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How To Fix A Usb With A Status: No Media

sj__lovesj__love Posts: 207Member
edited December 2008 in general discussion
the topic pretty much says it all. i bought a new usb and when i plugged it into my comp it appeared in "my computer" but when i double clicked it , it went "please insert a disk into drive E" i clicked properties, volumes and the status of the usb was "no media"

any ideas as to how to fix this?


  • DarkMagicianDarkMagician The San Francisco BayareaPosts: 533Member


    edited December 2008
    Most USBs come with a LED light attached. Does the USB have a light blinking? If it does and not blinking then the computer doesn't recognize the USB drive.

    Try plugging something else in the port, if it doesn't work then most likely the port is broken.
  • sj__lovesj__love Posts: 207Member
    the light does appear and i've tried many ports but to no avail
  • vinylswingvinylswing NYCPosts: 130Member
    I think you need to format it.
  • sj__lovesj__love Posts: 207Member
    i cant format it because when i click format, it says that "please insert a disk into drive E" and
    in the device manager it appears as
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