! ahhh ^^
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  • tanpopotanpopo Virgin IslandPosts: 288Member
    Love him in STH.So cuteeee
    IPB Image
    Bbashya GONG CHAN and YOO RIN

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  • rainxbubblerainxbubble &#21488;&#21271;Posts: 242Friend of Soompi


    <33 hopefully he'll come out in a new drama soon
    2PM <3
    Avatar Credits to taekhun
  • dollfacexCdollfacexC Superhuman jerseyPosts: 878Member
    wasn't he in yuhreumhyanggi?
  • revontuletrevontulet Posts: 1,119Member


    There's a guy at my school that looks SORT of like Baek Sung Hyun. He's really cute, I think <3
  • c shinc shin Posts: 3Member
    he's cute!!
    second picture is hott =D
  • azn_sweetumzazn_sweetumz Queens, New YorkPosts: 1,009Member


    He matured soo much ! He's sooo cute. I love his smile.
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  • JOOcy*JOOcy* Posts: 98Member
    GOSH!!! OMG!!..he is SOOO CUTE! ^-^
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