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Asian Slimming Products, Do They Work?

aznch4mpaznch4mp Posts: 413Member
I'm looking to slim down some and, don't get me wrong, I know eating right and exercising definitely comes in play, but I was thinking of buying one of those asian slimming products you see being sold around here. It just that I'm kind of skeptical that they actually work.. does anyone have any person feedback? Or even something they heard? Anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Here are some products that I've seen around here:
Reborn Slimming Wrap
Waist Slimming Wrap
Magnetic Slimming Rings
Super Face Roller
Body Slimmer
Face Slimming Roller
Slimming Thigh High Socks
Advanced Face Slimming Roller
Balo Slimming Cream
Leg Slimming, Calf Shaping Slimmer
Japan Shape Up Camisole
Slimming Leggings

**all products and images can be found at ANGELAND ASIAN BEAUTY here:


  • belovedmebelovedme Posts: 47Member
    waaahh.. so many slimming produts here.. image
    i try to use a face roller now.
    i still don't know, if it's worked or not...
  • Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,958Member


    The face roller works for sure. Worked really well on me, ppl always compliment on how small and nice my face shape is. Actually me and my friend
    bought it at the same time, and it didnt work for her.. but we found out why, my CHEEKS alone was chubby and meaty. So it slimmed down.
    But if you have a wide head and different face structure or big face or high cheek bones, this face roller cant make your face look slimmer.. its just the way
    the bones in your head are born.

    So ppl need to know the different.

  • lvff_lvff_ it's so cute ? Posts: 1,194Member
    edited January 2009
    i have my faith in the face slimming roller too. good to hear it worked for Rainbow-lotus ^^
    I heard the pink waist slimming wrap is actually just sheets of vinyl and makes you sweat alot.
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  • lemon_icelemon_ice Posts: 215Member
    my frd has the waist slimming wrap. It really is just a piece of vinyl.. so if you really want to try it, then you can probably just try buying a small piece of vinyl or cutting apart a vinyl tablecloth haha

  • aznch4mpaznch4mp Posts: 413Member
    thanks for all the feedback guys!
  • xbbychixbbychi nyc (:Posts: 972Member
    edited January 2009
    i got the thigh/knee slimming socks , balo slimming gel, & the magnetic toe rings
    none of these work..

    1.thigh/knee slimming socks
    --nothing special, its like any other stockings/sock you see now a days. i think the only difference is that its thicker.

    2. balo slimming gel
    --they say the brown one is for sensitive skin, in my case its was really painful when i put it on >_< its BURNS ! its like a sunburn INSIDE your skin that won't go away..its gets annoying

    3. magnetic toe ring
    --the advertizment made it sound so real and effective, truth doesnt work at all. its like a little rubber strap around your toe with a M&M size magnet. i got it for $3..if you're planning to get it or really want it i can sell it to you for $1+2stamps lols

    hope this helps =(
    i don't recommend any of these items.

    i also got the hipslimming leggings. im in the process of actually using i'm not too sure bout them ^^;;

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  • bbei23bbei23 BillK ??? <3 Posts: 277Member
    I have the Balo slimming gel. I have the red one (chilli) and it doesnt work =_='' Waste of money
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  • aishiteruhoneyaishiteruhoney Elite Member Castle OblivionPosts: 1,221Member
    no, they're all gimmicks

    unfortunately, the only way to lose weigh is through diet and exercise
  • chezchez washingtonPosts: 23Member
    they might work but i wouldnt get too dependent on these if i were you.
  • FlicksityyFlicksityy AustraliaPosts: 3,235Member


    Those slimming socks may make your legs appear slimmer due to the tight fitting material, but it doesn't exactly 'change' the size.
  • ai.s2ai.s2 Posts: 219Member
    edited January 2009
    i can't believe ppl actually believe this stuff,
    da only da dat wud prolli work out of all this BS
    is da half slipper thing,
    coz while your walkin around in it, your actually exercisin & it sumwhat takes more effort to walk therefore tone yur muscle over time,,,
    face roller?? ahaha lol,,
    it phsycology thing == im sure yur faces were already small & pretty
    or dat yuu dieted while usin dis
    i saw some show & it was tryna prove if da leggin & toe thing wud work,,
    turns out ABSOLUTE FAIL,,
    oh cept if yur actually walkin around in toe things,
    coz its makin yuu exercise == wich yuu can do without it
    lyk some1 sed only true way is exercise diet
    & also surgery
  • fashionista2009fashionista2009 USAPosts: 89Banned
    woaaaa..... i 've never seen these slimming products before actually.... i think some of them have to work, otherwise they would not be so popular.... maybe ask the owner of Angelland shop to see if it works?

    but i still prefer eating healthy and exercising image
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  • Con.templateCon.template . . . Timeless iVI . . . Posts: 1,241Friend of Soompi


    They're all too good to be true...unfortunately.
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