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[official] So Yi Jeong & Chu Ga Eul ♥

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    EDIT: I see you edited the post above now ^^
    그말을 계속 하지마세요


  • sherryberryxxsherryberryxx evergreenstate:]Posts: 611Healerite
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    "Project Soeulmate"

    Organized and Contributed by Julia #3 (juliakgrl)

    Get FULL Details & Information about the WHOLE Project HERE.

    Huge Thanks to Julia, Jessica, and the rest of our Soeulmates
    who put all their effort into this project within a month's time!

    Project Soeulmate Photobucket
    Soeulmate Scrapbook Photobucket

    "Project Soeulmate"

    Arrival Date in Korea: 3/19/09
    Kim Beom/Kim So Eun Receipt Date: 4/1/09 BOF Cast & Crew Party

    Soeulmates International List & List of Countries/Regions Represented - Sent
    ~ A full member list & regions represented compiled in photoshop, color-printed, & put in Presentation Book. Official websites/livejournels/chatrooms/email/stats is also included.
    Sub-Group: Kumi, Cheryl, Margaret, Anita - hiatus

    Kim Beom/Kim So Eun Memoirs - Sent
    ~ To help KB/KSE capture memories of their time on this production - as it is the turning point of their careers. Collage/Blends of KB with casts/crews, also same with KSE - combined with list in Presentation Book. Customized Photo Frames also purchased for Kim Beom & Kim So Eun.
    Sub-Group: Julia, Allison, Jessica, Rochelle, Spring

    1) Crystal Friend Frame
    One for each, with the other's photo in the frame. I.E. Eunnie's graphic photo in Beomie's frame.

    GaJeong/Soeul Couple Sets - Sent
    ~ Gifts that represent Soeul as a couple.
    Sub-Group: Kilaalaa, Julia, Kris *Due to BOLDLOFT having items on back order, discontinued, or lacking proper sizes we had to pick different couple items. image

    1) Love Grows For You Mugs - Too cute to not have, and will be stuffed with customized Soeulmates M&Ms.

    2) Say I Love You Pillowcases

    3) Soeulmates/Soeul Mates Customized M&Ms - Will be split with BOF crew

    4) Customized SoEulmates/Soeulmates Intl Couple Tees


    Kim So Eun Confirmed Individual Gifts - Sent

    ~Gifts non-related to GaJeong. Focus on fitting her personality/image & practicality. All Gifts will be customized to say KSE/Kim So Eun and/or Soeulmates Intl. Click on item name for link to pic & stats.

    1) Customize-able Rose Pearl Bracelet
    Reason: Pink is her color, and it's pretty, will have her name on it.

    2) Ash Fleece Throw
    Reason: For those cold AM filming sessions, they can snuggle up in it & love us.

    3) Anastasia Musical Keepsake Box
    Reason: It's beautiful, plays a melody, and will say Kim So Eun/Soeulmates

    Kim Beom Confirmed Gifts - Sent
    ~Gifts non-related to GaJeong. Focus on fitting his personality/image & practicality. All Gifts will be customized to say KB/Kim Bum and/or Soeulmates Intl. Click on item name for link to pic & stats.

    1) Brushed Silver ID Bracelet
    Reason: Now he can be fashionalbe & ID-ed. image

    2) Ash Fleece Throw
    Reason: For those cold AM filming sessions, they can snuggle up in it & love us.

    3) Blue Sunray Pocket Watch
    Reason: It's unique, customize-able, and will match KSE's Keepsake box's price & concept.

    Soeulmate Scrap Book - Sent
    ~ Contains fanart, graphics, Soeulmate messages, Kim Bum "Get Well" Section, Kim So Eun "Aza Aza Fighting" Section, etc.
    Sub-Group: Melia-Gorres, Kilaalaa - Hiatus, Clarisse, Margaret, g-yo

    BOF Cast/Crew Gifts - Sent
    ~ Small, endearing, practical gift items the crew can use. Due to 100+ members of the crew, other than M&Ms, items will be gestures, not gifts for all crew members. Some suggestions for the crew such as scarves, gloves, thermos, hats, keychains, etc. were ALL wonderful ideas, but due to our budget & the bulkiness of the growing final package, we've opted to focus on smaller items.

    1) Soeul Mates/Love Soeul Customized M&Ms

    2) Hot Chocolate Packages

    3) Individually wrapped Snack Bars

    4) Chips in small individual packages

    5) "Hot Hands" Warming Patches

    Ms. Jang's Sympathy Card & BOF/Beomie & Eunnie's Fighting Card - Sent
    ~ Hand made with beige stock paper, text in English & Korean is printed in color on translucent paper, and tied with silver ribbon.

    Soeulmates International Video Message Compilation - Not Completing for 3/14/09 Shipment
    ~Soeulmates will record in English or Korean, short & easily understandable video message, i.e. I love you, Saranghae, Fighting!, etc. If shy, Soeulmates DO NOT need to appear in video, may use a dog, cat, baby/sibling, stuff animal in the video and use own/other people's voice OR ask others to say message in his/her's place.

    Stayed Tuned for Updates, which will be in red!


    Project Soeulmate Timeline - Contributed by Kris

    Feb.20 – Official Start of Project Soeulmate, Soeulmates International Logo Created

    Feb.20-25 – Decision Making Process - Gift selection, dividing volunteers into sub-groups, organizing shipping times, start work on soeulmates list, graphic of countries represented, card, etc...Donation process starts.

    Feb. 25-28 – Gifts/Items ordered. Shipping logistics confirmed. Sub-groups continue work, donations/budget is established.

    March 1-13 – Orders received, sub-group finished sub-projects and electronically/physically send to Jules. Official Soeulmates International Logos printed as stickers. Packaging is finalized.


    And after that we wait….hopefully we get a response from them…maybe a BTS, or maybe even featured on KBS news! Haha! (ok im getting way ahead of myself) <-- That's still Kris talking image


    DONORS Who've Committed: If you've donated & do not see your status stating so, please PM me. Thanks! image

    1) Lily - donated
    2) Julia - donated by way of sub-project costs
    3) Kris - donated
    4) Jessica - donated by way of sub-project costs
    5) Nancy - donated
    6) Kathleen - donated
    7) Kilaalaa - donated by way of sub-project costs
    8) Guccibear - donated
    9) Moni - donated
    10) sanzo_reload - donated
    11) tknoodles - donated
    12) Rochelle - donated
    13) Melia-Gorres - donated by way of sub-project costs
    14) sushi - donated
    15) Lizzie - donated
    16) Trinity1418 - donated
    17) Moe - donated
    18) Margaret - donated
    19) Autumn_Bliss - donated
    20) Mari - donated
    21) Muddy - donated
    22) Tina - donated
    23) Kathchie
    24) Shirley
    25) Sitha - donated
    26) Jennifer - donated

    Kind Donors: Please PM me your amount & method of donating, so I may verify its arrival. If Paypal does not work for you, please PM me. *Please note that Paypal takes out a fee for using it's services.

    1) Please go here: PayPal
    2) Follow direction & send to
    3) Check your currency and email
    4) Thank you for your donation!

    *Note: As I'm a stickler about full disclosure, I will be compiling a list of total donations, gifts, it's cost, shipping & handling fees, & releasing the info. If you have concerns or questions, feel free to PM me.



    Soeulmates Intl List & Regions Represented
    Process: Completed on computer, to be color-printed
    Printing costs: Paid For By Me
    Presentation costs: Paid For By Soeulmate Donors

    GaJeong/Soeul Couple Sets
    Process: Ordered & Arrived
    Gift/Shipping costs: Paid For By Kilaalaa & Soeulmate Donors

    KB/KSE’s Individual Gifts
    Process: All 6 Confirmed Gifts Ordered
    Gift/Shipping costs: Paid For By Soeulmate Donors

    Kim Beom/Kim So Eun Memoirs
    Process: Photo Frames purchased, Collage/Blends completed
    Gift/Shipping costs: Paid For By Jessica & Me

    BOF Cast/Crew Gifts
    Process: All gifts arrived & purchased
    Gift/Shipping costs: Paid For By Soeulmate Donors

    Soeulmate Donors Budget:
    Total Donors: 23
    Total Donations: $930.89 USD
    KB/KSE’s Individual Gift + Personalization Costs + tax: $291.44 USD
    Customized Couple Tees + Shipping: $56.49 USD
    Customized SoEul-Mates M&Ms + Shipping: $127.97 USD
    BOF Cast/Crew Gifts #2 - 5: $72.76 USD
    Scrapbook Intl Shipment to Me: $85.13 USD
    Presentation Book + Additional presentation supplies: $27.51 USD
    Project Soeulmate Shipment to Korea: $283.64 USD
    Fedex Korea Repackaging cost: $23.98
    Korean Customs Duties & Taxes: (approx.) $75
    Remaining Balance: -$113.03 USD

    Soeulmate Scrap Book
    Process: Completing on computer & hand, to be color-printed
    Creation/Printing costs: Paid For By Melia
    Shipping costs: Paid For By Soeulmate Donors

    Final Packaging & Shipment
    Process: Printing of lists, notes, graphics, etc. Presentation of gifts, cards, shipping to Group 8, Korea
    Printing/Supplies/Final Shipping costs: Paid For By Me, Jessica, & Soeulmates Donors

    Updated: 3/21/09



    Update 2/21/09:
    Due to the time constraint, I will be assigning Soeulmates who've expressed interest in helping with a specific item, to a group if there are more than one, and give a deadline. It will be up to the sub groups to coordinate and complete the gift/item prior to the deadline given. As many Soeulmates have expressed to me that shipping all items in one package would give a bigger impact & influence, it's been decided that all gifts/items will be sent to me - either electronically or physically.

    Please do not feel offended, Soeulmates, if I do not take your suggestion/idea. Priority will be given to practicality and endearing nature of gifts/items, as well as the realistic shipping time frame. If you have any concerns, please feel free to PM me - but check this thread prior to doing so as I will be consistently updating it.

    Update 2/22/09:
    Kris has created Official Soeulmates Email for KBS/Group 8/Kim Bum/Kim So Eun to contact us:

    I apologize Soeulmates, I've been so busy with answering PMs, organizing sub-groups, and updating the status of the project that I haven't had any time to reply to my Soeulmates' posts.

    I am typing up a tentative budget since I've just received 2 donations! If I get more donations than anticipated I will 1) save it for a second batch of gifts, if that is decided & voted upon OR 2) I will spend it on getting additional gifts/fillers for Kim Bum/Kim So Eun/BOF crew.

    I have asked another Soeulmate, Jessica, to meet up with me & help me package the gifts. We will be taking pics of all gifts/items prior to packaging & the final packaged box!

    Update 2/23/09:
    Finances & Budget is posted.

    Update 2/26/09:
    Couple Items 1 & 2, and KB/KSE Individual Gifts have been ordered. KSE & KB messages have been received & closed, currently being translated. Every sub-project is still being completed. Due to debate regarding couple tees - Kilaalaa will not be ordering couple shirts with the other 2 couple gifts. Decision on couple tees pending.

    Update 2/27/09:
    BOF Cast/Crew customized M&Ms have been ordered - 9 total 7oz. packages. It has the words "SoEul Mate" and "Love SoEul" on them - # of letters restricted. Kilaalaa decided not to purchase armwarmers - we will drop this idea.

    Update 2/28/09:
    Couple Tees customized & ordered. All items that needed to be ordered & shipped are completed! Remaining items will be purchased in stores by Jessica and me.

    Update 3/3/09:
    1st batch of Things Remembered gifts have arrived! I apologize, due to recovering from being ill, and work/life, I haven't been updating as much, but I'm still coordinating. image I plan on meeting up with Jessica this weekend to start taking pics & initiate wrapping on arrived items.

    Soeulmates, I need your help! I asked Jessica to help me find out shipping costs & based on estimation of size, weight, region, and desired arrival time of our shipment, we are looking at approximately $300 USD for this batch of gifts. As much as we both would like to pay for this amount, we simply can not undertake such additional expenses when we have already funded other material and sub-project costs. Can my Soeulmates help?

    Please help by being a donor or spreading the word?

    Update: 3/6/09
    Thank you wonderful donors, who've come forward in our time of need - some donating twice! *sniffs* I'm so touched by the generosity & love of my Soeulmates family.

    Due to rises in internationally shipping costs, a portion of the Soeulmates donations will help Melia to ship the Scrapbook to me.

    SUB-PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS: Please PM me regarding the status of your projects. I need everything received to me either physically or electronically, no later than 3/10/09.

    If there are any concerns, PLEASE PM me, preferrably at Soompi. I have decided that I will push aside some work & family commitments to move the project forward, so I will try to respond/coordinate everything asap.

    Update: 3/9/09
    Pictures of arrived & purchased gifts have been uploaded by Jessica. Thanks hon for the hectic, draining, but fun day working on everything. *hugs* Project Soeulmate Photobucket

    New logo by Kathleen has been established.

    Update: 3/16/09
    Shipped! Jessica & I worked until 3 AM on Sat. morn (and didn't get to sleep until after 4 AM - sorry Jess!) to finalize all the sub-projects & went directly to a 24-hr staffed Fedex office to ship the package. We spent an absurd amount of time to fit the gifts into the box with proper protection & triple checking all forms for intl shipping. But it's done! And all worth it! image

    Update: 3/28/09
    Due to the crisis on 3/26 night with Korea Customs claiming a few items "illegal" - snack bars & mugs - Kris & I stayed up all night as I tried to call anyone & everyone to try to prevent Fedex Korea from shipping the package back to me & as well as confirm Beomie & Eunnie's receipt timeline. In doing so, I was able to obtain Kim Beom's division branch of Eyagi's phone number (translated for me by Actress Lee Sung Min of Eyagi), speak to Kim So Eun's manager, Harry (& obtained his cell phone number as well as email), and find out from our Group 8's Project Manager of BOF Cast/Crew Party the Wednesday after final broadcast of BOF. I have gotten preliminary confirmation that Kim Beom will be at the party, & have notified Eunnie's manager, Harry, of her attending the party as well, since he was not aware of the party being on Wednesday. Will call tonight for more confirmation.

    In order to clear the shipment, I have requested Fedex Korea to take out "illegal" items, repackage with box, duties/taxes billed to me (approx. $100 as reported to me by Fedex Korea Incheon Airport Division Manager), & deliver to Group 8 by Monday morning, prior to BOF's Cast/Crew party. I will follow-up with Fedex Korea & Group 8 to confirm delivery is successful.

    I have updated the Finances section. Any help Soeulmates can give me to cover additional costs is much appreciated. Thank you, my dear Soeulmates, for all your support!


    Kris & Kathleen, has created logos for Soeulmates International. *Please note that we did not use any pictures in the logos to avoid copyright violation.

    *Logo credit: Kris

    *Fanart credit: Hazel *Logo credit: Kris

    *Cartoon credit: Bruce *Logo credit: Kathleen

    P.S. Can you imagine Bummie and So Eun's faces when they see all of this? And realize how inspirational they are to us! *Gush* And if we're really lucky, KBS may even show our gifts in a behind the scenes special! Hahahahaa...Ok, getting ahead of myself.
  • chunnychunny soshibang fantasy land.Posts: 1,849Member


    This is good! It's an official one so, we can definitely discuss more of it here..

    Who will do the chasing?
    Since the Korean PDs has promised a slight different to the GaJung story, I was hoping that Yi Jung would do the chasing.
    But I wouldnt mind if Ga Eul did the chasing as long as she doesn't do it in a stalking way.
    I mean...someone once said that Ga Eul would not stalk him but make clear to him that she will not give up on him.
    I would like that. I definitely do no want Ga Eul to lose her fierceness on Yi Jung. you can do is wait..

    Memorable scenes?
    Gosh!! I love them all! How can one choose??
    Hmmm...For me...I think the one where they were on the boat thing?
    Soulmate convo is love!!!
    ~forever in a world of alternate reality~
    ~beautiful avvie credits to kuraxmol~
  • CabbageCabbage Posts: 255Member
    edited January 2009
    I guess this thread didn't break the rules, as Yi Jung and Gaeul are paired up in BOF?
    Well, they might not be together eventually, but you can't deny there are some romance isn't it...
    LoL, I don't care, I will just leave my comment just in case this thread will be close image

    I just love love love Yi Jung and Gaeul~ ^^
    I hope Korean version will make an exception, do not let this cute couple become a "no ending" love story

    Who will do the chasing
    I would like to see it will be Yi Jung chasing Gaeul this time....
    Just see how arrogant Yi Jung is XD

    Memorable scene- Yi Jung lied about Jandi has an accident, demand Gaeul leave with him in the porriage shop
    hahaha.... the boy really know to act

    The sun-lotion thing
    PHS brought me a GIFT this September and I'm awaiting for Liyin's this coming October

    From a Chocolate to a Butthurt Chocolate, I'm still believe in love and believe in ZLY
    Check out ZLY's performances over You Tube ; Check out PHS's performances over You Tube
  • yourdaddyyyourdaddyy USAAAPosts: 234Member
    edited January 2009
    Yay, an official one. [: Thanks, Sachiko!

    Now, even though I should be doing homework...

    Since the beginning, we've only seen Yi Jeong following Ga Eul.
    As the story progresses who do you think will do the chasing?
    And who do you want to do the chasing?

    I think Ga Eul will do the chasing, but honestly, I hope the scriptwriters change it so that Yi Jung is the chaser instead.

    By far, what is your favorite scene with Yi Jeong and/or Gaeul?
    Is it your most memorable one so far? (Up to two scenes max. =P At least try xD) And Why?

    Two scenes max? Aww. I love every moment they've had so far[: But my favorite would have to be the one where she did that fake yell and he came up and looked for her. He was all annoyed at first, then became amused when he found out it was all a prank. image I also love their first meeting when Ga Eul was completely dazzled by Yi Jung but then when she finds out he's only there to give advice for jandi, her face did a 180. Lol.

    I will be stalking this thread in the future, lol. *favorited.
    - Anita.
  • chungmah.chungmah. sweet holiday Posts: 4,993Member
    This is allowed? image
    ahahah I love when he asked her if she needed help with the sunscreen
  • fULL mOOnfULL mOOn Posts: 88Member
    Since the beginning, we've only seen Yi Jeong following Ga Eul.
    As the story progresses who do you think will do the chasing?
    Definitely Ga Eul! That's how the drama is supposed to be going to; anyway image
    And who do you want to do the chasing?

    I want Yi Jeong to continue chasing Ga Eul though I have the feeling that the script writers would follow the original manga image

    Memorable Scenes:
    1. The scenes where they first met each other. Ga Eul was originally falling heads over heels over Yi Jeong but later scolded when she found out that he is in the F4. It really shows the chemistry between them and makes me want to watch more of their scenes - that's the time where I'm in love with Yi Jeong & Ga Eul! When Yi Jeong said he doesn't like this type of girl [referring to Ga Eul], he smiles without him knowing image
    2. The scenes where Ga Eul tricked Yi Jeong that she went missing! Yi Jeong was really worried for her but later smiles brightly after teasing Ga Eul! So cute - I can't wait for more interactions between Ga Eul & Yi Jeong!

    I sincerely hope that Yi Jeong and Ga Eul will ended up as a couple this time round or I'll have many regrets
  • CaRoLiNaaaCaRoLiNaaa romePosts: 58Member


    edited January 2009
    an official thread!

    who will do the chasing
    i hope Yi jung! but i don't think it's possible, unless they decide to delete sara
    just think about it
    Yi Jung has a person whom he loves, Ga Eul not
    it's more obvious that it's gonna be GaEul the one chasing

    Favourite scene

    the boat one and the sunlotion
    My lovely Yi Jung!!
    The people who make us happy are never the people we expect
  • HanatheBrownEyedGirlHanatheBrownEyedGirl USAPosts: 189Member


    Ohhh......I LOVE Yi-Jeong & Ga-Eul!!! This couple is about 90% of the reason for why
    I'm still watching BoF. hehehe Even thought their scenes usually last for less than 5 minutes
    those scenes are what is keeping me interested in BoF and to be honest and I usually skip
    the other parts of BoF just to see the Ga-Eul and Yi-Jeong parts (*hides* I'm bad I know image)
    I really want to see how their relationship progresses.

    Who do you think will do the chasing?
    It's difficult to tell since Ga-Eul's personality is different from the other adaptations.
    She's stronger and more independent than the other versions of Yuki (who tend to
    come off as desperate and clingy imo). Right now it seems to me like Yi-Jeong will
    do the chasing but as the show progresses there will probably other people (third, fourth wheels)
    like Yi-Jeong's ex and Ga-Eul's (ex?)boyfriend it might be Ga-eul who will do the chasing.

    And who do you want to do the chasing?
    I don't really mind who does the chasing as long as the scriptwriter doesn't make
    it seems desperate and clingy.

    By far, what is your favorite scene with Yi Jeong and/or Gaeul?
    Is it your most memorable one so far? (Up to two scenes max. =P At least try xD) And Why?

    First would definately have to be the first meeting in episode 4.
    That scene started their love-hate relationship and you can tell that Yi-Jeong is attracted or at least amused by her.
    Second would have to be the soulmate talk. hehehe I really love that scene because after Yi-Jeong asks
    Ga-Eul if she's met her soulmate and she tells him no, he has this look in his eyes that's kind of dissapointed and surprised
    and when she tells him that when she meets her soulmate she'll never let him go, Yi-Jeong looks like he's in deep thought.

    Avatar Credit: TessLoveMusic
  • CaRoLiNaaaCaRoLiNaaa romePosts: 58Member


    he has this look in his eyes that's kind of dissapointed and surprised
    and when she tells him that when she meets her soulmate she'll never let him go, Yi-Jeong looks like he's in deep thought.

    he said previously, that they are free to date whoever they want, but not to marry them
    so, he thought that GaEul is a very innocent girl
    she can do it
    but he is not allowed, even though he will met his soulmate oneday, if she is not the person chose for him by his parents, they cannot get married...
    The people who make us happy are never the people we expect
  • iheartkpopmusiciheartkpopmusic New YorkPosts: 106Member
    edited January 2009
    my favorite BBF couple! they are so cute together!

    who do you think will do the chasing?
    i think Ga Eul will do the chasing. i remember in one of the scenes she
    said if she sees a guy she like she would chase him and never let him go?
    and in the other versions i watched it was the girl chasing the guy.

    And who do you want to do the chasing?
    i want Yi-Jeong to do the chasing! it would be funny and i want him to show
    Ga Eul that he really likes her.

    By far, what is your favorite scene with Yi Jeong and/or Gaeul?
    Is it your most memorable one so far? (Up to two scenes max. =P At least try xD) And Why?

    -when Yi Jeong asked Ga Eul does she need help applying sun block. i thought
    it was funny haha. and Ga Eul face was funny when she saw that one F4 member
    applying sun block lotion on one of the females. so it kinda shows Yi Jeong playish ways? ;]]

    -the boat scene. it was funny how Ga Eul kept on yelling at Yi Jeong for not
    pedaling and their covo about soulmate was sweet.

    im so excited for this couple i hope they will have a good ending!
    wonder girls & big bang <3

    icon credit : TooBin_Luv
  • juliakgrljuliakgrl Soeul HeavenPosts: 215Member


    edited February 2009
    Ahh, I don't know where to post my thoughts about GaJeong anymore, so many threads. lolz...Maybe we should post this in the other related threads that this is the Official GaJeong thread? Anyways, can't resist spazzing about GaJeong, so here goes...

    Who do I want to do the chasing?
    At first, I really wanted Jeong to do the pursuing, but after I thought about it, I figured the production will probably stick to manga and have Ga Eul persevere in the relationship by sticking to Jeong's side through think and thin - not stalkish, but supportive, or it wouldn't fit with Ga Eul stronger version of Yuki.

    Then another thought came to me. Why not have BOTH do the chasing? At this point, GaJeong are not romantically tied together yet, but after the boyfriend rescue scene, Eul will start to fall for Jeong and want to be by his side, understand him. And in attempting to do so, she knows more about his past, Sara, and in discovering how beautiful yet sorrowful their love was, she sorta decides to help them and bless them - you know where I'm going with this - sorta like what Jandi wanted to do for JH? But at this point Jeong realizes he can't go back and his feelings have already grown for Ga Eul, etc. So typical isn't it? But I still love it. I really want Jeong to realize what he's missing when Ga Eul drops the chase, and not just accept her - if we're lucky enough to have them end up together - because she's touched him through perseverance. Wouldn't it be so fun to watch Eul not accept Jeong, and let the playboy suffer - b/c she believes that a person only has 1 soulmate, and since Sara is Jeong's soulmate, Eul can't be with him? And also b/c she believes she can never best a first love? So she won't go out with Jeong to end up hurting herself?

    Oh, I've got sooooooo many ideas on the script, if only they would listen to us.

    What are my 2 fav scenes?
    First meeting. It was instant love for me. It was dynamic, witty, untraditionally romantic, and oozing with chemistry. Can you just imagine the out-of-this-world chemistry when the two have real skinship together, like a holding scene - or better yet - kissing scene? Getting hyper just thinking about it!
    2) Picking-up-Eul-on-horse scene. It had my heart racing and bursting with excitement, totally the sweetest 5 second scene I've seen in a loooong time. image
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    Currently: *Partner*, Queen Seon Deok, Triple, *Aristocrats*
    Avatar & Banner credits to Sachiko & Kickazzkris @ Soompi
  • Jessica NguyenJessica Nguyen soeulmate13. :D OC.Posts: 626Member


    gah, i love this couple. i basically loved them from the start! i think i even anticipate them more than jandi/junpyo. which is weird but...i don't know, that's me. image;

    so, i made some graphics. you guys can use them as long as you credit jessicanguyen_asdf @ soompi. kinda amateur-ish but i tried my best. XD


    who do you think will be doing the chasing?
    because gaeul's character is so strong, i think maybe yijeong will be doing the chasing.
    and plus, you can tell he pays attention to her! , just the way i like it. ;D

    who do you want to do the chasing?
    yijeong, because that would be so cute. can you just imagine it?!

    favorite scene:
    ALL OF THEM! LOL! image i liked the part where he helped her on the horse, because that was SO CUTE. ^^;
    and when he notices her and asks her if she needs help with the lotion.
    OH YEAH, and when she's taking pictures of herself, and you see him approaching. and he sees her and smiles. image
    AND! when she screams and he comes running. ^^;
    and all that jazz. :]
  • kcfan_1314kcfan_1314 Posts: 3,079Member


    who do you think will do the chasing?
    I think gaeul will do the chasing... afterall it's somewhat like the manga and other versions, right ?
    Anyways, i am loving her strong character since the start, & i am reallly anticipating a change or twist.

    And who do you want to do the chasing?
    image Of course Yijeong, call me traditional. . . but >;P
    It would just make their love story a bit more comedic & cuter <3

    By far, what is your favorite scene with Yi Jeong and/or Gaeul?
    HM.... I seriously enjoyed image all their sceenes together, they are like the
    reason i continued with the drama.. . . -hides- hahas, Um.. i like the sunblock scene & the soulmate scene;
    it's just beautiful :3

  • kickazzkriskickazzkris Moving on...♥ Washington, D.C.Posts: 3,103Member


    edited March 2009
    oh wow! this is the official thread now?!..awww we have 12 pages on the other one already! image
    but it's ok im sure this thread will grow overnight! image image

    i love the fact that we have a place to spaaaazzz about this couple! image

    Who do I want to do the chasing?

    like i mentioned before i would prefer Yi Jeong to be the chaser...due to the fact that we already saw Yuuki/Gaeul chasing him on the past 2 versions
    and so far from the last 3 episodes...Yi Yeong has been doing all the chasing...and I AM LOVING EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT....

    i love the fact that he seems so intrigued by her personality and maybe noticed that she's different from any other girl he ever met..she didn't threw herself at him nor did anything to purposely get his attention..

    he may say he doesn't like dealing with unsophisticated people but we all know he saw something special in her...
    and so far from what i've seen in Ga Eul she seems like the type of person who is tough, has a strong pride, and can stand up for herself..
    i don't see her as the chaser/stalker..but then again..LOVE CAN MAKE YOU DO STUPID THINGS...

    on the other hand, i also dont care who's chasing long as the PDs can give us a satisfying substory and ending...

    Fave scenes

    i love every scene they have so far...

    but i must say the scene where Yi Jeong helped Ga Eul in a horse was my fave....i dunno why but there's just something about it!
    i think i've re watched that scene for like the nth time already..maybe because i saw how Ga Eul got self-conscious after it happened..she didnt know it was Yi Jeong who helped her up the horse...and that smirk on Yi Jeong's face..priceceless

    Memorable scene

    their first meeting...that's where it all started..
    just the look on Ga Eul's face the first second she laid eyes on him was LOVE! image

    but minutes after that she started going off how she's not the type of person who's gonna yield just because of his pretty face..
    it somehow gave Yi Jeong a glimpse of her true personality...hence the chasing begins..

    since this is the official thread...hope you guys dont mind if i repost my banners image




    image image

  • tesslovemusictesslovemusic Posts: 1,087Member
    I'm liking this pairing more and more image

    So i decided to make some icons for my new found favorite pairing:

    image image image image image

    image image image

    Feel free to take any icon, just remember to let me know at my artwork thread
    and of course credit me (Tesslovemusic) image

    for more BOF & YijungXGaeul icons visit:
    SNSD SHINee BigBang Beast 2PM DBSK 2NE1 WG MBLAQ INFINITE CNBlue B1A4 Boyfriend ♥
    Arashi, Kat-tun, NEWS, HSJ, YooSeungHo, Kimbum, Miura Haruma, Fahrenheit~
  • GiRlli3GiRlli3 ? Ha?Yeon ? &#9734;Secret~World&#9734;Posts: 2,526Member
    edited January 2009
    omg i love this thread lol
    it's funny how we have a thread for Yijung and Gaeul and not for Jandi and her guys kekeke

    i totally love this couple!!!
    when my sis is watching and I'm doing hw i only come to watch the part tat have them in it

    we should have a couple name so it's easier rite? Yieul? Gajung??? YES GAJUNG!

    my fav scene is the scene tat he put her on the horse cuz tat scene they look like thy're actually have feelings for one another~

    and so far I think Yijung is chasing her
    cuz he seemed like he kinda cares for her you know?
    and although he don't like her you can still see he thinking about her a lil bit lol
  • yourdaddyyyourdaddyy USAAAPosts: 234Member
    edited January 2009
    Wouldn't it be so fun to watch Eul not accept Jeong, and let the playboy suffer - b/c she believes that a person only has 1 soulmate, and since Sara is Jeong's soulmate, Eul can't be with him? And also b/c she believes she can never best a first love? So she won't go out with Jeong to end up hurting herself?

    Juliakgirl; Omg, they should have hired you as the BOF scriptwriter! haha(: I thik if that ever happened, I probably would cry. There's something about selfless love that just tugs at my heart. image

    & CaRoLiNaaa, i love that icon in your sig[: The one that says, "I'm Hot - I know" lmfao. It's so cuute.
    - Anita.
  • j i w o n.j i w o n. CALIF.Posts: 5,404Friend of Soompi


    By far, what is your favorite scene with Yi Jeong and/or Gaeul?
    Is it your most memorable one so far? (Up to two scenes max. =P At least try xD) And Why?

    Okay, personally I loved ALL scenes with them together<3 But I really liked that one scene when Gaeul was trying to put on sunscreen and Yi Jeong was like, do you want me to put it on for you?
    -major squeals-
    LOL omgshhhhhhh. I was pretty much talking to the computer screen screaming PUT IT ON ME!!!!!

    hahaha image

    Just all their interactions are way too cute<3 It's a bonus that both look really pretty/hot/cute.

    I finished watching HYD season 1yesterday and well, I hope in this version YiJeong is the one who.. chases gaeul ;D I can't imagine her as a chaser... yet.

    GAHHH I pretty much love all the scenes where it involves him being nice to her <3

  • farefauzifarefauzi My Two Flowers Posts: 73Member
    QUOTE (Sachiko @ Jan 25 2009, 09:49 PM) »
    P.S. Does anyone know if it's So Yi Jung or So Yi Jeong? Or are they the same? xD

    I think it's So Yi Jeong based on this picture.


    Thanks Sachiko for creating this thread!
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