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Remove Blackheads : The Cheap Way!

Mish@Mish@ Posts: 123Member
edited January 2009 in beauty & fashion
cheap and effective alternative to blackhead extractors
Hi everyone

I posted this method on someone else's thread; providing advice on how to remove deep blackheads

I got many PMs testifying that my method worked and I thought I should share the knowledge with you all

So here it is:

1) Steam your face OR right after a hot shower, when your face is still wet (I recommend straight after shower) use a CLEAN BOBBY PIN

Turn it upside-down holding it and press the small loop against your nose/skin (press hard though against your skin like squeezing a pimple! otherwise they won't come out as much). Similar to how you would use a black head extractor

Stroke along your skin, in a scraping motion with the bobby pin. This will effectively remove the blackheads. It looks disturbing when they all come out

2) Then you can use pore strips to wax the rest of the remaining blackheads hair/white hair but there won't be much anyway. Since you sqeezed most of them out already.

3) Finally, toner of course!

For steps 1 or 2, you can choose to do either in any order, sometimes if you feel lazy, you can just do step 1
quick and easy blackhead remove no need for pore strip

Hope this helps

here are some pictures if you guys don't really understand my words >< sorry about that

hold the bobby pin like this

then put it on your nose like this then you just put pressure on it as hard as it can get all blackheads off as you go along your nose/face
where ever the blackheads are

you see the loop on the bobby pin? all the blackhead you squeeze out will be in that hole



because if you're pores are not open it will be very hard to squeeze out the blackheads and if you do it too hard you might scrape off the skin and bleed leaving any marks or scar and we don't want that now do we? image if you have any questions just ask me ^ ^ please also share your result either it worked for you or not so others can try as well thanks


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  • rwtoastrwtoast AustraliaPosts: 419Member
    wow i wouldnt have thought of that!! thanks for sharing
    going to try it tongiht : )
  • thuy_foothuy_foo United StatesPosts: 393Member
    Thanks for sharing! I shall try. (:

  • littleduckie678littleduckie678 Posts: 394Member
    oh mah gosh. O_O
    thats so cool! ;D
    im going to try that right now lol
    thank you!
  • lostieeelostieee :) Posts: 586Member
    I'm one of the ones who told you your method worked, cuz' it really did! image
  • Mish@Mish@ Posts: 123Member
    QUOTE (lostieee @ Jan 23 2009, 12:13 AM) »
    I'm one of the ones who told you your method worked, cuz' it really did! image

    haha yes! your one of them I'm happy that it works for you ^ ^

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    For her, being non-human is something that

    can only be best described as “Living within the dead”. Her burning inevitable desire to be human...

  • isha_himitsuisha_himitsu San Diego,CAPosts: 609Member
    oh neat, i better try this soon. thanks for sharing dear image
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  • *heartforme*heartforme heartbeat <3Posts: 1,452Member


    I do this!
    When I touch my face and it feels bump (can't think of a better word) and not smooth.
    Only, I use this long metal thing that has a small hoop on one side and the other a pokey like needle :x
    I don't use that side of course.
    Anyway this is a good method, it hurts like hell sometimes, but it works =)

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  • turquoise_and_takoyakiturquoise_and_takoyaki tom-o-hisa yummy-pi Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 872Member
    wow how cool is that! I just bought a blackhead extractor yesterday! I should have waited but thanks for this anyway image
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  • x_mewx_mew Posts: 3,059Friend of Soompi


    Sounds simple enough.. Sadly I don't own any bobby pins.. Haha.. I should go buy some. image

  • c i e l`c i e l` Paris &#9829;Posts: 3,205Member


    ow, i didn't know this pin would be useful one day XD
    thanks for sharing hehe
  • ayuki babyayuki baby USAPosts: 94Member
    but your nose will turn red for a lil bit right? rofl, thats what happened to me kekeke
  • SnookiePinkSnookiePink SCPosts: 533Member
    edited January 2009
    I'll give it a try tomorrow. image
  • Babylicious xo12Babylicious xo12 ...???? NOVAPosts: 2,650Member
    i took a shower now just to tryit HAHA. its def. eyes watered a bit..but hey it gets them out. i put on a little bit of my blackhead remover toner that didnt work for my blackheads before, and after i putit on, i literally could just pop them right out.
    thanks so much hun!
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  • CKAyCKAy Posts: 82Member
    haha, thanks image
    I've read about steaming your face helps, but never thought of a bobby pin image
  • JensterJenster Posts: 133Member
    Just tried it after my shower. It did help a bit but it didn't completely remove the blackheads. Perhaps it's because I didn't press hard enough so I'll try it again next time.

    Thanks for the tip.
  • 0rchid0rchid MontrPosts: 1,531Member


    ooo!! i would have never thought of using a bobby pin!! haha!! genius... i'm gonna try this tonight image
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  • kissez*kissez* YEAH OH YEAH Posts: 8,252Friend of Soompi


    It sounds so... painful.

    "It was tender and mild, like baby Jesus."

  • inyeon.inyeon. SWEDISH FISH! Posts: 2,346Member
    maybe its just me, but i thought people already knew of this years ago o_o

    but people, dont do it too much. when you get older, there will be "holes" on your nose, and im not kidding. x_x
  • misturrhomisturrho Fremont, BAY AREAPosts: 482Member
    ^ that's what toners for. if so, celebs would look horrifying.
  • bella_mygga_insekbella_mygga_insek Posts: 109Member
    but, won´t ur nose become flat doing that often....?
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