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Songs To Sing For Sm Audition

DarkMecha82DarkMecha82 ??Woodbridge, VAPosts: 125Member
I need help looking for korean songs.
So I wanted to sing a song in Korean for the audition. However, since I live in the US my knowledge of Korean singers is basically : DBSK,CSJH,Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SHINee and FT Island. So I don't have like an extensive knowledge of many korean singers. So this is where you soompiers come in, I need some reccomendations of male singers in Korea. Since I'm a guy, I probably should sing songs song by men. I also have a question that i don't know if it was answered in the SM Thread.(I don't have time to read the WHOLE thread since it started 3 years ago...) Since i'm African American, would it hurt me more if I sing a song in English? I was thinking that it might impress them more if I was to sing in Korean, but they might just judge me more harshly because of my accent. I also was wondering If you have to sing a capella, or if you have to bring an instrumental version of the song? If you have to sing a capella then I have more song options since I can just sing the song an octave lower. So if anyone could answer these questions and give me some names of male singers (or female singers, since I'll probably sing a capella,) I'd appreciate it.


  • AnthonyKkoKkoAnthonyKkoKko Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,991Member


    um... the only name that comes to my mind right now is K. Will, since he has a very powerful voice image
    and if you're not too comfortable singing in korean, then english is fine, don't worry ^^
    hmm... i think singing a solo song is better than singing an a cappella since they rely on being in a group. i guess you can bring an instrument to play too (last year at the toronto auditions 2008 i saw a guy with a guitar) but you still need to sing without it.
    good luck! image
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  • kimchi hanakimchi hana ????! Posts: 3,952Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2009
    Hmm...Male singers. What kind are you looking for?
    There's Alex, Brown Eyes, Fly to the Sky, Howl, J-Walk, K-Will,
    Nell, SG Wannabe, Tei, Tim, Dongwan, Kim Jong Kook, & Shin Hye Sun.
    Hahaha, that's a lot. I bolded some of my favorites, but all of them are good.
    During auditions, you are supposed to sing acappella. No music, instruments, nothing.
    If you're not confident in your Korean like your pronunciation and everything, sing in English.
    Singing in English wouldn't really hurt your chances. It's just that singing in Korean can raise it.
  • DarkMecha82DarkMecha82 ?? Woodbridge, VAPosts: 125Member
    Ok Thanks! for english I was thinking about singing No One- Alecia Keys. So now if I can find a korean song option (because I'll need all the help I could get with impressing the judges) I'll be fine.
  • jisatsujisatsu Let it rain. SHINee WorldPosts: 835Member
    i think you should trying singing park hyo shin too. definitely a popular choice. good luck!!
    소녀시대 Jessica ♥ f(x) Victoria ♥
  • AnthonyKkoKkoAnthonyKkoKko Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,991Member


    be careful though!~
    if you sing a korean song and you're korean isn't that good, they'll judge you a little harsh-er.
    but still give it a shot, like me. just get to know the romanizations really fluently. image
    but to introduce yourself, you can say that in korean ^^
    anyonghaesayo! chonun anthony umnida!!! i think that's how you say it.. but whatever image
    good luck man image
    make your dreams come true~
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  • ramanraman 5centimeterspersecond wisckoPosts: 915Member
    i love them!

    look at some younha song.
    her 'someday' album has some good one
    i might try sound of rain if i get the words down
    haah image
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  • icecube.icecube. ? ??? ???. Posts: 2,018Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2009
    I would recommend Lee Ki Chan's Cold (감기), Vibe's Looking At The Picture (사진을 보다가); That Guy and Girl (그남자 그여자) or Kim Bumsoo's I Miss You (보고싶다) but only if you can reach the high notes .. haha. I recommend that you don't sing in Korean if you have a heavy accent because that'll probably just degrade you .. also most auditions that are public are done a capella.
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