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How To Fade Black Hair Dye

I recently just dyed my hair black and was wondering how to fade the black out? I was thinking about using color strippers, but I thought maybe I would just wait it out, but I want it to fade out within these couple weeks. I've been shampooing my hair every day, straightening it, curling it. I don't know what else to do lol


  • kimikimi Grand LinePosts: 213Member
    It depends on your hair type but I wash my wash with hot water often and use a straigtner every other day. My black hair faded to brown pretty quickly. I had to dye my hair black twice, and it's stll brown.

    On the other hand my friend only died her hair once and it's like a midnight brown (whereas mine is a brown brown)

    So I guess it depends on you and what color your hair was previously
  • greyxsmilesz.greyxsmilesz. VancouverPosts: 190Member
    wow that is gonna be a challenge
    did you use permenant black
    or semi permenant?
    yikes~ hope you didn't use henna O__O
    i guess it depends on your hair
    some hair the black just runs off really fast
    and it takes a while for some.
    though its gonna be a tough job trying to get rid of the black ..
  • IgnyteMEIgnyteME Posts: 138Member
    I used Revlon's Colorsilk no Ammonia permanent black hair dye. I chose the blackest hair dye. BIG MISTAKE. I look gothic TT_TT

    Before I colored my hair, it was a light golden brown, with previous old blonde highlights. I had about an inch of roots.

    Ahh!! I hate my hair now image I wouldn't mind still walking around with an inch of roots...
  • likeunicornslikeunicorns United KingdomPosts: 80Member
    Wash hair with PERT shampoo, or dish soap. Strong stuff like that can fade it quicker; also try a Clarifying shampoo like from Paul Mitchell. I used the PM Clarifying to help fade some of the dye before I went to go to the salon.
  • st*rst*r Posts: 254Member
    edited February 2009
    what i did to fade my hair when it came out too black was use dish soap. i don't recommend it since it's horribly damaging but i was pretty desperate at the time. if you do decide to do it then squeeze a normal amount of shampoo into your palm and then mix in a few drops of dish soap and wash your hair normally. you should see a lot of the black going down the drain after the first few washes, and even though it'll never take the black completely away it'll atleast fade it to the point where you don't look gothic. don't forget to condition like crazy afterwards. i also hear using any sort of dandruff shampoo like head and shoulders works pretty well too and it's a less damaging alternative to the dish soap.
    credit: luhlily
  • AppleOfMyEYEAppleOfMyEYE c a l i f o r n i aPosts: 806Member
    edited February 2009
    this happened to me too when i dyed my hair back to black. it was just too back.
    i got a spray bottle and put one part hydrogen peroxide (that liquid that comes in the brown bottle) and one part water in it. i sprayed some in my hair every time i came out of the shower. it helped lighten it. after the 5th time using it, i can see my hair lighten. it's pretty cheap and you can control how dark or light you want your hair to be. you can stop after it's light enough for you. i also know that some people use this to lighten their hair to a brown color instead of dying it.
  • Toronto, ONPosts: 48Member
    It will just naturally start to fade...
    wash your hair everyday and the colour with lighten
  • miikamiika ? bumped. wonderlandPosts: 3,231Member


    It will definately fade within 2-3 weeks if you keep washing it everyday
  • .Demy.Demy MichiganPosts: 820Member


    edited February 2009
    Don't do ANYTHING to your hair. At all.

    Dying your hair jet black is equally as bad for your hair as bleaching, so you want to avoid doing more damaging things to your hair.
    So just keep washing it. That's what I did when I dyed mine black.
    The black has faded out nicely and it actually looks like I have natural highlights cause my natural color and some old blond streaks are starting to peek through it. n_n

    Good Luck!~

    P.S. If you put your hair up in buns and pony-tails and stuff it helps keep the goth away, anything that pulls your hair away from your face since goth kids wear their hair all limp around their faces. Just wear really girly hair clips in it, and don't wear anything black or grey. Try floral prints and soft girly colors to contrast the gohic-ness. That's how I took care of mine.
  • jamahyujamahyu weeoo WashingtonPosts: 224Member
    Oh I hate that. My hair always turns uber blue/black when I dye it black.
    It's a pain, but it'll fade in a few weeks. I wouldn't use a color stripper, just patience. image
  • bb.chinksbb.chinks Posts: 410Member
    umm it might not be the best for your hair but like one of the posters above said, use a strong based shampoo that isnt meant for dyed hair. it makes your colour fade a lotttt quicker.
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